General HVAC – Unit Converters, HVAC Ratings, Ductwork, Wiring

HVAC stands for Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation. We have covered the heating and air conditioner parts in the respective ‘Heating’ and ‘Air Conditioning’ sections on LearnMetrics.

However, everybody who wants to understand specifications or just learn how to solve some of the basic HVAC problems will find this general HVAC section useful.

There are a million questions that need answering in HVAC. Nobody can possibly address all of them. Here at LearnMetrics, we try to answer the most common ones to help everybody with a better understanding of HVAC.

One of the basics of general HVAC is simple unit conversion. We deal with BTUs, watts, volts, amps, Ah, Wh, °F, °C, CFM, kW, hp, EER, SEER, CEER ratings, and so forth. In most cases, these are either metric or US standard units; in some cases, we use formulas to convert from a specific rating to another specific rating.

To help you out, we have designed some unit converters and calculators. We’ll start with these but you will find some very useful resources such as mold mediation, ductwork, and so forth that pertain to general HVAC and can be useful both in heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems.

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