How To Fix AC Short Cycling In Seconds/Minutes (5 DIY Solutions)

“My air conditioners starts OK; then it stops in seconds/minutes. What’s wrong?” One of the most annoying (and potentially harmful) problems we encounter is air conditioner short cycling. It involves an air conditioner short cycling in seconds or minutes, without even completing a full cooling cycle. (Example of AC short cycling) Here is what you … Read more

Window Air Conditioner Leaking Water: 6 Immediate Fixes

The sudden realization when you see water leaking from your window air conditioner can be mind-boggling. Do you call the HVAC guy right away? It will cost you at least $200 to fix a window air conditioner leaking water inside the house. Can you fix the window AC unit leakage yourself? The window air conditioner … Read more

R410A PT Chart: Pressure Temperature Chart For 410A Refrigerant

R410A is one of the most commonly used refrigerants. It’s patented by Honeywell, and known under several other names such as “AZ-20”, “Genetron R410A”, “Puron”, and so on. It’s the preferred freon for residential air conditioners, replacing the older R22 according to the Montreal Protocol and subsequently phasing out of R22. To properly use it, … Read more

How To Recharge A Window AC Unit? (10-Step Freon Refill)

Here’s the thing: Window air conditioners can spend their whole lifespan without recharging. Refrigerator lines are a closed system (unlike car ACs, for example); the R22 or R401A refrigerant can’t escape and doesn’t need to be replenished. So why do we wonder how to recharge a window air conditioner? It’s all had to do with … Read more