AFUE Rating For Furnaces: What It Is, How To Calculate It, 80 vs 94 AFUE

AFUE rating stands for ‘Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency’. This is a key energy-efficiency rating for furnaces and it’s most commonly used when evaluating the energy efficiency of gas furnaces. In the most basic sense, the AFUE rating tells us what percentage of fuel (natural gas, propane, oil) is converted into heat. Here are two examples … Read more

HSPF Rating: What Is A Good HSPF Rating For Heat Pumps?

what is hspf rating

When it comes to heating devices, there is no single specification more important than the HSPF rating. HSPF rating is the key metric for all heating devices; be it heat pumps, furnaces, or water heaters. Understanding it gives you the fundamental insight into all heating devices. In fact, it’s so important that every larger heating … Read more

Convert COP To EER And EER To COP (Simple Calculator)

formula that converts eer to cop and cop to eer

There are several HVAC metrics for energy efficiency. In many cases, the Energy-Efficiency Ratio (EER) is specified on the specification sheets. However, one of the most basic heating/cooling metrics – Coefficient Of Performance (COP) – is not. Fortunately, you can easily convert COP from EER (as well as EER from known COP) with these two … Read more