Automate your RTI/MTSS

Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) and Response to Intervention (RTI) are vital parts of ensuring that every student in your district has their educational needs met. This is foundational to personalized learning, but many districts still struggle to deliver RTI/MTSS at pace and scale.
Learnmetrics lets you set thresholds, boundaries, and triggers that parse your data and get real-time updates about student performance as they move through your tiers.

Use Case


A district wants to codify their approach to MTSS, a framework which enables identify students who need assistance, initiate a response plan, track progress and make improvements over time.

The district is committed and the faculty is on board, but they have realized that logging into multiple systems, hunting for the right data, and manually moving students through the tiers is time intensive.

They are spending more time working up to MTSS and not enough time working with their students


Learnmetrics connected all of the sources of data, created a digital map of their MTSS process, and use automated workflows to move students through the tiers and alert their stakeholders.