Convert EER To SEER Rating (Calculator + Chart)

equation that converts eer to seer

EER and SEER both measure the energy efficiency of HVAC devices such as air conditioners and heat pumps. EER = ‘Energy Efficiency Ratio’ measures energy efficiency at 100% cooling load, 50% humidity, and 95°F to 80°F temperature difference. SEER = ‘Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio’ measures energy efficiency throughout the summer (June, July, August). You can … Read more

Understanding EER: Energy Efficiency Rating For AC Explained

eer rating explain with capacity in btu divided by power input in watts

EER or Energy-Efficiency Ratio is an energy performance rating for, primarily, cooling devices. You will find them in any air conditioner specification sheet. The energy-efficiency ratio is invaluable when comparing different air conditioners as far as energy-efficiency is concerned. What is EER? Definition: EER rating provides you with a ratio of useful cooling output (in … Read more