6 Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces In 2021 That Look Magnificent

list of the best wall mounted electricic fireplaces

A fireplace is a centerpiece of a cozy living room. The modern wall mount electric fireplaces are elegant interior design pieces. An electric wall fireplace with the TV above is the favorite setup. Wall-mounted fireplaces are basically simplified versions of the traditional log-burning fireplaces. Those produced smoke, emissions and had low efficiency of burning wood. … Read more

8 Best Propane Heaters In 2021 (For All Uses)

list of the best propane heaters

Heating is the biggest energy consumer. In an average household, the bill for heating is usually the highest (for winter months, of course). Propane heaters one of the most cost-efficient ways of heating. They deliver more BTU per $ than electricity. This is due to the low price of propane and high burning energy-efficiency. That’s … Read more

5 Best Outdoor Propane Patio Heaters In 2021

Cozy tea in the garden while the first snow is falling. Outdoor patio heaters are designed to create just such moments. The most popular patio heaters are powered by propane.  Most restaurants and bars with outdoor seating have propane heaters ready for the late fall and winter season. Outside propane patio heaters are not meant … Read more

4 Best Wood Stoves To Heat An Entire House (2021)

wood burning stove in a house

“Today you can choose from a new generation of wood-burning appliances that are cleaner burning, more efficient, and powerful enough to heat many average-sized, modern homes.” (DOE On Wood Stoves) This is a direct quote about wood stoves by the US Department of Energy. It perfectly encapsulates why the currently best wood stoves are so … Read more

Furnace Size Calculator: What Size Furnace Do I Need?

furnace sizing guide

How many BTU furnace would fit your home perfectly? Most homeowners have difficulties figuring out what size of furnace do they need. Fortunately, calculating furnace size (be it natural gas, propane, or oil) is not rocket science. To help future furnace owners out, we have developed a simple furnace sizing calculator. You only need to … Read more

8 Best Garage Heaters In 2021 For 1,2,3,4-Car Garages

best heaters for 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 car garage

Here’s the basic idea we men have about garage heating: Let’s get a space heater, several layers of clothing, and we’re good to go. However, season after season, it shows that freezing in our garage during winter is not the smartest idea. Getting the best garage heater to combat freezing outdoor temperatures makes all garage … Read more

5 Best Pellet Stoves In 2021: Reviewed, Compared & Rated

reviews of the best pellet stoves

Pellet stoves are the cleanest solid fuel, residential heating appliance. (US Department of Energy) Pellet stoves are becoming increasingly more popular in recent years. In fact, it’s not hard to see why so many homeowners are deciding to install a pellet stove in their living room. The best pellet stoves are a perfect marriage between … Read more