THHN Vs THWN vs THWN-2 Wires: What Is THWN Wire Anyway?

When it comes to wires, there is quite a lot of confusion. Especially regarding the acronyms. Case and point: What is a THWN wire? What is the difference between THHN and THWN wire? Let’s address both of these questions to get a little clearer vision about wires. THWN stands for Thermoplastic Heat and Water-resistant Nylon-coated … Read more

Electrical Feeder Size Chart: 100-400 Amps (NEC 310.12)

If you are working with electrical feeders, you are probably acquainted with the electrical feeder size chart. This is an NEC chart (you will find it below) that tells you what size copper or aluminum wire to use for different amp services. Example: What feeder wire size do you need for 200 amp service? Simple. … Read more