Ton To kW: Tons Of Refrigeration To kW Calculator + Chart (TR To kW)

When you are trying to figure out the size of HVAC devices such as air conditioners, you will sometimes need to convert tons to kW (kilowatts). Converting tons of refrigeration to kW is very easy. To help you out, we have created an easy-to-use ton to kW calculator that automatically converts tons of cooling to kW. Below the calculator, you will also find a chart with 0.25 tons to 30 tons conversions to kW.

Let’s first address what tons and kW actually are:

  • Tons of refrigeration (refrigeration tons or TR, or tons of cooling, it’s the same thing) is a unit of cooling power an HVAC device has. It is predominately used in the US to denote the capacity of AC units. We talk about 3-ton air conditioners, for example.
  • kilowatts or kW is a unit of electrical power. kilowatts are used to denote the capacity of HVAC devices in the rest of the world (Europe, Asia, and so on). We talk about 10 kW air conditioners, for example.

How do you convert tons to kW?

Simple. Just use this conversion formula:

1 Ton = 3.5169 kW

In practice, we say that 1 ton is equal to 3.52 kW. That means that 1 ton of refrigeration is equal to 3.52 kilowatts.

Example: How to convert 1.5 tons to kW for cooling? Here is how to calculate that:

1.5 Tons = 1.5 Tons × 3.5169 kW/Ton = 5.28 kW

Here you have it: 1.5 tons of refrigeration is equal to kW.

For such conversions, you can use a hand calculator. For a simple solution, we have prepared a TR to kW calculator that automatically calculates this for you. Below the calculator, you will also find a TR to kW conversion chart:

Ton To kW Calculator

Here you just insert tons of refrigeration you want to convert to kW and the calculator will do the job for you:


For even quicker TR to kW conversion, you can just check the chart below and figure out how many kilowatts is a certain amount of tons:

Ton To kW Chart

Tonnage: kW (kilowatts):
0.25 Tons 0.88 kW
0.5 Tons 1.76 kW
0.75 Tons 2.64 kW
1 Ton 3.52 kW
1.25 Tons 4.40 kW
1.5 Tons 5.28 kW
1.75 Tons 6.15 kW
2 Tons 7.03 kW
2.5 Tons 8.79 kW
3 Tons 10.55 kW
3.5 Tons 12.31 kW
4 Tons 14.07 kW
4.5 Tons 15.83 kW
5 Tons 17.58 kW
5.5 Tons 19.34 kW
6 Tons 21.10 kW
6.5 Tons 22.86 kW
7 Tons 24.62 kW
7.5 Tons 26.38 kW
8 Tons 28.13 kW
8.5 Tons 29.89 kW
9 Tons 31.65 kW
9.5 Tons 33.41 kW
10 Tons 35.17 kW
11 Tons 38.69 kW
12 Tons 42.20 kW
13 Tons 45.72 kW
14 Tons 49.24 kW
15 Tons 52.75 kW
20 Tons 70.32 kW
25 Tons 87.90 kW
30 Tons 105.48 kW

Hopefully, now you understand how to convert tons of refrigeration to kilowatts. If you haven’t found the answer here, you can use the comment section below, give us a comment and we will try to help you out.

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