MCF To MMBTU Calculator + Chart For Natural Gas

For natural gas, MCF is a unit of volume and MMBTU is a unit of heat content. In many cases, we will need to convert MCF to MMBTU. Namely, we want to know how many MMBTU of heat content are in X number of MCF of natural gas.

To help you out with the MCF to MMBTU conversion, we have derived an MCF to MMBTU formula. Based on this formula, we created MCF To MMBTU Calculator (just insert MCT, get MMBTU) and a conversion chart with MCT (from 0.1 MCT to 10,000 MCT) converted to MMBTU.

Let’s first familiarize ourselves with the units we are converting:

  • MCF is equal to 1000 cubic feet. The volume of natural gas is usually measured in MCF. That ‘M’ there is a roman number for ‘thousand’ or ‘1000’. Hence MCF stands for Thousand Cubic Feet.
  • MMBTU stands for Metric Million British Thermal Unit. That means that 1 MMBTU is equal to a million BTU (1 MMBTU = 1,000,000 BTU). BTU is the most basic HVAC unit for heat content; it is equal to the amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit.
mcf on gas meter converted to mmbtu
You will notice MCT on the gas meter (under 1,000 cubic feet). We will calculate how many MMBTU can be generated from those MCF of natural gas at 100% efficiency.

Here are 3 metrics we know that will enable us to derive an easy formula for MCF to MMBTU equation (the 3rd one is especially important):

  1. MCF = 1000 Cubic Feet (Of Natural Gas).
  2. MMBTU = 1,000,000 BTU.
  3. One Cubic Foot (Of Natural Gas) = 1037 BTU.

Basically, we know that 1 cubic foot of natural gas contains 1037 BTU of heat content. MCF is 1000 cubic feet; that means that 1 MCF contains 1000 times 1037 BTU, or 1,037,000 BTU.

With 1 MMBTU being equal to 1,000,000 BTU, we can see that 1 MCF is equal to 1.037 MMBTU. Basically, MCF and MMBTU are almost 1-by-1 (Note: MCF is not exactly the same as MMBTU, there is a 3.7% difference).

We can write the MCF to MMBTU conversion formula like this:

MMBTU = MCF × 1.037

This tells us that we need to multiply MCF by a factor of 1.037 to get MMBTU.

Example: How many MMBTU of heating content are in 100 MCF of natural gas? Just insert that 100 MCF into the equation like this:

MMBTU (100 MCF) = 100 × 1.037 =103.70 MMBTU

As you can see, 100 MCF is equal to 103.70 MMBTU.

Using this formula, we created a neat MCF to MMBTU calculator (you can freely use it). To help you out, we have also converted the volume of natural gas from 0.1 MCT to 10,000 MCT to MMBTU, and summarized the results in a chart (below this calculator).

Note: If you have any issues with the calculator or the chart, you can use the comment section below, recommend some changes or/and give us some numbers, and we will help you with the conversion. You can check a similar MMBTU To MCF calculator here.

MCF To MMBTU Calculator For Natural Gas

Just insert MCF of natural gas and the calculator will automatically convert MCT to MMBTU (you can slide left and right to see how the MMBTU output changes with MCT input):


Alright, let’s use this calculator to answer how many MMBTU are in 57 MCF of natural gas, for example. Just slide the slider to ’57’ and you get the result: 57 MCF is equal to 59.11 MMBTU.

Here is the promised chart that illustrates some of the more common volumes of natural gas (measured in MCF) converted to MMBTU:

MCF To MMBTU Conversion Chart

MCF Of Natural Gas: MMBTU (Heat Content):
0.1 MCF Of Natural Gas 0.1037 MMBTU
0.5 MCF Of Natural Gas 0.5185 MMBTU
1 MCF Of Natural Gas 1.037 MMBTU
5 MCF Of Natural Gas 5.19 MMBTU
10 MCF Of Natural Gas 10.37 MMBTU
20 MCF Of Natural Gas 20.74 MMBTU
30 MCF Of Natural Gas 31.11 MMBTU
40 MCF Of Natural Gas 41.48 MMBTU
50 MCF Of Natural Gas 51.85 MMBTU
60 MCF Of Natural Gas 62.22 MMBTU
70 MCF Of Natural Gas 72.59 MMBTU
80 MCF Of Natural Gas 82.96 MMBTU
90 MCF Of Natural Gas 93.33 MMBTU
100 MCF Of Natural Gas 103.70 MMBTU
150 MCF Of Natural Gas 155.55 MMBTU
200 MCF Of Natural Gas 207.40 MMBTU
250 MCF Of Natural Gas 259.25 MMBTU
300 MCF Of Natural Gas 311.10 MMBTU
350 MCF Of Natural Gas 362.95 MMBTU
400 MCF Of Natural Gas 414.80 MMBTU
450 MCF Of Natural Gas 466.65 MMBTU
500 MCF Of Natural Gas 518.50 MMBTU
600 MCF Of Natural Gas 622.20 MMBTU
700 MCF Of Natural Gas 725.90 MMBTU
800 MCF Of Natural Gas 829.60 MMBTU
900 MCF Of Natural Gas 933.30 MMBTU
1000 MCF Of Natural Gas 1037 MMBTU
10,000 MCF Of Natural Gas 10,370 MMBTU

If you wanted to know how many MMBTU are in 400 MCF of natural gas, now you know. In the chart, you notice the 400 MCF on the left side; it is equal to 414.80 MMBTU (right side).

With both the calculator and this chart, you will be able to adequately convert MCT to MMBTU. If you have any questions/suggestions, you are welcome to use the comment section below.

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