What is Education Data Management?

A context-aware software platform that connects all of your data systems and sources. Once connected, it becomes a powerful engine that delivers flexible analytics, customizable alerts & notifications, and robust tools that ensure your whole team has exactly the information they need to be successful. Think of it like GPS for school districts. You tell Learnmetrics where you want to go and get real-time, turn-by-turn directions.


Meet the Last Dashboard You'll Ever Need.

Most K12 data dashboards are “dumb.” They focus on retelling reporting data through visualizations. This approach isn’t useful for team workflows. With Learnmetrics, districts get the reporting they need and schools can monitor internal metrics, support their teams in their day-to-day work, communicate with parents, and more!


Connect all of your data sources, from cloud-based applications to PDFs. Create a single source of truth for your district that is accessible via 1 login.


Get a perfectly clear picture of how your district is performing from any angle. Need to narrow the achievement/access gap? Get real-time data for custom groups in 1 click.


Armed with fresh data and insights, use Learnmetrics to shine a light on your district’s path forward with automated alerts for the metrics that matter most.

Ready to See it in Action?

Request a demo! We’re ready to show you how Learnmetrics can supercharge your data management and help deliver success for your district. Thanks for your interest and we’ll be in touch shortly.