7 Best Ductless Mini Split AC Units With Highest SEER Ratings

all parts that make a ductless mini split air conditioner

The ductless mini-split AC units are known as the most energy-efficient air conditioning type. Energy efficiency is denoted by a SEER rating. The most energy-efficient mini-split air conditioners can have a SEER rating above 20. In short, they can produce an incredible amount of cooling power for a fraction of electricity costs (compared to other … Read more

9 Best Window AC Units Based On Specs (+ Quick Buyer’s Guide)

using included window kit to fix the window ac unit on the window sill

Out of 5+ million air conditioners being sold in the US in 2019 (Source: statista.com), almost a million of them were the AC units are mounted on a window. Why are window air conditioners so popular? Well, that’s simple. The best window air conditioners are: More energy-efficient than portable air conditioners. Much easier to install … Read more

12 Most Energy-Efficient Portable Air Conditioners In 2021 (Based On EER)

most efficient portable air conditioners with the lowest running electricity cost

The energy efficiency of any portable air conditioner is expressed with an EER rating. EER rating is the ratio between useful cooling effect (in BTU) and electrical power input (in W). The best portable air conditioners are the most energy-efficient ones. An energy-efficient portable AC unit can save you up to $70 per year. In … Read more

How Many BTU Air Conditioner Do You Need? (BTU Calculator)

There are several metrics you should consider before buying an air conditioner. You have different EER and SEER ratings, power, amperage, voltage, and so on. The most important metric is the cooling capacity (measured in BTU/hr). It denotes the size of your air conditioner. BTU meaning: British Thermal Unit or BTU/h is a unit that … Read more