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Meet the first data platform built for the way EDUCATION works.

Keep an eye on everything happening in your data, in the moment, and from a single dashboard!

Finally, ALL of your data sources connected to a single dashboard.
Data is good, insights are great, but action is better. Get there faster with our analytics.
Seamlessly communicate with all of your stakeholders like never before.


Learnmetrics was built to make your data work for you instead of against you.  Here are a few features that do exactly that.

Recipe Builder

Easily build and save recipes across your data ecosystem and get realtime notifications based on your personalized recipes.

Highly Customizable

Standards-based to Project-based and everything between. Our powerful system is easily customized to meet your needs.

School Performance Indicators

School performance indicators are a real-time report card for your school. Know exactly where you stand on the metrics that matter most.

Communication Tools

Easily communicate with your stakeholders using our tools. Manage everything from RTI to behavior from one place.

Comprehensive Student Profiles

Having a realtime, 360° view of your students eludes most schools. Learnmetrics does the heavy lifting so you can get back to teaching.

Custom Report Builder

Reports should be useful and flexible. Now you can build the reports you have to AND the reports you want with no additional work on your part.

Data + Analytics

With our data analytics tools, “data-driven” becomes more than a buzzword. We work with you to turn your data into the up-to-the-minute insight you need to lead.

Optimized for Security

Student data security and privacy are our highest priorities. We pride ourselves on exceeding the level of encryption and protections used to protect financial and medical data.


Research & Development


We’ll take that challenge! Are you trying to solve an interesting problem with the help of data? Have you searched for software to help support your school, but come up empty? Reach out to Learnmetrics Labs. If your project is accepted, we’ll take it on, configure your solution, and give you a research rate for our products. You’ll keep both the research rate and unlimited access to Learnmetrics Labs… for life.


One size does NOT fit all.

Every school is different. Shouldn’t your software adjust accordingly? We thought so, that’s why we made sure Learnmetrics was flexible enough to grow and change with your school. Whether you are standards-based, competency-based, or something else, you’ll be convinced Learnmetrics was built just for you.

Dollars that make sense.

As former educators/administrators, we know that schools don’t have money laying around. Our pricing encourages starting with a small number of administrators and teachers to run a pilot without having to pay for the whole school or district. Start small and let us earn the right to grow as your confidence does.

Single Data Ecosystem

Instantly drill into data from any vantage point you want. With Learnmetrics, it is easy to see whole school performance by standard and drill all the way down to a specific standard for a specific student.

Custom Theme and Branding

Need to display your organizations logo, colors and domain? We can easily give your stakeholders a seamless user experience powered by Learnmetrics.

Supercharge Productivity

There are opportunities for Professional Development and Improved Outcomes hiding in your data. Stop missing them due to administrative time and tasks.

Single Sign-On Ready

Using Google Apps for Education or another single point of authentication? Then get ready for a smooth ride. We support single sign-on so that you can get up and running without missing a step.



Stop fighting bad software and start running your school the way you want with tools that learn from you. Once you see learnmetrics in action, you’ll never look back.

Are you Ready?