Mold Inspection Overview: When, How, DIY, Cost, Who To Call?

inspecting for mold with visible black mold

Mold infestation is one of the more dreaded home problems. Allergies, musty smell, and even structural damage are all consequences of undetected mold infestation. How to do mold inspection and testing? At first, it seems it’s the easiest thing in the world: Mold inspection: Check if there is mold present in your house. Mold testing: … Read more

Badement Dehumidifier Setting: What % Humidity Is Too High?

relative humidity scale with dehumidifier setting for basement for mold growth

Having a dehumidifier with a wrong setting can be just as useless as having no dehumidifier.  Even before you buy a dehumidifier, it makes sense to educate yourself about relative humidity levels. The basic idea is to keep indoor relative humidity between 30% and 50%.  However, when it comes to basement dehumidifier setting, we’re sometimes … Read more

8 Best Commercial Dehumidifier Reviews In 2021 (+Specs)

a list of the best commercial dehumidifiers

High +60% relative humidity can lead to all kinds of problems in any industry. Damp warehouses, offices, server rooms, and basements can cause stock damage in the short run and integral damage in the long run (mold growth). The most effective to reduce air moisture from large square footage areas are powerful commercial dehumidifiers. Commercial … Read more

Dehumidifier Energy Efficiency: Do They Use A Lot Of Electricity?

As with every device powered by electricity, it makes sense to look into dehumidifier energy use. When looking at how many watts does a dehumidifier use, you can see that dehumidifiers don’t draw that many amps or watts. For everybody worried if dehumidifiers are expensive to run, here’s a quick answer: No. Do dehumidifiers use … Read more

How Does A Dehumidifier Work? (Working Principle Explained)

the inner workings of dehumidifier to lower relative air humidity

In simplest terms, a dehumidifier is an HVAC device that removes moisture from indoor air. To understand how does a dehumidifier work, however, we have to look into the device itself. In technical terms, the dehumidifier uses a refrigeration-based and heater-based system to reduce relative air humidity from 50-100% to 30-50%. As you can see … Read more