Meet the Learnmetrics Workflow Engine

At the core of Learnmetrics is our Workflow Engine. It is powerful software that enables us to craft and customize “recipes” from  any of data points in any the systems you use in your district.

Set up triggers and boundaries that overlay perfectly on your schools, delivering the real-time information that your stakeholders need in order to be successful. The possibilities are endless in this new, powerful way to work with your data.

Use Case


Between district offices and schools there are hundreds of manual workflows. Tasks such as transferring a student from one school to another often involve multiple people and multiple stages. Even though the process is the same, the work cannot be reused from one student to the next.


Our Workflow Engine® takes these workflows and automates them, turning messy paper-based processes into a few easy clicks.

We handle all the collection, cleaning, and contextualizing of your data and match it exactly to your manual workflow, then automate it, giving you 90% of your time back.

Reach out and let us know which workflows you’d like to fix!