Therms To MCF Conversion: Calculator + Chart For Natural Gas

When it comes to natural gas, you sometimes have to convert therms to MCF (1000 cubic feet) of natural gas. Converting to MCF will tell you how many MCF you need to get the required heat content, as measured in therms.

We will show you how to easily convert therms to MCF. First, we will look at therms to the MCF formula. To help you out, we have created the Therms To MCF Calculator you can freely use. On top of that, we converted 1 to 1000 therms into MCF of natural gas, and summarized the results in the Therms To MCF Conversion Chart (located below the calculator).

Here are the units that we are converting:

  • Therm is a unit of heat content equal to 100,000 BTU (hundred thousand BTU). BTU or British Thermal Unit is an amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit.
  • MCF is a unit of volume equal to 1000 cubic feet (thousand cubic feet). We usually measure the volume of natural gas in terms of MCF.
mcf for therms to mcf calculator
You will find MCF on a gas meter under 1,000 cubic feet of natural gas. This gas meter is showing about 2.1 MCF of natural gas.

To convert therms to MCF, we need to know only this relationship:

1 MCF is equal to 10.37 therms.

That means that 1 therm is equal to 0.096432 MCF of natural has.

This comes from information, published by the US Energy Information Administration, which states “One thousand cubic feet (Mcf) of natural gas equals 1.037 MMBtu, or 10.37 therms.” This comes from the measured 2022 average heat content of natural gas delivered to consumers in the US.

Based on this, we can use the following therms to MCF formula to precisely convert these two units:

MCF = Therms / 10.37

Example: How many MCF is 100 therms? We simply input therms in the equation and calculate the equivalent MCF of natural gas like this:

MCF (100 Therms) = 100 Therms / 10.37 = 9.64 MCF

As we can see, to get 100 therms is equal to 9.64 MCF of natural gas.

This is just one example. To make these manual calculations much easier, you can use the following Therms To MCF Calculator that automatically converts therms to MCF. Below the calculator, you will also find a calculated Therms To MCF Chart for 1-1000 therms (converted to MCF):

Note: As always, if you have any problems figuring out how many MCF of natural gas you need for a number of therms, you can always use the comment section below, give us some numbers, and we will help you out. You can also check a similar MCF To Therms Calculator And Chart here.

Therms To MCF Conversion Calculator

In this calculator, you just input the number of therms. The calculator will automatically convert them into MCF (you can play with the numbers to see how the MCF output changes):


Here is how this conversion calculator works:

Let’s say you want to convert 150 therms to MCF. Just slide the slider to ‘150’ and get the result: 150 therms is equal to 14.46 MCT of natural gas.

This was just one example. Here are the already calculated conversion of therms (from 1 therm to 1000 therms) to MCF of natural gas:

Therms To MCF Chart For 1 To 1000 Therms

Therms (Heat Content): MCF Of Natural Gas:
1 Therm 0.096432 MCF Of Natural Gas
5 Therms 0.48 MCT Of Natural Gas
10 Therms 0.96 MCT Of Natural Gas
20 Therms 1.93 MCT Of Natural Gas
30 Therms 2.89 MCT Of Natural Gas
40 Therms 3.86 MCT Of Natural Gas
50 Therms 4.82 MCT Of Natural Gas
60 Therms 5.79 MCT Of Natural Gas
70 Therms 6.75 MCT Of Natural Gas
80 Therms 7.71 MCT Of Natural Gas
90 Therms 8.68 MCT Of Natural Gas
100 Therms 9.64 MCT Of Natural Gas
110 Therms 10.61 MCT Of Natural Gas
120 Therms 11.57 MCT Of Natural Gas
130 Therms 12.54 MCT Of Natural Gas
140 Therms 13.50 MCT Of Natural Gas
150 Therms 14.46 MCT Of Natural Gas
160 Therms 15.43 MCT Of Natural Gas
170 Therms 16.39 MCT Of Natural Gas
180 Therms 17.36 MCT Of Natural Gas
190 Therms 18.32 MCT Of Natural Gas
200 Therms 19.29 MCT Of Natural Gas
250 Therms 24.11 MCT Of Natural Gas
300 Therms 28.93 MCT Of Natural Gas
400 Therms 38.57 MCT Of Natural Gas
500 Therms 48.22 MCT Of Natural Gas
1000 Therms 96.44 MCT Of Natural Gas

To get the MCF, you can just read it off this chart.

Example: How many MCF is 200 therms? From the table, you can see that 200 therms is equal to 19.29 MCF of natural gas.

With the therms to MCF calculator and this chart, you have all you need to convert therms to MCF. If you need any help, you can use the comment section, give us some numbers, and we will help you figure out the conversion to MCF.

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