4 Best Outdoor Air Conditioners For Patios, Decks, etc. (2021)

Let’s start this article on outdoor air conditioners with a newsflash: There are no outdoor air conditioners. An air conditioner is a specialized device that, based on the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, facilitates heat exchange between two isolated spaces. Outdoors, in essence, is just one big space. Don’t worry. If you’re looking to buy an … Read more

4 Biggest Portable Air Conditioners (With 14,000+ BTU Capacity)

The biggest portable air conditioner, the better. That’s usually the right rationale when choosing a portable air conditioner for large rooms. You want as much cooling effect (measured in BTU or British Thermal Units) as possible. Choosing the biggest portable AC unit is the best guarantee for adequate cooling of larger rooms (up to about … Read more

4 Best Portable Air Conditioners For Apartment (Studio, 1-Bed, 2-Bed)

Apartments can become drenched-in-sweat hot in the summer. Unfortunately, many apartments don’t have central air conditioners. You kind of have to figure out yourself how to best cool down your flat. To help you out, we picked the 4 best portable air conditioners for apartments further on. Here’s the deal: You don’t really need big … Read more

5 Best Portable Air Conditioner And Heater Combos (2-In-1 Units)

Can you use a portable air conditioner as a heater? Yes. Not all portable air conditioners can be used as heaters in the winter. However, a special category of ‘heater and air conditioner in one unit’ is capable of heating. These heat pump-like units work both as: Conventional portable air conditioners (in the summer). Portable … Read more

5 Best Dual-Hose Portable AC Units In 2021 (Comparison, Reviews)

Dual-hose portable air conditioners are the new-age efficient AC units. They solve many problems single hose AC has; including negative air pressure and system overheating. If you’re looking for a capable portable AC unit, the best dual-hose portable AC units are the smart long-term choice. LearnMetrics recommends 5 top-rated dual-hose portable air conditioners with the … Read more

5 Cheapest Portable Air Conditioners With Outstanding Specs (2021)

list of very cheap air conditioners on the market

Please do read the following quote by an HVAC technician very carefully: The most expensive portable air conditioner you can buy is a $200 unit with low energy-efficiency. It will spike your electricity bills. $200 seems like one of the cheapest portable air conditioners. Why would it be the most expensive unit? Here’s the reasoning: … Read more

5 Best Ventless Air Conditioners In 2021: Venting Not Required

air conditioner that don't need venting through the window

Cold air in. Hot air out. That’s the basic thermodynamics of every air conditioner. For that ‘Hot air out’ part, every air conditioner needs an exhaust hose to vent the hot air out. Of course, you’re probably looking for a ventless air conditioner. What is a ventless air conditioner? “Ventless air conditioner is an AC … Read more

Why You Should Use A Garage Air Conditioner? (AC Suggestions)

how to properly cool a garage in the summer

Garages can be: Icy cold in the winter. Hot as hell in the summer. Most garages are an appendix to our home, as well as to our heating/air conditioning system. They have, on average, poorly insulated which causes higher temperature spikes. How to cool a garage? If you spend a lot of your time in … Read more