How Many Amps Does A Ceiling Fan Use? (Fan Amp Calculator)

“I have a 52-inch ceiling fan. How can I figure out how many amps this ceiling fan uses?”

Ceiling fans don’t use all that many amps. We are going to look into how you can calculate the amp draw for your ceiling fan, based on wattage and voltage. To help everybody out, we have prepared these 2 key resources:

  • Ceiling Fan Amp Calculator. Here you just insert the voltage (usually 120V) and wattage (we also include typical wattages for 30-inch to 72-inch ceiling fans), and the calculator will determine the amp draw automatically.
  • Ceiling Fan Amp Chart. We have calculated amp draws for 10W to 500W fans, and summarized the results in a neat chart (below the calculator).

To determine the amp draw, we will use this basic electric power equation:

Amps = Watts/Volts

Here is how we can use this formula to calculate ceiling fan amp draw: Let’s take our 52-inch ceiling fan example. All ceiling fans are running on 120V voltage. A typical 52-inch ceiling fan power input is 84 watts. To calculate the amp draw, we just put these two figures in the equation like this:

Amps (52-Inch Fan, 82W, 120V) = 84 Watts / 120V = 0.7 Amps

We can see that a typical 52-inch ceiling fan draws 0.7 amps. Almost all ceiling fans will draw below 4 amps of current.

how many amps does a ceiling fan draw
Most ceiling fans draw 1 amp or less. The biggest ones can draw up to 4 amps of current.

There are 2 ways you can determine the fan wattage (this is the key data point you need):

Now, you can use the following Ceiling Fan Amps Calculator to determine the amp draw of your fan (we show you how to use it below):

Amp Calculator For Ceiling Fans


Let’s say you have a 48-inch ceiling fan. If you consult this fan wattage article, you can see that it typically runs on 75 watts. To determine the amp draw, you slide the 1st voltage slider in the calculator to ‘120’ volt and the 2nd wattage slider to ’75’ watts. Here is the result:

A typical 48-inch ceiling fan draws 0.63 amps.

Additionally, here we have calculated the amp draw for 10W to 500W 120V ceiling fans:

120V Ceiling Fan Amps Chart

Ceiling Fan Wattage (Watts): Ceiling Fan Amperage (Amps At 120V):
10 Watt Fan 0.08 Amps
20 Watt Fan 0.17 Amps
30 Watt Fan 0.25 Amps
40 Watt Fan 0.33 Amps
50 Watt Fan 0.42 Amps
60 Watt Fan 0.50 Amps
70 Watt Fan 0.58 Amps
80 Watt Fan 0.67 Amps
90 Watt Fan 0.75 Amps
100 Watt Fan 0.83 Amps
110 Watt Fan 0.92 Amps
120 Watt Fan 1.00 Amps
130 Watt Fan 1.08 Amps
140 Watt Fan 1.17 Amps
150 Watt Fan 1.25 Amps
160 Watt Fan 1.33 Amps
170 Watt Fan 1.42 Amps
180 Watt Fan 1.50 Amps
190 Watt Fan 1.58 Amps
200 Watt Fan 1.67 Amps
250 Watt Fan 2.08 Amps
300 Watt Fan 2.50 Amps
350 Watt Fan 2.92 Amps
400 Watt Fan 3.33 Amps
450 Watt Fan 3.75 Amps
500 Watt Fan 4.00 Amps

If you know the ceiling fan wattage, you can just look at this chart and read the amp draw off it. Here are some examples:

  • Typical 120V 50-watt ceiling fan draws 0.42 amps.
  • Typical 120V 100-watt ceiling fan draws 0.83 amps.
  • The smallest 120V 10-watt ceiling fan draws 0.08 amps (that’s 80 mA or milliamps).
  • The biggest 120V 500-watt ceiling fan draws 4 amps.

As you can see, it’s not all that difficult to figure out how many amps ceiling fans use. In short, almost all ceiling fans will draw less than 1 amp of current. The big ones can draw up to about 4 amps.

We hope that this helps you out. If you have some questions, or would like for us to calculate the amps for you, you can give us some figures in the comment section below, and we will help you out.

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