6 Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces In 2024 (Recessed In-Wall Units)

A fireplace is a centerpiece of a cozy living room. The modern wall mount electric fireplaces are elegant interior design pieces.

An electric wall fireplace with the TV above is the favorite setup.

Wall-mounted fireplaces are basically simplified versions of the traditional log-burning fireplaces. Those produced smoke, emissions and had low efficiency of burning wood. The modern wall mount electric fireplaces offer several advantages, including:

  • Powered by electricity. That translates into 99-100% energy-efficiency.
  • No wood, no actual burning, no emissions, no smoke.
  • Realistic flame (you usually can style the flame with different flame colors and LED lights).
  • Wall-mounted setup. Fireplaces are either recessed or wall-hung. Saves space.
  • They are ventless. Easy installation and maintenance.

If you have some space below the TV, you can easily fit a wall-mounted fireplace in there. If you would like a warm and cozy atmosphere, it’s just a matter of choosing the right wall fireplace, installing it, and enjoying the ambiance.

hanging a fireplace on a wall
Wall hung fireplaces like Touchstone 80001 don’t need a recess in the wall. They can just be hung on a mounting bracket.

To help you out, we have prepared a list of the best wall mount electric fireplaces you can buy in 2024. Before we look at them, compare them, and see each of the top-rated models’ reviews, let’s learn a thing or two about the specifications.

Here are the most important factors to check when buying an electric fireplace you’re going to install on your wall:

Dimensions Of The Electric Wall Fireplace (Width And Height)

We usually start with knowing how big a wall we have available for a wall-mounted electric fireplace. Interior designers usually give two pieces of advice about width and height. Here is the 1st one:

“Look for as wide as possible and as thin as possible wall fireplace.”

If you have enough wall area available, you should opt for 50” width or longer. Most wall mount electric fireplace producers offer a range of models. Example: Dimplex BLF50 Synergy is available in both 34″ and 50″. You can opt for a shorter 34″ version or a longer 50″ version.

Here is the 2nd advice:

“If you’re going for the fireplace with TV above setup, make sure that the fireplace is at least as wide as the TV, or wider.”

electric wall fireplace installed below the tv
Electric wall fireplace with a TV above should always be as wide or wider than the TV. On the photo: Mystflame Ultra Slim 95″ model.

The slim design on the photo of the wall fireplace with a TV above also demonstrates why a slim (low height) design is preferred. Mystflame creates the slimmest models with 17.72″ height. Anything below 20″ is great.

It saves space and looks stylish, thereby capturing the essence of contemporary interior design.

Also, make note that the installation depth is anywhere from 7″ to 10″. That means that your walls should be:

  • At least 10” thick.
  • Have no electrical wiring in those first 10”.

Heater, Power, And Thermostat Settings

Believe it or not, fireplaces are not necessarily there only to look good. They can provide anywhere from 4,000 to 5,000 BTU/h of heating output. That enough to heat areas of about 400-450 sq ft on their own.

In practice, wall mounted electric fireplaces can create a warm atmosphere and serve as supplemental zone heating to the central heating system.

Here’s the kicker:

You can turn the heating off. If you’re looking for just the fireplace ambiance, you don’t need to power the wall hang fireplace with up to 1500W for heating. You can just turn the heating off and enjoy the fireplace flames (without the heating output).

If you do decide to use a wall fireplace for heating, you should look into those that come with a thermostat. You just set the thermostat temperature (usually between 65°F – 85°F), and the electric wall fireplace’s heat output will adjust accordingly to heat up to that temperature and hold it.

All the best wall mounted electric fireplaces need only the standard 120V outlets. They are powered from 500W to 1500W, spending about 1 kWh of electricity per hour. An average cost of 1 kWh in the US is $0.1319.

Flames And How They Look

Having a realistic flame is the goal. Nobody really likes wall mounted electric fireplaces with obviously non-genuine flames.

In recent years, the wall mounted electric fireplace producers have become quite good at recreating genuine-looking flames. In the reviews of the fireplaces further on, we point out models that don’t have a very life-like flame. One such example is the popular R.W.FLAME fireplace.

On the other hand, the best electric wall fireplace – the ClassicFlame 36EB110-GRT – has the most realistic flame, with logs and burning charcoal:

lifelike flames in a wall hung electric fireplace
ClassicFlame 36EB110-GRT might not be thin (24″ height), but it does have the most realistic flame. You can see plenty of lifelike logs and charcoal.

Here’s the best part about the lifelike flame:

You can style the look of the flame to your home. Pretty much every electric wall fireplace comes with the 3 kinds of flame settings:

  1. Different flame colors.
  2. Different flame brightness settings (brighten or dim the flame).
  3. Choice of LED lights above the flame.

You can play with these settings to recreate just the right flame for your home or even your current mood.

With all of this in mind, let’s look at the best electric wall fireplaces currently on the market:

Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces In 2024 (Comparison)

  1. Best Overall And Powerful Wall Mounted Fireplace: R.W.FLAME
  2. Top Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Heater: ClassicFlame 36EB110-GRT
  3. Most Energy-Efficient Wall Electric Fireplace: Dimplex BLF50 Synergy
  4. Thinnest Wall Mount Electric Fireplace: Mystflame Ultra Slim
  5. Best Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace: Touchstone 80001
  6. Wall Electric Fireplace With Widest Range (From 28″ to 100″): Touchstone 80004

(scroll right, and down)

Wall Fireplace: #1 R.W.FLAME (Best Fireplace) #2 ClassicFlame 36EB110-GRT #3 Dimplex BLF50 Synergy #4 Mystflame Ultra Slim #5 Touchstone 80001 #6 Touchstone-80004
Heat Output: 5,100 BTU/h 4,400 BTU/h 4,198 BTU/h 5,000 BTU/h 5,000 BTU/h 5,000 BTU/h
Coverage Area: 400 sq ft 400 sq ft 450 sq ft 400 sq ft 400 sq ft 400 sq ft
Thermostat Temp: With Thermostat 60°F – 90°F N/A 62°F – 86°F No Thermostat No Thermostat
Width(s): 30″, 36″, 50″, 60″ 36″ 34″, 50″ 50″, 60″, 72″, 95″ 50″ 28″, 36″, 40″, 45″, 50″, 60″, 72″, 84″, 100″
Height: 18.11″ 24″ 19.5″ 17.72″ 21.65″ 21.5″
Power: 750W/1500W (120V) 1440W (120V) 600W/1200W (120V) 750W/1500W (120V) 750W/1500W (120V) 1500W (120V)
Price: $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$
Average Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars 4.7 out of 5 stars 4.7 out of 5 stars 4.4 out of 5 stars 4.4 out of 5 stars 4.4 out of 5 stars
Availability: Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

1. R.W.FLAME (Best And Most Powerful Wall Mounted Fireplace)

Heat Output: 5,100 BTU/h
Heating Area: 400 sq ft
Termostat Range: With Thermostat
Width: 30”, 36”, 50”, 60”
Height: 18.11 inches
Power: 750W/1500W (120V)
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

R.W.FLAME is the most powerful wall electric fireplace with 5,100 BTU. Due to its low (below the $400 for all widths) price point, it’s also the most popular fireplace that can be mounted on a wall.

Currently, it has almost 2000 positive reviews on e-commerce websites; most of any wall-mounted fireplaces. R.W. Flame even opened their own e-store where they offer all R.W.Flame fireplaces at a reduced price (about 10% discount, check links for more).

It has quite a lot of features that people love, such as a thermostat, adjustable flame colors, 5 flame brightness levels, a touch screen as well as a remote control.

You can even use a timer to set the R.W.FLAME fireplace in advance.

It’s ETL certified and has an energy-efficient operation. With a little over 18-inch height, it’s also one of the slimmest walls mounted fireplace heaters.

In short, it’s not difficult to see why the R.W.FLAME fireplace is so popular. It’s thin, cheap, powerful, and has plenty of useful features. It is hand’s down the best top-selling wall-mounted electric fireplace:

  • Can generate 5,100 BTU/h of power while running at 1500W power input
  • Most popular wall mounted electric fireplaces on Amazon with almost 2000 positive reviews
  • Available for less than $400 and with wide array of widths (30″, 36″, 42″, 50″, 60″)
  • Additional about 10% discount at their e-store
  • Not the best materials used; can have a comparatively shorter lifespan
  • Not the most realistic flame

2. ClassicFlame 36EB110-GRT (Top Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Heater)

ClassicFlame 36EB110-GRT
Heat Output: 4,400 BTU/h
Heating Area: 400 sq ft
Termostat Range: 60°F – 90°F
Width: 36 inches
Height: 24 inches
Power: 1440W (120V)
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

ClassicFlame 36EB110-GRT is the quintessential built-in electric fireplace. It creates a year-round ambiance with the exactly right specification balance. With the attachable three-prong 120V plug and integrated junction box, it’s easy to install and use. Being the most well-balanced build-in fireplace, it is the best wall electric fireplace you can buy in 2024.

Heating-wise, it can create a 4,400 BTU/h heating output with 1440W of power. That is the most sought-after-wall fireplace heater size. ClassicFlame 36EB110-GRT can be used to heat rooms to 400 sq ft.

What is more, you can run the flame effect with or without the heating function. For example, you can use it during the summer to create a cozy ambiance without the heating. In the winter, heating is usually turned on.

ClassicFlame 36EB110-GRT has a thermostat that can be set between 60°F and 90°F. This is the widest thermostat temperature of any wall-mounted built-in fireplace powered by electricity. You can use a remote control to increase or decrease the thermostat temperature.

The 36EB110-GRT has a few drawbacks: it has a 24-inch height (thinnest ones have below 20-inch height) and is available only in 1 width: 36 inches.

These two specifications can be considered an advantage, however. ClassicFlame 36EB110-GRT is not the best space-saver, but given the 24-inch height, it creates the most realistic fireplace ambiance.

All in all, with the most balanced specification, the ClassicFlame 36EB110-GRT is the best wall mounted electric fireplace heater in 2024:

  • Well balanced specifications with 4,400 BTU/h heating output (you can also enjoy the flame without heating)
  • It’s designed to create a real fireplace ambiance with its high flame and 6 mood light color options
  • The widest thermostat range; you can set the temperature between 60°F and 90°F
  • A renowned ClassicFlame brand (considered one of the best wall fireplace brands)
  • Is available only in 36″ width
  • Height is above 20″ in total; not the best space-saver, but it creates the best fireplace ambiance

3. Dimplex BLF50 Synergy (Most Energy-Efficient Wall Electric Fireplace)

Dimplex BLF50
Heat Output: 4,198 BTU/h
Heating Area: 400 sq ft
Termostat Range: N/A
Widths: 34”, 50”
Height: 19.5 inches
Power: 600W/1200W (120V)
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Dimplex BLF50 Synergy is one of the best small wall-mounted fireplaces. On top of that, it’s the most energy-efficient wall heater. In short, it’s small, cozy, and most inexpensive to run.

With 4,198 BTU/h, it’s based used as a complementary heater to the central heating. On itself, it can heat rooms to 400 sq ft.

“Pennies a day” is the best way to describe the energy efficiency Dimplex BLF50 Synergy brings. It is powered either by 600W or 1200W (120V) and is very economical to run. Running it in a low setting can cost less than $0.07 per hour.

Being small also means that it’s quite thin. 19.5″ height gets it below the 20-inch barrier. It also comes in two widths, namely 34 inches and 50 inches models.

Because it’s very well engineered by Dimplex engineers, it has a higher price. It’s made out of metal and runs at 100% energy efficiency. That’s why it will last longer and cost less to run than other wall-mounted electric fireplaces.

All in all, the Dimplex BLF50 Synergy is the small and most energy-efficient built-in wall electric fireplace. It creates a cozy atmosphere at the lowest running cost:

  • Most energy-effieicent and cost-efficient wall electric heater
  • 600W/1200W power; it can run for as little as 7 cents per hour
  • Made out of durable metal (longer lifespan than comparable electric wall heaters)
  • Fairly thin with a below 20-inch height
  • Made by a premium Dimplex brand increase the unit cost
  • Not appropriate for heating very large places

4. Mystflame Ultra Slim (Thinnest Wall Mount Electric Fireplace)

Mystflame Ultra Slim
Heat Output: 5,000 BTU/h
Heating Area: 450 sq ft
Termostat Range: 62°F – 86°F
Width: 50”, 60”, 72”, 95”
Height: 17.72 inches
Power: 750W/1500W (120V)
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Mystflame Ultra Slim has a sleek design. It’s a modern wall fireplace and serves as both a heating device and an interior design element. With only 17.72″ in height, the Mystflame Ultra Slim is the thinnest wall-mounted electric fireplace.

The slim design is the centerpiece of Mystflame engineering. As we’ve discussed earlier, built-in wall electric heaters are the most convenient space-savers. Mystflame Ultra Slim is the slimmest one; it even has it in the name ‘Ultra Slim’. This saves you the most space and can easily serve as a fireplace with the TV above.

Its heating element is among the strongest. With 1500W, it can create a 5,000 BTU/h heating output, enough to heat spaces up to 450 sq ft. Along with that, you have a remote-controlled thermostat with the ability to set any temperature from 62°F to 86°F.

The interior design aspects are complemented by the vast array of LED light settings. You can increase or decrease intensity to create a lifelike flame. You can choose between 3 flame colors and 3 light colors (the ones above the flame that shine onto the flame). You can pretty much style the flame to match the room.

Mystflame Ultra Slim is made out of metal and tempered glass; two classic materials for all in-wall recessed electric fireplaces. This choice of materials pretty much guarantees a 10+ year lifespan.

All in all, the Mystflame Ultra Slim is a contemporary interior design piece with a powerful heating function. You can choose between 50″, 60″, 72″, and 95″ width:

  • Sleek and modern design
  • The thinnest in-wall recessed fireplace heater (it saves the most space)
  • Decent 62°F – 86°F thermostat settings
  • With 3 LED lights and 3 flame colors, you can style the flame to fit your home best
  • It has a higher-than-average price due to great specs, materials, and design
  • Due to the higher quality of materials, it can weigh 20%-30% more than other fireplaces (heavy lifting during installation)

5. Touchstone 80001 (Best Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace)

Touchstone 80001
Heat Output: 5,000 BTU/h
Heating Area: 400 sq ft
Termostat Range: No Thermostat
Width: 50 inches
Height: 21.65 inches
Power: 750W/1500W (120V)
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Most electric fireplaces and built into the wall. For installation, you have to create a hole in the wall. Touchstone 80001 is different; it’s the best wall-hanging electric fireplace. That means you don’t have to bother with creating a hole in the wall. The Touchstone 80001 hangs on the wall with a mounting bracket.

Due to easier installation, Touchstone 80001 is one of the most popular electric wall fireplace heaters. It comes with 5 different flame settings. You can style the flame to your mood, for example.

Heating-wise, it’s powered by either 750W or 1500W. With that, it can create 5,000 BTU/h heating output, which is enough to heat rooms to 400 sq ft.

On top of that, the wall-hanging Touchstone 80001 is also one of the cheapest wall fireplaces pretty much everybody can afford.

The lack of a thermostat is the biggest drawback. It also has a 21.65″ height, which is not ideal, and it’s available only in 50″ width.

All in all, the Touchstone 80001 is the cheapest wall fireplace with the easiest installation (wall-hung, not built-in):

  • Wall hanging Touchstone 80001 is easier to install (no need for a hole in the wall)
  • Can produce up to 5000 BTU/h of heating power
  • The most budget-friendly fireplace heater, available for about $300
  • Doesn’t have a thermostat
  • Available only in 50″ width

6. Touchstone 80004 (Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Heater)

Touchstone 80004
Heat Output: 5,000 BTU/h
Heating Area: 400 sq ft
Termostat Range: No Thermostat
Width: 28″, 36″, 40″, 45″, 50″, 60″, 72″, 84″, 100″
Height: 21.5 inches
Power: 1500W (120V)
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Touchstone 80004 is a wall fireplace for any home. Some brands have only 1 or 2 width models available. Touchstone 80004 is available in 9 width models in total. That gives you quite a range to play with.

For example, you can get the short 28″ Touchstone 80004 or the long 100″ model. This is the shortest as well as the longest wall fireplace model available on the market. You can also choose pretty much any width in between. Touchstone 80004 electric fireplace can fit on pretty much any wall.

It can generate up to 5,000 BTU/h of heating output, enough to heat rooms up to 400 sq ft.

The drawbacks include the lack of a thermostat and an above 20″ height, which is not ideal.

Nonetheless, it has quite a budget-friendly price for a recessed mounted electric fireplace. The shortest model costs less than $400. However, people do love the 100″ wide model, which can be cost more than $1,500:

  • Widest range of models available; from the shortest 28″ to the longest 100″
  • Generates 5,000 BTU/h output enough to heat 400 sq ft rooms
  • Very affordable price (depends on the width)
  • Doesn’t have a thermostat
  • Wider models can have above 20″ width

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Heaters FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about electric fireplace mounted on a wall:

What Is The Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace?

The best wall mounted electric fireplace is the one with the most realistic flame and the best heating specifications – the ClassicFlame 36EB110-GRT.

ClassicFlame is a well-known company making wall electric fireplaces. The 36EB110-GRT model is reminiscent of the classic indoor fireplace. That means that it has logs, charcoal, and it’s wider than the modern electric fireplaces.

What is more, it has the widest thermostat temperature range. You can set the temperature from anywhere from 60°F to 90°F, and the ClassicFlame’s heating output will adjust accordingly.

Do Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces Put Out Heat?

They do. Wall-mounted electric fireplaces do look good, but that’s not their only purpose. Wall fireplaces, powered by up to 1500W (120 V), can generate up to 5,000 BTU/h of heating output.

That’s enough to heat spaces to 450 sq ft on their own. Due to this heating output, we use wall mounted electric fireplaces as supplementary zone heating.

The most powerful R.W.FLAME fireplace is very popular. It can generate up to 5,100 BTU/h of heating output.

Are Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces Safe?

Yes. Electric fireplaces are the safest kind of fireplaces. They are basically a house appliance that is powered by up to 1500W of electricity.

Unlike gas or wood fireplaces, electric wall mounted fireplaces don’t produce emissions, smoke, carbon monoxide, or any other harmful substances.

They are as safe as a washing machine, for comparison.

How Do You Recess A Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace?

First, you have to check if the walls are at least 10″ thick. Installing a recessed electric fireplace in supportive walls is not recommended. After that, you need to make sure that the wall you’re about to recess doesn’t contain any electrical wiring that might be severed or otherwise damaged.

Creating a recess is usually a job for an expert. They have the required tools and experience for opening a wall and installing an electric fireplace.

Some wall fireplaces are easier to install than others. Installation of recessed wall mounted electric fireplaces is best left to the professionals. Wall hanging electric fireplaces like Touchstone 80001 are much easier to install by yourself, for example.

Is It OK To Leave Electric Fireplace On All Night?

Of course. You can create a fireplace ambiance and just go to sleep on the couch. The lights that create the lifelike flame can be left on all night.

The heating can also be turned on all night. Make sure that you set the thermometer beforehand, however. If the electric fireplace is on the maximum 5,000 BTU/h heating output all night long, it might get too hot.

Can You Plug An Electric Fireplace Into A Regular Outlet?

Yes. Electric fireplaces are very convenient in that way. Any 120V plug will do.

You don’t need electric upgrades to run a 1500W electric fireplace. It’s basically the same as running a washing machine.

Can You Put A Fireplace On A Flat Wall?

Of course. If you have a wall hung electric fireplace, hanging it on a flat wall is preferred. The uneven wall might have small crevasses that could be problematic when installing.

For recessed wall mounted fireplaces, it doesn’t really matter if the initial wall is flat or not.

If you have any other questions, you can pose them in the comments below.

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