Heating – Furnaces, Tankless Heaters, Space Heaters, Stoves, Fireplaces, etc.

Heating is a process of using power (gas, oil, electricity, solar panels, hardwood, pellets, etc.) to increase the temperature of air or water.

In HVAC (H stands for Heating), we deal with heating up indoor air (especially during winter) and water (ie. tankless water heaters).

The most important appliances for heating indoor air are furnaces, stoves, space heaters, radiators, fireplaces, fire pits, heat pumps, and so on. One of the key resources here is the BTU heating calculator (check it out here).

Here is the full range of free resources LearnMetrics has as far as all kind of heating is concerned:


We categorize furnaces by the choice of fuel. This can be either natural gas or propane, oil, or electricity. Hence we talk about gas furnaces, oil furnaces, and electric furnaces:

Gas Furnaces

Electric Furnaces

Oil Furnaces

Useful Resources For Furnaces

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are used to produce hot water on demand (within 15 seconds).

You have two kinds of tankless water heaters; bigger ones are powered by gas (natural gas or propane) and smaller ones are powered by electricity. Here you can check out lists of the best tankless water heaters, with useful informational articles about these units. We start with a summary of the best tankless heaters currently on the market:

Gas Tankless Water Heaters (Natural Gas Or Propane)

Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Useful Resources For Tankless Water Heaters

Conventional Water Heaters

Space Heaters

Space heaters use electricity or gas to heat up one or many rooms. This can be any room; a bedroom, living room, bathroom, or even a garage. Patio heaters are also included since they warm the space around them outdoors.

Space Heaters

Garage Heaters


Stoves are HVAC appliances that generate heat using wood, pellets, and other natural materials. They are primarily used for space heating but they do hold an aesthetic appeal as well:

Pellet Stoves

Wood Stoves


Fireplaces are sometimes primarily used for their aesthetic appeal; a part of interior design, if you will. Here we get a bit more technical about the heating outputs of fireplaces and their specifications:

Electric Fireplaces

Gas-Powered Fireplaces

We are continuously adding more informational and product-specific articles as far as heating is concerned.

Heat Pumps

Heating Sources (Propane Tanks, Gas Usage)