Parent/Guardian Portal

Communicating with parents and guardians is vital to student success. It can be difficult to aggregate all data across systems to provide a 360° view to your parent/guardian stakeholders.

Learnmetrics solves this problem by providing a customized portal for parents. You can curate and customize a portal where they can log in and access the data they need to support their students at home.

Use Case


A district is looking for better ways to communicate student progress to parents and guardians. Leaving it until progress notes get mailed or until parents are able to come in for parent/teacher conferences isn’t providing enough time for effective collaboration.


Learnmetrics enabled the district to put exactly the information they wanted into the parent portal, where parents and guardians can log in whenever they want and see how their students are doing. This gave the district back countless hours which they now use for more effective collaboration and higher yield communication.