Calculating R-Value: How To Calculate R-Value? (Formula + Units)

calculating r value formula and how to calculate r value

R-value or thermal Resistance is the basic metric for insulation materials in construction. This R-value is calculated based on several measurements that include the area of a 2-dimensional barrier (wall, insulation batt, polyiso, etc.), the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, and time. When homeowners want to know how to calculate R-value, they usually have … Read more

Insulation R-Value Chart: R-Values Per Inch (For 51 Materials)

When thinking about insulation, the key metric you have to think about is the insulation R-value. As we have talked about in the post about types of insulations here different materials and types of insulations have different R-values. To help you choose adequate insulation, we have summarized the R-values of 51 most common insulation materials … Read more