Convert SEER To EER Rating (Calculator + Chart)

Some HVAC devices such as mini-split AC units come with a SEER rating instead of an EER rating. If you’re like us and like to compare specification sheets, you can calculate EER if you know SEER.

Here is a simple calculator that converts SEER to EER. Just input SEER rating, and the converter will calculate the value of EER rating:



Here are some converted SEER into EER:

chart of seer to eer calculations

Example: We have a mini-split ac unit with a 20 SEER rating. How many EER does that unit have? If you look at the SEER to EER chart above, you can see that such a unit has a 17.5 EER rating.

For example, Mr COOL DIY mini-split systems have high SEER and high EER ratings.

You can read more about the equations that determine the EER and SEER relationships, as well as EER to SEER calculator here.

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