12 Most Energy-Efficient Portable Air Conditioners In 2024 (Based On EER)

The energy efficiency of any portable air conditioner is expressed with an EER rating. EER rating is the ratio between useful cooling effect (in BTU) and electrical power input (in W).

The best portable air conditioners are the most energy-efficient ones.

An energy-efficient portable AC unit can save you up to $70 per year. In 10 years, that’s $700 less in electricity bills.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) statement on high-efficient AC unit is quite clear in this case:

“Switching to high-efficiency air conditioners and taking other actions to keep your home cool could reduce energy use for air conditioning by 20% to 50%.” (DOE on high EER and SEER AC units)

Here at LearnMetrics, we pick the HVAC systems such as portable air conditioners based on numbers (we’re those weird guys who actually love those specification sheets and user manuals).

We think it’s pretty obvious that everybody would want to have an energy-efficient free-standing AC unit with as little hassle as possible.

That’s why we prepared a list of the 12 best portable air conditioners in 2024 based on these 5 key metrics:

  • Capacity in BTU. Small 6,000-8,000 BTU portable AC units for 100-300 sq ft rooms, 10,000 BTU for about 400 sq ft rooms, and large 14,000 BTU portable AC units for 450-700 sq ft rooms.
  • EER. Energy Efficiency Rating should be at least 8. Higher EER rating portable air conditioners can cost up to $100 less in seasonal energy costs. The most energy-efficient portable air conditioners have an EER rating above 10.
  • Noise levels. No one wants a noisy device. Quiet air conditioners with a decibel level (dBA) of 55 or less are considered ‘very quiet’. For comparison, you experience 40 dBa in the library in 60 dBa in your car.
  • Price. Budget-friendly portable AC units start at $200, and the best LG portable air conditioners can cost up to $700.
  • Average review. Listening to people who bought that specific portable AC unit might be the most helpful thing.

Other minor metrics are the dehumidification levels (how quickly you can lower the humidity), dry airflow, and the device’s weight. The 2024 superstar portable air conditioner – the #2 hOmeLabs 14,000 BTU unit – has a superb 4.17 Pt/h dehumidification rate, for example.

Spec-wise analysis reveals which are the most energy-saving portable AC units:

analysis of the most energy efficient portable air conditioners
Analysis of portable AC energy-efficiency: BTU cooling output vs. power draw. Units above the trend line like Whynter ARC-14S are the most energy-efficient.

Almost every portable AC unit has a built-in dehumidifier that’s, in many cases, more powerful than a stand-alone dehumidifier.

Bonus: Some manufacturers include the window kit (otherwise, it costs about $20). That’s basically a way to seal the window through which you lay the portable air conditioner vent. We’ll point out where the window kit is included in the package.

Here’s the list of the best portable air conditioners by the numbers:

List Of 12 Best Energy-Efficient Portable Air Conditioners

Portable AC Unit:Photo:Important Metrics:Rating And Price:
#1 Whynter ARC-14S Dual-Hoseone of the most powerful portable AC unit Whynter ARC-14S with 14000 btuBTU: 14,000 (450+ sq ft)
EER: 11.20 (superb)
Noise: 56 dBa
Dehumidification: 4.21 Pt/h
Dry Air Flow: 222 CFM
Weight: 80.0 lbs
4.9 out of 5 stars
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#2 hOmeLabs
14,000 BTU (8,600 BTU DOE)
Portable Air
quiet yet powerful 14000 btu free standing air conditioner by homelabsBTU: 14,000 (450+ sq ft)
EER: 9.8 (good)
Noise: 55 dBa
Dehumidification: 4.17 Pt/h
Dry Air Flow: NaN
Weight: 72.3 lbs
5 out of 5 stars
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#3 LG LP1419IVSM
Dual Inverter
The Ultimate
Air Conditioner
the best lg portable air conditioner with a 14000 btu capacityBTU: 10,000 (350 sq ft)
EER: 10.14 (great)
Noise: 44-53 dBa
Dehumidification: 6.7 Pt/h
Dry Air Flow: 243 CFM
Weight: 70.99 lbs
5 out of 5 stars
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#4 Honeywell
Portable AC
+ Window Kit
most popular honeywell model of a portable air conditioner model number MN10CES with 10000 btu BTU: 10,000 (350 sq ft)
EER: 9.00 (good)
Noise: 53 dBa
Dehumidification: 2.75 Pt/h
Dry Air Flow: NaN
Weight: 61.7 lbs
3.7 out of 5 stars
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#5 LG LP0821GSSM
8,000 BTU
Portable AC Unit
8000 btu lg LP0817WSR air conditioner in whiteBTU: 8,000 (300 sq ft)
EER: 7.69 (bad)
Noise: 53 dBa
Dehumidification: 1.8 Pt/h
Dry Air Flow: 250 CFM
Weight: 58.4 lbs
3.7 out of 5 stars
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#6 Vremi
10,000 BTU
Portable Air
vremi portable air conditioner with 10000 btu capacityBTU: 10,000 (350 sq ft)
EER: 8.33 (average)
Noise: 51 dBa
Dehumidification: 4.64 Pt/h
Dry Air Flow: 250 CFM
Weight: 52.8 lbs
4.9 out of 5 stars
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#7 DeLonghi
Pinguino 4-in-1
Portable Air
most expensive portable air conditioner delonghi pinguinoBTU: 12,500 BTU (400 sq ft)
EER: 11.4
Noise: NaN
Dehumidification: NaN
Dry Air Flow: 206 CFM
Weight: 75.0 lbs
4.9 out of 5 stars
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14,000 BTU
Portable Air
With Heater
heater equipped portable air conditioner by dellaBTU: 14,000 (450+ sq ft)
EER: 11.10 (superb)
Noise: 49-52 dBa
Dehumidification: 4.63 Pt/h
Dry Air Flow: 450 CFM
Weight: 86.0 lbs
4.2 out of 5 stars
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#9 SereneLife
10,000 BTU
Floor Air
serenelife portable air conditioner with dehumidifierBTU: 10,000 (350 sq ft)
EER: 8.70 (average)
Noise: 52-56 dBa
Dehumidification: 3.30 Pt/h
Dry Air Flow: 290 CFM
Weight: 55.1 lbs
4.4 out of 5 stars
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#10 Frigidaire
12,000 BTU
Free Stand
Air Conditioner
Frigidaire portable air conditioner in an oval shapeBTU: 12,000 (400 sq ft)
EER: 11.01 (great)
Noise: 53 dBa
Dehumidification: 3.00 Pt/h
Dry Air Flow: 200 CFM
Weight: 66.0 lbs
3.4 out of 5 stars
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#11 Ivation
13,000 BTU
Portable Air
Ivation 12000 btu room air conditioner you can move aroundBTU: 13,000 (500 sq ft)
EER: 8.66 (average)
Noise: 55 dBa
Dehumidification: 3.16 Pt/h
Dry Air Flow: 206 CFM
Weight: 65 lbs
4.3 out of 5 stars
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8,000 BTU
Small Portable AC
black + decker smallest portable air conditioner with 8000 btu capacityBTU: 8,000 (300 sq ft)
EER: 8.42 (average)
Noise: 59 dBa
Dehumidification: NaN
Dry Air Flow: NaN
Weight: 52.9 lbs
4.1 out of 5 stars
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#1 Whynter ARC-14S Dual-Hose (Most Energy-Efficient Portable Air Conditioner)

If you’ve searched for the best portable air conditioners, you’ve probably come across the Whynter ARC-14S. Even Customer Report has it as one of the Top 3 best portable AC units you can buy.

We’ll look at the numbers to see how it actually measures up to the competition. Surely the built with the R410A refrigerant, washables filters, and 3 fan speeds are what pretty much every portable air conditioner has to offer.

What is more, the Whynter ARC-14S is the only dual-hose portable air conditioner on the list. Dual-hose units are known to have superb energy efficiency and can bring fresh outdoor air inside without lowering the room air pressure.

Well, looking at the metrics, one thing immediately caught our eye: the EER rating of 11.20. That makes the Whynter ARC-14S model the most energy-efficient (and environmentally-friendly) air conditioner on the market. That’s the reason why it scores so high on all these best portable air conditioner lists.

whynter is the portable air conditioner with the highest eer rating making it the most energy efficient
The popular Whynter ARC-14S is the most energy-efficient portable air conditioner with the highest EER rating of 11.20.

In comparison, the average EER level is about 8.5. The EER is calculated by dividing the BTU number by the power (in Watts). Whynter ARC-14S is up to 30% more efficient than an average mobile AC unit, which can save you up to $40 per year in electricity costs. Not bad if you calculate how much less electricity you’ll pay if you use it for 10 years, right?

The secret behind this efficiency, obviously, is the dual hose system setup. It’s also the reason why this 14,000 BTU AC unit can pump out 4.21 pints of water per hour (reducing humidity in the air).

And it does all this with a relatively mild dry airflow of 222 CFM and a medium noise level of 56 dBa.

All in all, the Whynter ARC-14S craze is, well, quite justified even when we look at pure air conditioning numbers. Touche! And the best things: the ARC-14S comes in ‘Black and Platinum’ colors.

Whynter ARC-14S 14,000 BTU

  • Most energy-efficient portable AC unit (EER = 11.20)
  • Dual Hose system (provides efficiency)
  • Elegant design
  • Third best dehumidifier levels (4.63 PT/h)
  • Fairly reasonable price
  • Always chosen in ‘Top 3 air conditioners’ lists
  • + Window kit included (up to 46”)
  • Not the most silent portable air conditioner
  • Average dry airflow (222 CFM)
  • On the heavier side (80 lbs) – harder to move around

#2 hOmeLabs 14,000 BTU (Top-Rated Portable Air Conditioner In 2024)

hOmeLabs is a newcomer in the industry that has been dominated by companies like LG, Honeywell, and Carrier. The lack of experience might be considered a negative thing, that’s true.

But hOmeLabs has charted a new direction in the HVAC systems industry. Being modern, they put the focus on how people use their portable air conditioners. That’s why you’ll see all those built-in handles to move it around easily, the simple remote control, and the easy installation process.

They also don’t have a whole range of portable air conditioners like LG has. Their 14,000 BTU stand-alone device is simply called the ‘hOmeLabs 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner’. To simplify it a bit, the hOmeLabs is to HVAC as is Apple’s iPhone to smartphones.

They have one solid device that is easy to handle and looks elegant:

dimensions of homelabs portable air conditioner
hOmeLabs is to HVAC systems as is Apple’s iPhone to smartphones. One model, simple, easy to use, and elegant.

Do you know how people with Android phones always point out how their device has better specs than the iPhone? Well, let’s compare some specs:

The EER rating of 9.8 makes the hOmeLabs portable air conditioner one of the more energy-efficient devices on the list. Those above 10 are great; those with 8.5 are about average. This is important when it comes to saving on your electricity bill and, well, saving the planet.

The noise levels of 55 dBA are a bit higher. The hOmeLabs compressor can be louder than the quietest portable air conditioner at the high setting. Nonetheless, this is still a rather low decibel level for a bigger 14,000 BTU device.

hOmeLabs portable AC unit serves as a terrific dehumidifier as well. With the power to extract 4.17 pints per hour out of your indoor air, it will lower the 80% or 90% humidity levels faster than many dedicated dehumidifiers.

All in all, the specs are more than decent. The EER of 9.8 and 4.17 Pt/h dehumidification rate coupled with the easy installation makes this user-friendly portable air conditioner quite a good choice.

hOmeLabs 14,000 BTU

  • iPhone of portable air conditioners
  • Great energy efficiency (EER = 9.8)
  • Very easy to install and use (user-friendly)
  • Better dehumidification rate (4.17 Pt7/h) than many dedicated dehumidifiers
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Does cost more than $450
  • Can produce above-average noise at 55 dBA
  • Make by a less experienced company in the HVAC industry

#3 LG LP1419IVSM Dual Inverter (Good Use Of Dual Inverter Tech)

It’s hard not to be impressed by the LG’s LP1419IVSM portable air conditioner. Just by looking at the specs, you will immediately notice that it’s the quietest, energy-efficient, and, above all else, capable of cooling down larger spaces while reducing humidity at record levels.

In short, just the numbers alone make the LP1419IVSM the best portable air conditioner LG has ever made. Knowing that LG is probably the best manufacturer of cooling devices globally, having their best AC is the safest bet you can make.

lg LP1419IVSM Dual Inverter in the best portable air conditioner in 2020
LG LP1419IVSM is the quietest and most powerful portable air conditioner in 2024.

The 10.14 EER rating is almost 20% above the 8.5 average. This is thanks to using the auto evaporation system, generally accepted as the most energy-efficient way of operating an air conditioner.

Running LG’s environmentally-friendly AC unit will save you about $30/year in electricity costs. In 10 years, that’s $300 – a significant number to consider when buying the premium $700 air conditioner.

The two metrics where the LP1419IVSM model hits it out of the part are the lowest possible noise levels and the highest dehumidification levels.

Quietest AC Unit (44/47/50/53 dBa)

In general, no portable air conditioner will have a decibel level below 52 dBa. In this model, LG included its Lo-Decibel technology to make the quietest air conditioner on the market. Lo-Decibel is a term that technically just means LG used the quiet BLDC motor and the Dual Inverter Compressor in the LP1419IVSM model.

The result of a silent motor and compressor, however, is unheard of (quite literally). You can run the low program at 47 dBa, the mid-program at 50 dBa, and the high program at 53 dBa. The sleep mode will run at 44 dBa. In short, it’s the LG’s best portable air conditioner that breaks all the quietness records.

the lg LP1419IVSM is the quietest portable ac unit because of a silent motor and lo decibel technology
The silent BLDC motor and Dual Inverter compressor are the secrets to the LP1419IVSM success.

Highest Dehumidification Levels

In the summer, the humidity inside the house or apartment can skyrocket from a standard 30% to even above 90%. That’s why all portable air conditioners have a dehumidification function; some are better than others, to be honest.

LG’s LP1419IVSM is the dehumidification champion. Being the best portable air conditioner removes the moisture from inside air at a rate of 6.7 pints per hour. For comparison: No other portable air conditioner can handle anything over 5 pints per hour.

Overwhelmingly The Best LG Portable Air Conditioner

Given all the tremendous specs and coupled with 10,000 BTU capacity, you would think that the dry airflow would have to be humongous to achieve such cooling capability. It’s very impressive that LG’s LP1419IVSM can display such power with just the 243 CFM (cubic meter of air per hour) airflow.

The very secret of how such a powerful portable air conditioner can be so efficient and quiet is the average dry airflow number. The BLDC motor and the silent Dual Inverter compressor are the winning combinations that make the LP1419IVSM the best portable air conditioner on the market.

But it does come at a price. Good HVAC metrics command a higher price, and LG’s portable air conditioner has tremendous metrics and a high-end price.

In summary, just the numbers alone make the LG LP1419IVSM one of the best portable air conditioners of 2024.

LG LP1419IVSM Dual Inverter Portable Air Conditioner

  • Quiet as a mouse (low setting at 47 dBa)
  • Very energy efficient (EER = 10.17)
  • Adequately powerful (10,000 BTU)
  • Best dehumidifier levels (6.7 PT/h)
  • BLDC motor and Dual Inverter Compressor
  • Lighter than other 14,000 BTU units
  • High-end price (about $700)

#4 Honeywell MN10CES (Cheap Energy-Efficient Portable AC Unit For Less Than $450)

Honestly, many people don’t find spending a ton of money on the portable air conditioner all that interesting (well, we do, but we’re HVAC geeks). Some people just want to cool down without all the fuss of comparing the metrics, prices, decibel levels, and having the DIY air conditioner installation parties.

Here is the best one for everybody who wants a simple and cheaper portable air conditioner: the Honeywell MN10CES model.

It’s a medium-sized 10,000 BTU device that’s pretty quiet and very cheap. In fact, it costs less than $450, and it will take you less than 10 minutes to install. It even comes with the window kit included for windows between 20” and 46”.

one of the cheapest portable air conditioners you can buy
Honeywell MN10CES is a simple and average portable air conditioner for a somewhat reduced price.

The MN10CES has a good EER rating of 9.00. That means it won’t skyrocket your electricity bill; in fact, if you’re using an older model, the Honeywell MN10CES will probably lower your electricity costs.

The 3-in-1 portable air conditioner will also take care of the humidity in your house or flat during the summer months. It has a dehumidification rate of 2.75 Pt/h. In translation: It’s not great, it’s not terrible. A pretty average rate will do for such a low price.

You also don’t have to worry about not hearing your TV over the portable air conditioner’s noise. The Honeywell MN10CES operates at 53 dBa noise, which is, again, pretty much the average noise a simple portable AC unit should make.

In summary, ‘Not great, not terrible’ is the perfect way to describe the Honeywell MN10CES air conditioner. It’s a good, simple, no-hassle device and one of the cheap portable air conditioners currently on the market.

Honeywell MN10CES 10,000 BTU

  • Simple no-hassle portable air conditioner
  • Simple installation
  • Good efficiency and medium noise levels
  • Gets rid of humidity at 2.75 Pt/h
  • One of the most popular choices
  • Very cheap (less than $450)
  • + Window kit included (up to 46”)
  • Not built to withstand 10 years of heavy use
  • Doesn’t have that premium sleek look
  • Has a single hose (instead of dual hose)

#5 LG LP0821GSSM (Cheaper Version Of An LG Air Conditioner)

LG is probably the best manufacturer of portable air conditioners in general. It’s no wonder that their best model – the LP1419IVSM – is on the top of this list. However, that one does cost a full $700.

LG LP0821GSSM is a great solution for everybody who wants to own an LG portable air conditioner (with all the years of development that went into it) but doesn’t want to spend too much right off the bat.

With 8,000 BTU, the LP0821GSSM is a smaller model that can cool down 300 sq ft or less.

budget friendly lg stand alone air conditioner
The classic and clean LG LP0821GSSM is a budget-friendly and reliable air conditioner.

It uses standard LG technologies. That is standard, not premium. The top LG models (the expensive ones) have the BLDC motor that helps with efficiency and the silent inverted compressors that keep the decibel levels low.

Unfortunately, the LP0821GSSM model doesn’t have those premium technologies. That’s why this model of the LG portable air conditioner is less energy-efficient (EER = 7.69, nothing to be envious about) and has medium noise levels of about 53 dBa.

Nonetheless, the dehumidification function is there (which is nice), and this AC unit has a decent dry airflow of 250 CFM. Not bad at all, to say the least.

Fortunately, there are several reasons whyLP0821GSSM is one of the best-selling LG models. The main one is the low price point of below $400. That’s the most budget-friendly LG portable air conditioner you can buy.

It’s not premium, clearly, but it is an LG device (safe and reliable bet) and gets the job done.

LG LP0821GSSM 8,000 BTU

  • Safe and reliable LG device
  • Good dry airflow rate (250 CFM)
  • Very cheap, especially for an LG air conditioner
  • Classic and clean design
  • Most popular LG portable air conditioner
  • Bad energy-efficiency (EER = 7.69)
  • Doesn’t include the latest cutting-edge LG technology
  • It takes care of moisture but is slower than other air conditioners

#6 Vremi 10,000 BTU (Easy To Handle And Move Around)

Vremi AC unit is probably the most interesting on this list. For one, it’s by far the highest-rated portable air conditioner on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.8/5. What makes it so special?

Well, it’s not the specifications alone, that’s for sure.

Vremi has 10,000 BTU capacity and an EER rating of 8.33, which is pretty average.

With the 51 dBa decibel levels, it is one of the quietest portable air conditioners, and it will do wonders for reducing the relative humidity in your house. It has one of the highest dehumidification rates of 4.64 Pt/h.

Those specs alone are great on their own, but they don’t fully explain the splendid rating the Vremi device is getting. The secret is, how to put it, user-friendliness.

Vremi is a very simple-to-handle portable air conditioner. You can easily move it around, install it quickly; it even has built-in handles, as you can see from the photo below:

easy mobile air conditioner
Vremi is the most user-friendly portable air conditioner. Pretty much everybody can handle it with ease.

With the help of the castors, you can move this air conditioner from room to room in minutes. What’s even more, the Vremi is one of the lightest air conditioners. With just 52.8 lbs, it’s even lighter than many small 8,000 BTU devices.

All in all, the praise Vremi enjoys is well deserved, both specs-wise and handling-wise. Add to that a reasonable below $400 price tag, and you can see why Vremi is the highest-rated portable air conditioner on Amazon.

Vremi 8,000 BTU

  • Highest-rated portable AC on Amazon
  • High dehumidification rate (4.64 Pt/h)
  • Below $400
  • Low noise levels (51 dBa)
  • Very light and easy to install and move around
  • Average energy-efficiency (EER = 8.33)
  • Not as stable as heavier devices

#7 DeLonghi PACEL276HGRFK Pinguino 4-in-1 (Real Feel Technology)

The DeLonghi Pinguino comes with a status. It’s an Italian-made portable air conditioner with a high $700 price tag and the elegant style that Italians are known for.

I mean, it does look incredibly sleek:

4 in 1 delonghi air conditioner

Everybody agrees that the Pinguino – the PACEL276HGRFK model – is the best portable air conditioner DeLonghi ever made. But our question here is: why?

Unfortunately, the Pinguino’s specs are shrouded in mystery. We couldn’t find the specification sheet specifically for this device. In fact, apart from the weight and the 12,500 BTU capacity, we don’t really have any metrics to compare it with other devices. No EER, no dry airflow, no decibel levels.

There is one thing that we know about the PACEL276HGRFK model for certain: it’s so comfortable! I know what you mean – what does ‘comfortable’ mean in the context of portable air conditioners?

Well, for one, the DeLonghi Pinguino can connect to a WIFI device such as Alexa. You even get an iPhone or Android app to switch the temperature up or down comfortably, set the ventilator speed, or just put it in sleep mode when you’re going to bed.

It’s also the only portable air conditioner that comes with ‘Real Feel’ tech. That’s just a fancy way of saying the AC unit can find that perfect balance between the temperature and air humidity. That’s exactly why the Pinguino has become status in itself. Literally, no other stand-alone air conditioner can come close to this tech.

Obviously, all the status and cutting-edge tech that comes along with DeLonghi Pinguino doesn’t come cheap. You will rarely find a Pinguino that costs less than $700. Oh, and there is a heater as well. That’s just adding to the comfort in those cold winter afternoons.

DeLonghi PACEL276HGRFK Pinguino 4-in-1

  • Exclusive Real Feel tech to balance temp. and humidity
  • Exquisite Italian design
  • A status symbol air conditioner
  • WIFI-connected with an iPhone and Android app
  • 4-in-1 and it comes with a heater for winter months
  • Best DeLonghi portable air conditioner
  • Premium price
  • Specifications sheet not widely available (no EER info)

#8 DELLA 14,000 BTU (Best Simple-To-Use Energy Efficient Portable AC Unit)

Portable air conditioners are quite an investment for the summer. So are the heaters for the winter months. The DELLA 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner with a heater is the perfect choice for everybody who wants to buy an HVAC device that cools you in the summer and warms you up in the winter.

della 14000 btu portable air conditioner and 11000 btu heater all in one device
DELLA 14,000 BTU is the quickest air conditioner in the summer and a heater in the winter. At a very affordable price.

The air conditioning metrics are impressive as well, to say the least.

First of all, the DELLA air conditioner has an EER rating of 11.1, surpassing even LG’s LP1419IVSM. It is about 25% more efficient than a standard portable air conditioner. This results in a $40 per year lower electricity bill (and that’s just the summer season).

If you check the DELLA portable air conditioner’s specification sheet, you’ll notice the noise levels of 49-52 dBa. This is a very silent beast of an AC unit. Granted, this is for the low setting. When in the high setting, the decibel levels would probably reach 56 or 57 dBa. Why is that?

4 functions in bella portable air conditioner on display are low medium and high settings
BELLA has a high, mid, and slow setting for air conditioning.

Because it’s immensely quick (and can, therefore, make a bit of noise). It has a record-breaking dry airflow metric of 450 CFM. That means that the DELLA free-standing air conditioner is capable of pumping out 450 cubic feet of air every hour.

In comparison, no other portable AC unit on this unit can exchange more than 300 CFM every hour. Translation: it’s insanely quick and will cool down your room or house in record time.

It also has the second-highest dehumidification capability of 4.63 pints per hour. That’s very useful, particularly when the summer humidity sets in and makes it harder to breathe.

The 11,000 BTU heater should be considered as the bonus you get. You might not even use it. But if you feel a bit cold on a freezing winter afternoon, you can just plug it in DELLA, set it to heating, and enjoy your day.

Pretty much the best thing about the DELLA is that such a capable by-the-numbers air conditioner with a heater costs less than $500. It’s literally impossible to find a 4-in-1 portable air conditioner at this price range; however, the materials’ overall quality is not up to par with the premium LG devices.

DELLA 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner With 11,000 BTU Heater

  • Highest dry airflow (450 CFM)
  • Incredible energy efficiency (EER = 11.1)
  • Very affordable (below $500)
  • Second best dehumidifier levels (4.63 PT/h)
  • Fairly silent given such a beast of an AC unit
  • + Heater for cold winter days
  • Not made out of premium materials like LG devices
  • On the heavier side (86 lbs) – harder to move around

#9 SereneLife SLPAC10 10,000 BTU Floor Air Conditioner

Being so highly rated (4.4/5 on Amazon), the SereneLife SLPAC10 cannot be underestimated. It may look straightforward (and, in fact, it is simple), but the HVAC metrics are rather good – especially if you consider the budget-friendly price.

That makes the SereneLife SLPAC10 one of the best price-performance floor air conditioners on the market.

Despite being as simple as it gets, the SLPAC10 model has a nice feature that we miss with other portable air conditioners: the automatic swing mode.

That’s just a fancy way of saying the air conditioner’s wind vents are moving around to maximize the air circulation. In translation: SereneLife 10,000 BTU blows in several different directions over time, and that’s good.

SLPAC10 model of serenelife floor air conditioner
SereneLife SLPAC10 is a simple device with a great price-performance and automatic swing mode as a bonus.

The HVAC metrics (the ones that count) are pretty average compared to the other best portable air conditioners.

SereneLife SLPAC10 has average energy-efficiency (EER = 8.7), average noise levels from 52 dBa to 56 dBa, and a dehumidification rate of 3.30 Pt/h.

The 10,000 BTU capacity can achieve the maximum dry airflow of 290 CFM, which is above average.

Otherwise, the majority of HVAC metrics are as average as it gets. The price, however, is lower than you would expect from an average device. This, in turn, makes the SereneLife SLPAC10 one of the best price-performance floor air conditioners out there.

SereneLife SLPAC10 10,000 BTU

  • Best price-performance AC unit
  • Average EER, noise, and dehumidification rates
  • Above-average maximum dry airflow
  • Automatic swing mode for maximum air circulation
  • Simple design
  • Not extraordinary – it’s a simple device
  • Make by a less experienced company in the HVAC industry

#10 Frigidaire Cool Connect 12,000 BTU (Most Elegant Round Portable Air Conditioner)

It’s not going overboard by saying the Frigidaire 12,000 BTU AC unit is something special. It stands out of the crowd just because it looks different.

While most portable air conditioners look like (let’s be real) an oversized box, the Frigidaire air conditioner is a nice breeze of change. It has a round shape and can deliver the cooling air in 360-degree directions.

I mean, just look at how elegant an HVAC device Frigidaire was able to design:

round portable air conditioner Frigidaire
Frigidaire round portable air conditioner is a looker! Intern designers love it.

The metrics are great as well, especially the most important one: the 11.01 EER rating. That makes the Frigidaire 12,000 BTU AC unit one of the most energy-efficient portable air conditioners (and, obviously, the most visually appealing one).

The 53 dBa noise level makes this a quiet device. The dehumidification rate of 3.00 pints per hour is an average rate as well. The maximum dry airflow of 200 CFM is a bit below average, but this spec is not the most important one by any measure.

So why is this beautiful portable air conditioner with such high energy-efficiency not much higher on the list?

Two problems: the below-average reviews and high price.

The average review is 3.4/5 because they are several 1-star reviews of people complaining about the ‘screeching noises’ and ‘poor customer support’.

Obviously, some Frigidaire 12,000 BTU portable AC units do malfunctions (completely normal in HVAC devices) and start producing a high-pitched voice. That’s not ideal, but if the customer support would be kind and help you out, that would be nice. Especially if you paid $600+ for the air conditioner, right?

Well, it appears that such customer support wasn’t helpful in several cases, which, in turn, lead to a low rating.

Nonetheless, the cases where everything was fine are far more numerous. The Frigidaire 12,000 BTU is eye-catching and energy-efficient. And if you don’t have bad luck, you’ll get a perfect piece that can positively affect your intern design while at the same time cooling your rooms down in the summer.

Frigidaire 12,000 BTU

  • Most elegant design (round-shaped)
  • Highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly (EER = 11.01)
  • Quiet device
  • Serves as a good dehumidifier as well
  • Lower rating due to customer support issues
  • Premium price of above $600
  • Can produce a screeching noise is a small percentage of devices

#11 Ivation IVAPAC13KBTU 13,000 BTU

Simple is the best, right? That’s what you get with the Ivation IVAPAC13KBTU. It’s a simple-to-use portable air conditioner with average HVAC specifications, and it does have the edge over other simple and average portable air conditioners. That’s the edge that’s responsible for its high 4.3/5 rating.

Modern style. All the average air conditioners look, well, average. Old-school or cheaply made. The Ivation IVAPAC13KBTU 13,000 BTU portable air conditioner is, in comparison, a wonder of modern, sleek design. Just look at it:

modern looking ivation IVAPAC12KBTU portable air conditioner
Ivation IVAPAC12KBTU is modern-looking portable AC with OK specs and below the $400 price tag. Simple and elegant.

The EER rating of 8.66 is as close to average as it gets. The noise levels of 55 dBa are higher than average but still OK.

The dehumidification function is also nice. The IVAPAC13KBTU model can drain out more than 50 pints of moisture every day. The dry airflow is a bit below-average at 206 CFM.

All in all, very OK metrics for a nice looking below $400 portable air conditioner.

Ivation IVAPAC13KBTU 13,000 BTU

  • Average device with superb simple design
  • Very easy to install and use (user-friendly)
  • OK energy efficiency, noise levels, and dehumidification rate
  • Highly rated by reviewers
  • Budget-friendly (below $400 for a sleek device)
  • + Window kit included
  • A bit noisy with 55 dBa but nothing extraordinary
  • Made out of cheaper materials
  • May not produce the full 12,000 BTU

#12 BLACK+DECKER BPACT08WT (Classic Old-School Model)

You really can’t make a list of the best portable air conditioners (even in 2024) without including the classic BPACT08WT model by Black+Decker.

Black+Decker made the BPACT08WT portable air conditioner more than a decade ago, and it has thrived ever since. It’s as good and as reliable an HVAC device as any, you can get. That’s why people who oned it keep coming back because they know what they’re buying.

The price might also be a factor. The BPACT08WT is mass-produced as is, as such one of the cheapest portable air conditioners.

In 2024, you can even get one with the newer updated design:

reliable portable air conditioner with dehumidifier
Black+Decker BPACT08WT is a reliable air conditioner with a long history.

Let’s look at the specs; mind you, these were amazing specs when the model first saw the light of day.

The EER rating of 8.42 is slightly below average. The noise levels, however, are quite high for a small 8,000 BTU device.

At 52.9 lbs, this is one of the most lightweight portable air conditioners around. The lightweight makes moving it around that much easier.

Despite being a bit old-school, the Black+Decker BPACT08WT model is a popular choice just because it’s such a sure and reliable device.

Ivation IVAPAC12KBTU 12,000 BTU

  • Above all else – a reliable device (doesn’t break down often)
  • Very low price point of below $300
  • Has a long and successful history
  • Newer modern design
  • Can be noisy due to higher decibel levels
  • A bit old-school overall look
  • Not as energy-efficient as other best portable air conditioners

Looking At A Portable AC But Not Sure If The Specs Are OK?

There you have it, the complete list of the 12 best portable air conditioners in 2024 based on specifications.

If you have some other air conditioner in mind, but you’re unsure if the specs are OK, you can leave us a comment below. It has to be mentioned that a new wave of completely portable battery-powered air conditioners is currently booming. These use batteries instead of cords, hence the increased portability. They are, however, very energy-inefficient and can only generate less than 3,000 BTUs of cooling power.

You can also check a ranked list of other portable AC units:

Do keep in mind that swamp coolers and personal air conditioners are not air conditioners by default; they use water evaporation to produce a cold breeze.

It’s vital to compare the specifications before buying a portable air conditioner. That will avoid you getting a noisy or energy inefficient HVAC device.

8 thoughts on “12 Most Energy-Efficient Portable Air Conditioners In 2024 (Based On EER)”

    • Thank you for the price update, Jerome. You’re right, the Honeywell did raise the price, we shall update the article accordingly.

  1. Wondering why the Della wasn’t #1 with such a low price point and superior performance? I was also wondering where you got the EER for the Della as well. I can’t find it anywhere. Is that similar to DOE/SACC? I had the LG on the way which has great SACC and canceled it it favor of the Della because the description in this article. I’m hoping I made the right choice.

    • Hello Justin, Della is an excellent choice, given the high energy-efficiency and low point, you’re right. EER isn’t included in the specification sheet; but you can easily calculate by dividing the ASHRAE cooling capacity (14,000 BTU) by the maximum power (1,260W). EER rating = 14,000 BTU / 1,260W = 11.10.

      EER rating is the simplest energy-efficiency spec. SACC, for example, was introduced in 2018 by DOE as the new energy-efficiency spec. It’s a weighted average of several air conditioning tests. All in all, EER is still the basic indicator that gives relevant information.

      Della is not #1 because it’s a fairly unknown brand, it’s made out of plastic, and it’s quite heavy (86 lbs).

    • Hello Robert, thank you for the heads up. You’re 100% right, it has a 12,000 BTU, 115V and 9A, bringing the EER rating up to 11.59 (12, if you use the 1000W power listed in the specs). However, there were several concerns about its reliability (longevity, availability issued); hence it wasn’t added to the list despite the high energy-efficiency rating, thank you for pointing it out.

  2. Hello from Wiscoldsin: How about B/D BPACT 12WT for mobile home use in liv. room around 350 SQFT ? And Pelonis PAP 12R 1BTW, 6500 btu [DOE/SACC]? Both about $400 +/-. I’m replacing a window unit,6400BTU, just for ease of use as I only use when mother nature starts pushing 90F for a few days or more. To detatch from window a move a few feet to wall is sooooo tempting.Thanks for the input and also the excellent explanation of Ashrae v DOE/SACC BTU’s, Louis { holy molly, just hit 70F, maybe we’ll get spring after all here in La Crosse, probably be 85 come monday].

    • Hello to Winsconsin, the high temperatures are really a bother, obviously. For a 350 sq ft and below-average insulation (mobile homes) you would need at least 10,000 BTU so 12,000 BTU units are a good choice. B/D BPACT 12WT is a solid tried-and-tested choice (this one); it can also provide heating in the winter and it has 10+ EER rating (10.4, to be exact). Pelonis units are not really tried-and-tested, don’t have that much brand recognition and so on, so opting for Black + Decker seems to be the right way to go. Hope this helps.


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