MCF To Therms Conversion Calculator + Chart (Natural Gas)

How many therms do we get from 1 MCF of natural gas? We will need this information to adequately convert any number of MCF to therms. To help you out, we have derived the MCF to formula, as well as created a simple-to-use MCF To Therms Conversion Calculator and a chart with MCF (1 to 10,000 MCF) converted to therms.

Here are the units we’ll be converting:

  • MCF is a unit of volume (usually the volume of natural gas). MCF is equal to 1000 cubic feet; that M is a roman numeral for ‘1000’, hence MCF stands for Thousand Cubic Feet.
  • Therm is a unit of heat content. 1 Therm is equal to 100,000 BTU. BTU or British Thermal Unit is one of the most basic units for heat content we use in HVAC.
mcf for mcf to therms calculator
You will find MCF (or 1,000 cubic feet) on the gas meter. We will look into how many therms any number of MCF generates at 100% efficiency.

In order to figure out how many therms of heat content we have in different volume (expressed in MCF) of natural gas, we only need to know this relationship:

1 MCF is equal to 10.73 therms (for natural gas).

This comes from the energy density of natural gas, as measured by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

That means that we can use this simple formula for MCF to therms conversion:

Therms = MCF × 10.37

Example: Let’s say we want to know what is the heat content (in therms) of 50 MCF of natural gas. We just plug these 50 MCF into the equation like this:

Therms (50 MCF) = 50 MCF × 10.37 = 518.50 Therms

This is just one example. To calculate MCF from therms from any volume of natural gas, you can use the following MCF To Therms Calculator and you can consult the MCT To Therms Conversion Chart that follows the calculator:

Note: If you have any issues with this conversion, you can use the comment section below, give us some figures, and we will help you out. If you want to convert therms to MCF, you can use a similar Therms To MCF calculator here.

MCF To Therms Conversion Calculator

Just input MCT, and the calculator will automatically convert that to therms (you can play around with the slider to see how therms change);


Here is a simple example: Let’s say you want to know how many therms is 250 MCF of natural gas. Just slide the slider to ‘250’ and you get the result: 250 CFM is equal to 2592.50 therms.

Here is a full chart converting a wide range of MCF (from 0.1 MCF to 10000 MCF) to therms:

MCF To Therm Chart For 0.1 To 10000 MCF

MCF Of Natural Gas: Therms (Heat Content):
0.1 MCF Of Natural Gas 1.037 Therms
0.5 MCF Of Natural Gas 5.185 Therms
1 MCF Of Natural Gas 10.37 Therms
5 MCF Of Natural Gas 51.85 Therms
10 MCF Of Natural Gas 103.70 Therms
20 MCF Of Natural Gas 207.40 Therms
30 MCF Of Natural Gas 311.10 Therms
40 MCF Of Natural Gas 414.80 Therms
50 MCF Of Natural Gas 518.50 Therms
60 MCF Of Natural Gas 622.20 Therms
70 MCF Of Natural Gas 725.90 Therms
80 MCF Of Natural Gas 829.60 Therms
90 MCF Of Natural Gas 933.30 Therms
100 MCF Of Natural Gas 1037.00 Therms
150 MCF Of Natural Gas 1555.50 Therms
200 MCF Of Natural Gas 2074.00 Therms
250 MCF Of Natural Gas 2592.50 Therms
300 MCF Of Natural Gas 3111.00 Therms
350 MCF Of Natural Gas 3629.50 Therms
400 MCF Of Natural Gas 4148.00 Therms
450 MCF Of Natural Gas 4666.50 Therms
500 MCF Of Natural Gas 5185.00 Therms
600 MCF Of Natural Gas 6222.00 Therms
700 MCF Of Natural Gas 7259.00 Therms
800 MCF Of Natural Gas 8296.00 Therms
900 MCF Of Natural Gas 9333.00 Therms
1000 MCF Of Natural Gas 10,370 Therms
10,000 MCF Of Natural Gas 103,700 Therms

To get the therms of heat content in X number of MCF of natural gas, you simply read it off this chart. For example, how many MCF is 10 therms? Check the chart above and you can see that 10 MCF is equal to 103.70 therms.

With these two tools (calculator + chart), you will be able to convert the MCF of gas to therms quite easily. If you need any help, use the comment section below, tell us what you want to calculate, and we will help you out.

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