CFM To CFH: Easiest Conversion You Will Find (+ Calculator)

Converting CFM to CFH is incredibly easy. Both are units that measure airflow. Basically, you just multiply CFM by 60 to get CFH.

CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute. 100 CFM airflow means that 100 cubic feet of air is produced by a device in 1 minute.

CFH stands for Cubic Feet per Hour. 100 CHM airflow means that 100 cubic feet of air is produced by a device in 1 hour.

The difference between CFM and CFH is that CFM is a unit of airflow per minute while CFH is a unit of airflow per hour. Hence we have to use a conversion factor of 60; because 1 hour is equal to 60 minutes.

Here is the CFM to CFH equation:

CFH = CFM × 60

That means that 1 CFM is equal to 60 CFH. Conversely, 1 CFH is equal to 0.0167 CFM.

To help you out, we have created a CFM to CFH calculator. You just input CFM and get CFM. Below the calculator, you will also find CFM to CFH chart with pre-calculated cubic feet per hour for most common cubic feet per minute airflows:

CFM To CFH Calculator

Just insert CFMs, and the calculator will automatically output CFHs:

Example: Try to input 300 CFM. You will see that this is equal to 5 CFH.

You can make any CFM to CFH conversion with this calculator. You can also consult this chart with calculated CFH from CFM:

CFM To CFH Chart

Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM): Cubic Feet Per Hour (CFH):
10 CFM 600 CFH
20 CFM 1,200 CFH
30 CFM 1,800 CFH
40 CFM 2,400 CFH
50 CFM 3,000 CFH
100 CFM 6,000 CFH
200 CFM 12,000 CFH
300 CFM 18,000 CFH
400 CFM 24,000 CFH
500 CFM 30,000 CFH
600 CFM 36,000 CFH
700 CFM 42,000 CFH
800 CFM 48,000 CFH
900 CFM 54,000 CFH
1,000 CFM 60,000 CFH
1,200 CFM 72,000 CFH
1,400 CFM 84,000 CFH
1,500 CFM 90,000 CFH
1,600 CFM 96,000 CFH
2,000 CFM 120,000 CFH
3,000 CFM 180,000 CFH
4,000 CFM 240,000 CFH
5,000 CFM 300,000 CFH

If you have any questions regarding CFM vs CFH, you can use the comment section below and we’ll try to help you out.

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