Best 5 Zone Mini Split Systems In 2024 (Mitsubishi, Carrier, etc.)

5 zone mini-split heat pump system perfect for standard and larger houses. Basically, they are comprised of:

  • 1 outdoor unit (very powerful; around 3,000 W).
  • 5 indoor units or ‘air handlers’.

You can place these 5 air handlers in 5 different rooms to get superb air conditioning and heating capability. Five zone mini-split indoor units have 6,000 BTU to 18,000 BTU capacity (you will notice that the best Mitsubishi 5 zone mini-split offers even 24,000 BTU unit).

The small 6,000 BTU unit can properly cool a 300 sq. ft. room. The bigger 18,000 BTU units will condition the air in 900 sq. ft. room. All in all, a 5 zone mini split unit can deliver well over 40,000 BTU of heating/cooling capacity.

Where to install the 5 heads? Here’s an example:

Example: Bedroom + Kids Room + Kitchen + Living Room + Bathroom

With that in mind, let’s have a look at the best 5 zone mini-split systems, based on specifications. We have evaluated the five-zone units based on energy-efficiency (SEER rating, HSPF rating), brand reputation (Mitsubishi, for example, is a very reputable brand), airflow, price, and the average rating.

In the comparison table below, you will also find the capacity of individual indoor units as well as where you can buy them (at HVAC Direct, Sylvane, Or Amazon):

List Of Top 5 Zone Mini Split Heat Pumps

5 Zone Mini Split: 5-Heads+1-Outdoor Unit: BTU (Capacity): Efficiency Specs: Price And Rating:
1. Mitsubishi Design Your Own 5 Zones

(Best 5 Zone Mini Split)

Best 5 Zone Mini Split You pick your own 6,000-24,000 BTU Zones

Max. Total: 120,000 BTU

SEER: 20.0
HSPF: 10.3
Airflow: Depends on choices
4.9 out of 5 stars Check Price
2. Carrier 38MGRQ48E-3 / 3-40MAQB09B-3 / 2-40MAQB12B-3

(Most Energy Efficient)

Carrier 38MGRQ48E-3 / 3-40MAQB09B-3 / 2-40MAQB12B-3 9k +9k + 9k + 12k + 12k

Total: 48,000 BTU

SEER: 22.4
HSPF: 10.2
Airflow: 4,500 CFM
4.6 out of 5 stars Check Price
3. COOPER AND HUNTER 5 Zone Ductless Mini Split With Wifi

(Most Powerful Unit)


COOPER AND HUNTER 5 Zone Ductless Mini Split With Wifi 9k +12k + 12k + 12k + 18k

Total: 63,000 BTU

SEER: 21.5
HSPF: 10.4
Airflow: 1,741 CFM
4.6 out of 5 stars Check Price
4. Mitsubishi MXZ-5C42NA2 / 4-MSZ-GL06 / MSZ-GL12

(Best Mitsubishi 5 Zone Mini Split For Smaller Rooms)

Mitsubishi MXZ-5C42NA2 / 4-MSZ-GL06 / MSZ-GL12 6k +6k + 6k + 6k + 12k

Total: 42,000 BTU

SEER: 19.7
HSPF: 10.3
Airflow: 2,012 CFM
4.5 out of 5 stars Check Price
5. Fujitsu AOU45RLXFZ / 4-ASU9RLF1 / ASU18RLF

(Best Fujitsu 5 Zone Mini Split)

Fujitsu AOU45RLXFZ / 4-ASU9RLF1 / ASU18RLF 9k +9k + 9k + 9k + 18k

Total: 45,000 BTU

SEER: 19.7
HSPF: 10.2
Airflow: 1,954 CFM
4.4 out of 5 stars Check Price
6. Senville SENA-48HF/F

(Cheapest 5 Zone Mini Split System)

Senville SENA-48HF/F 9k +9k + 9k + 9k + 9k

Total: 48,000 BTU

SEER: 20.0
HSPF: 10.8
Airflow: N/A
4.3 out of 5 stars Check Price

Review Of The Best  5 Zone Ductless Mini Split System

Most of the homeowners will be able to use the upper comparison table and understand why, for example, Mitsubishi 5 mini-split system is the best. However, some commentary is definitely needed as well.

Mitsubishi is the most reputable brand when it comes to multi-zone mini-split systems without ducts. The ‘1. Mitsubishi Design Your Own 5 Zones’ unit is the best because you can cherry-pick all 5 indoor heads yourself. You can look at how big your bedroom is, for example, and pick the capacity you need there.

Carrier and COOPER AND HUNTER both created 5 zone mini split units with SEER rating over 20. In the summer, having a high SEER rating is of utmost importance. High SEER equates to high energy-efficiency, lower electricity bills, and less impact on the environment.

Fujitsu 5 zone mini splits always had a good reputation. The AOU45RLXFZ / 4-ASU9RLF1 / ASU18RLF model has a SEER rating of almost 20 and an HSPF rating (heating energy-efficiency) of more than 10. That, alongside Fujitsu’s good reputation, makes for an excellent five-zone ductless system.

If you’re looking for a cheap 5 zone mini split, you can always look at the Senville system. They don’t have a 100-year long tradition; this doesn’t mean they don’t have excellent specs (which they do). It just means that they can’t price their 5 zone mini split units as premium devices; the very thing you want to hear if you’re looking for a cheaper device.

You can check out another high SEER rating 1 ton mini-split systems here.

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