Tons To MBH Calculator: Convert Tons (Tr) To MBH

In HVAC (heating/cooling), you will sometimes need to convert refrigeration tons to MBH. Basically, we are converting tons of refrigeration (= 12,000 BTU/h) to thousands BTH/h (= 1,000 BTU/h). For quick conversion, we prepared a Tons to MBH Calculator along with 0.1-20 tons to MBH conversion chart.

Let’s start with the calculator, and follow up with the tons to MBH formula and conversion chart:

Let’s say you have a 3.5-ton air conditioner and would like to know how many MBH is 3.5 tons. You just insert ‘3.5’ in the tons of refrigeration (Tr) input field, hit ‘Calculate’, and you get the result in this format (screenshot):

converting refrigeration tons to mbh with an online calculator

You can immediately see that 3.5 tons is equal to 42 MBH (that’s 42,000 BTU/h). If you need to do this conversion in reverse – MBH to tons – you can check this similar MBH to tons calculator.

Let’s have a look at the formula for this conversion:

Tons To MBH Formula

Namely, both of these units denote the heating/cooling capacity of air conditioners, furnaces, and so on. Here is what these HVAC units mean:

  • Tons of refrigeration (Tr) is the energy needed to turn about 1 ton of ice into water. 1 refrigeration ton is equal to 12,000 BTU/h (British Thermal Units per hour).
  • MBH stands for thousands of BTU/h. That ‘M’ is a Roman numeral that means ‘thousand’. 1 MBH is thus equal to 1,000 BTU/h.

From this, we can deduce the following equivalence:

1 Ton = 12 MBH

Basically, 1 ton of refrigeration is equal to 12 MBH. We can use this equivalence to write the following tons to MBH formula:

MBH = Tons × 12

We see that, if we want to calculate MBH from tons, we have to multiply tons by a factor of 12 to get MBH.

Quick Example: How many MBH is 1.5 tons? We just insert 1.5 tons in the equation above like this (with the result):

MBH (1.5 Tons) = 1.5 Tons × 12 = 16 MBH

We can see that 1.5 tons of refrigeration is equal to 16 MBH. You can check this result with the calculator above. Do you get the same result?

This was just one example. We converted tonnage ranging from 0.1 tons to 20 tons into MBH equivalents to create the following conversion chart:

Tons Of Refrigeration To MBH Conversion Chart

Tons Of Refrigeration (Rt): MBH (Thousand BTUs Per Hour):
0.1 Tons 1.20 MBH
0.25 Tons 3 MBH
0.5 Tons 6 MBH
0.75 Tons 9 MBH
1 Tons 12 MBH
1.25 Tons 15 MBH
1.5 Tons 18 MBH
1.75 Tons 21 MBH
2 Tons 24 MBH
2.25 Tons 27 MBH
2.5 Tons 30 MBH
2.75 Tons 33 MBH
3 Tons 36 MBH
3.25 Tons 39 MBH
3.5 Tons 42 MBH
3.75 Tons 45 MBH
4 Tons 48 MBH
4.25 Tons 51 MBH
4.5 Tons 54 MBH
4.75 Tons 57 MBH
5 Tons 60 MBH
5.5 Tons 66 MBH
6 Tons 72 MBH
6.5 Tons 78 MBH
7 Tons 84 MBH
7.5 Tons 90 MBH
8 Tons 96 MBH
8.5 Tons 102 MBH
9 Tons 108 MBH
9.5 Tons 114 MBH
10 Tons 120 MBH
11 Tons 132 MBH
12 Tons 144 MBH
13 Tons 156 MBH
14 Tons 168 MBH
15 Tons 180 MBH
16 Tons 192 MBH
17 Tons 204 MBH
18 Tons 216 MBH
19 Tons 228 MBH
20 Tons 240 MBH

Now, you can just read the tons to MBH equivalents from this chart, or use the online calculator above. You are fully equipped to tackle any tons to MBH conversion; if you need a bit of help, you can always reach us using the comment section below.

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