kWh To Ah Conversion (Calculator: Input kWh And V, Get Ah or mAh)

How do I convert kilowatt-hours to amp-hours?

In many cases, we need to convert kWh to Ah. With smaller 12V batteries, we also need to convert kWh to mAh.

We will look into how does kWh to amp-hours (Ah) conversion. You will also find a kWh to Ah calculator that dynamically calculated kWh from Ah and a calculated table of kWh to Ah and kWh to mAh. Let’s start with an example to illustrate.

Example: How to convert 13.5 kWh to Ah? First, we need to specify the voltage. Let’s say we have a 12V battery. We can calculate Ah from kWh using the basic kilowatt-hour equation:

kWh = Ah × V × 1,000

We express amp-hours (Ah) and insert our numbers:

Ah = kWh ÷ V × 1,000

Ah = 13.5kWh ÷ 12V × 1,000 = 1,125 Ah

That means that 13.5 kWh is equal to 1,125 Ah or 1,125,000 mAh on a 12V circuit.

Here is the kWh to Ah calculator that makes this calculation automatically:

kWh To Ah Calculator

Just insert kWh and voltage (V), and you will get the calculated Ah. You can also play around with numbers a bit and the calculator will dynamically calculate the ampere-hours:

0.00 Ah

Calculated Ah (Amp-hours)


For example, it is useful to know this basic conversion:

1 kWh to Ah in a 12V battery is equal to 83.33 Ah.

On the other hand, if you need an Ah to kWh conversion, you can find a similar Ah to kWh conversion calculator here.

Here is the full calculated table of kWh to Ah conversions for the 12V circuit:

kWh To Ah And kWh to mAh Chart (At 12V; For Batteries)

kWh (kilowatt-hours) Ah (amp-hours) mAh (milliamp-hours)
0.01 kWh 0.83 Ah 830 mAh
0.02 kWh 1.67 Ah 1,670 mAh
0.025 kWh 2.5 Ah 2,500 mAh
0.05 kWh 4.17 Ah 4,170 mAh
0.1 kWh 8.33 Ah 8,330 mAh
0.5 kWh 41.67 Ah 41,670 mAh
1 kWh 83.33 Ah 83,330 mAh
2 kWh 166.67 Ah 166,670 mAh
10 kWh 833.33 Ah 833,330 mAh
20 kWh 1,666.67 Ah N/A
50 kWh 4,166.67 Ah N/A
100 kWh 8,333.33 Ah N/A

If you have any questions about how to convert these two electrical units, you can pose a question in the comments and we’ll help you out.

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