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Learnmetrics is the most powerful and flexible data toolkit for education professionals. Whether you’re a superintendent, a chief academic officer, a principal or serving in any role that needs to process messy education datasets, our powerful platform, and unparalleled functionality will help you gain massive efficiency in reporting, communication, interoperability, and workflow.

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We take all of your types of data and simplify it in our revolutionary software.

The customization and flexibility that Learnmetrics provides is helpful as we figure out how to communicate our effectiveness with others. Working with the staff at Learnmetrics has pushed me to clarify my thinking about data and how we share it. This customizable product is preferable to a more standardized product because it gives us the freedom to shape how we are perceived.

| School Principal

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Aggregate. Analyze. Activate

This framework creates a new vocabulary for understanding your data and turning the resulting insights into the fuel your schools need to be TRULY data-driven.

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  • Aggregate

    We get all of your data in one place so that it is easy to navigate. Up-to-date, from any source, in any format.

  • Analyze

    We handle “science” in your data science. Use our custom dashboard to extract insights from your learning data.

  • Activate

    Based on live information, make decisions and implement solutions in your classroom, school, or district.

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Google for Education Partner

If your district is using G Suite for Education, Google Classroom, or any of the other Google Tools for education, ask us about how Learnmetrics can provide unique insights and instant interoperability!

Google Education Partner
Testimonial Two

The customization of the platform has allowed us the ability to view and understand our data in ways we had never imagined when we were using spreadsheets. With Learnmetrics, we can experience our data in a way that is easy to view and understand without having to worry about the reliability of data calculations.

| School Technology Coordinator

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