Don't just mind the gap, close it!

Many districts acknowledge an achievement or access gap. Few make the strides required to close those gaps. Learnmetrics helps you to define your district’s subgroups, understand the factors surrounding those groups, and monitor your progress as you work to deliver consistent results across all groups.

Easily group students, alert teachers and counselors, and get real-time indicators about whether or not your initiatives are successful.

Use Case


A district is able to routinely predict how many students out of ten in a given subpopulation will meet expectation. They are actively working on strategies for bringing all groups into parity.

They are finding it difficult because their current systems don’t work with the spreadsheets they’ve been using to track these initiatives. Teacher are overwhelmed because it feels like their workload has doubled without giving them additional clarity into how they are performing.


Learnmetrics uses custom group tracking to connect all the data sources and automatically report weekly progress on all of the groups being tracked, including social/emotional measures, extracurricular activities, and other nontraditional vectors.