Report cards and progress notes that tell the whole story

Report cards haven’t changed much in the last 100 years. Academic performance is important, but so are 21st-century skills and social-emotional¬†learning. With Learnmetrics, you can create report cards that reflect the values of your schools and the real story of the learning that goes on.

Use Case


A district wants to evolve their report cards. They still want academic notes and comments, but they’ve been tracking 21st-century skills, social/emotional factors, and 4 district values that every student should work toward.

They’ve tried a few things, but ultimately the burden was too high for getting all the data onto a single report card in an easy-to-understand format


Learnmetrics helped them to design a format for progress notes and report cards that encapsulates all the data and can be printed or viewed in our teacher dashboard or parent portal.