Senville Mini Split Reviews: Best 4 Units Compared & Rated

Let’s face it. If you’re buying a mini-split, you want to buy the best one. If you’ve done a little research into mini-splits, Senville mini-splits probably came across your radar. Their mini-split heat pump and air conditioners are some of the most popular ones in 2021.

reviews of 4 best senville ductless mini split air conditioners and heat pumps
4 best Senville mini-split air conditioners and heat pump (comparison and reviews further on).

Before you buy a Senville mini-split heat pump, however, you really want this question answered:

Is Senville A Good Brand?

To answer that, LearnMetrics has reviewed the most popular Senville mini-split models; from the smallest 9,000 BTU Senville SENL-09CD/220/X to the biggest 4-ton (or 48,000 BTU) Senville SENA-48HF/D dual-zone heat pump with two massive 2-ton air handlers.

In short, Senville is the ultimate price-performance brand for mini-split heat pumps and air conditioners. They are a newer company that is quickly building a superb reputation; you pay for performance, not for brand recognition.

We compared specific performance metrics of Senville mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps with other well-known brands such as LG, Mitsubishi, Mr COOL, and so on. The comparison includes the cooling and heating capacities (BTUs), coverage area, and most importantly, the energy-efficiency (SEER, HSPF ratings) and reliability of Senville mini-splits.

specifications of senville mini splits
Cracking open the Senville mini-split specification sheets gives you unparalleled insight into how good Senville mini-splits actually are.

On top of that, you will also find a full spec-by-spec comparison of the best 4 Senville mini-splits (check the table below). Additionally, you will also find individual reviews of each Senville mini-split and directions on where you can buy Senville units.

Here is a table of contents; you can jump to any part you wish. We do recommend you fully inform yourself about Senville units and read the reviews to make an informed decision of a heat pump that will last for 20+ years:

Is Senville A Good Brand?

The key question we want to answer in this Senville mini-split review is if Senville is indeed a good brand.

In short, yes, Senville is a good and reliable brand. After reviewing a lot of brands, from to most expensive Fujitsu models, and the most-efficient Mr Cool mini-splits, we can safely say this:

Senville produces the best price-performance mini-split heat pumps and air conditioners.

What does that mean?

Simply this:

  • Senville mini-splits have superb specs (with high energy-efficiency; SEER 20+, HSPF 10+). Most of them have an Energy Star rating for 20-30% higher energy-efficiency than standard units (can generate over $2,128 electricity savings over 20 years).
  • Their units cost a lot less than premium brand mini-split. 12,000 BTU Senville AURA SENA-12HF/Z costs barely over $1,000 (standard 12k BTU price: $1,500 – $1,800) and the big 4 ton SENA-48HF/D Dual-Zone costs less than $4,000 (it’s not unusual to spend more than $5,600 for a 4-ton mini-split from comparable brands).

Senville, in general, is a newer brand, and they have incorporated modern DC inverter technology (highly efficient 208-230V compressors). This modern approach has allowed them to achieve ultra-high energy-efficiency and overall performance in the best Senville mini-splits.

Before we go into which mini-splits does Senville offer and the specifications, let’s clear up one thing:

Senville produces mini-split heat pumps. That’s the best kind of mini-splits; they work as air conditioners in the summer, and as heaters in the winter.

When we review Senville mini-split air conditioner and heat pumps, do keep in mind that all Senville mini-split units are heat pumps. In HVAC lingo, many people still reference heat pumps as air conditioners; because we usually buy mini-splits in the summer and we’re primarily looking for an air conditioning system.

Now let’s look at the performance of Senville mini-split heat pumps:

Senville Offers 9,000 BTU To 48,000 BTU Mini-Splits

Good mini-split brands offer a wide range of cooling/heating capacities; bad ones have a limited portfolio. Senville offers one of the widest ranges of mini-splits; they range from the small 3/4 ton or 9,000 BTU units to the big 4-ton or 48,000 BTU units.

The interesting part when reviewing Senville mini-split units is that they offer something that little brands are capable of actually engineering:

Below 1-ton units. The 9,000 BTU or 3/4 ton Senville SENL-09CD/220/X is actually the smallest mini-split heat pump. Its development was only possible due to Senville’s DC inverter compressors; a small and super-efficient compressor can be incorporated into the smaller shell.

In the comparison table below, you will find the best-selling Senville mini-splits with these cooling heating capacities:

  • Senville SENL-09CD/220/X: 9,000 BTU cooling output and 10,000 BTU heating output.
  • Senville AURA SENA-12HF/Z: 12,000 BTU cooling output and 11,800 BTU heating output.
  • Senville SENL-18CD: 18,000 BTU cooling output and 18,000 BTU heating output.
  • SENA-48HF/D Dual-Zone: 48,000 BTU cooling output and 48,000 BTU heating output.

Note: You can figure out the cooling/heating capacity from Senville’s unit model number. You see those 09, 12, 18, and 48 numbers in the model name above? That’s the capacity in BTU (British Thermal Units).

Coverage Area Of Senville Mini-Split ACs (300 Sq Ft – 2,750 Sq Ft)

Properly sizing a Senville mini-split is almost as important as the energy-efficiency advantages DC inverter compressors bring.

The smallest Senville mini-split (9,000 BTU) is capable of cooling down and heating up up to 300 sq ft. The biggest 4-ton unit is powerful enough to cool/heat spaces up to 2,750 sq ft.

As a general rule of thumb, EPA recommends you use “20 BTU per sq ft” for efficient cooling.

For air conditioners, you can check out how many BTUs do need from your air conditioner (smaller units) and AC tonnage calculator (larger 2-ton+ units).

Now, let’s look at the most important part of Senville and any other mini-splits:

How Energy-Efficient Are Senville Mini-Splits (20+ SEER, 10+ HSPF)

The easiest way to tell if any brand, Senville included, is any good is just to look at the energy-efficiency ratings.

To review Senville mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps you have to look at:

  • SEER rating. This is a cooling energy-efficiency rating; it should be above 14 SEER. Anything above 18 SEER is considered very energy-efficient.
  • HSPF rating. This is a heating energy-efficiency rating; it should be above 8 HSPF. Anything above 10 HSPF is considered very energy-efficient.

You will most notably see the difference between high-vs-low SEER and HSPF on your electricity bill. The reason why energy-efficiency is the most important metrics to look at is this:

  • Senville mini-splits cost anywhere from $1,000 – $4,000.
  • Electricity savings due to the very high energy-efficiency of Senville mini-splits can range from $2,128 to as high as $10,000 in 20 years (average lifespan on mini-splits).

That means that the price of Senville units is second to the energy-efficiency. If you can save $5,000 on electricity alone, why would a $500 difference in unit price be significant?

The best Senville mini-splits have a SEER rating above 18. In fact, the most energy-efficient Senville mini-split can achieve a remarkable 22.5 SEER rating. Here is the government-issued EnergyGuide for this 12,000 BTU unit:

energy efficiency of senville mini split air conditioners and heat pumps

As you can see, the HSPF rating (HSPF 4 that is; we also have an HSPF 5 rating) is way above 10. All the best Senville mini-splits have a very high 10 HSPF heating energy-efficiency. The most efficient one – the same 12,000 BTU unit with superb specs and the Energy-Star rating – can achieve a 12.0 HSPF 4 rating.

Senville Mini-Split Special Features

Every brand has special features; they can either increase the energy-efficiency, make the units easier to use or even offer smartphone connectivity.

The bulk of Senville mini-split incredible specs are the results of the DC inverter technology. This includes:

  • Ultra-high energy-efficiency (Energy Star rating). Senville mini-splits use up to 48% less energy than the federally mandated energy-efficiency minimum units.
  • Very quiet operation. An inverter compressor is much quieter than a rotary compressor. In general, Senville mini-splits have one of the quietest noise levels (less than 45 dB even on the maximum airflow).
  • Con of Senville mini-splits. The DC inverter compressor requires 208-230V voltage to run. Most homes have access to this higher voltage but older houses may still be only using 110-120V and will need an electrical circuit upgrade if they will want to install a Senville mini-split.

On top of that, most Senville mini-split air conditioner and heat pumps come with:

  • Easy installation kit with 16 ft copper line set.
  • 5-year warranty from Senville.
  • Remote control (you can set the indoor temperature with 1°F accuracy).

All in all, Senville is the best price-performance brand in mini-splits. Let’s look at their top models:

Comparison Of Senville Mini-Split Air Conditioners/Heat Pumps

Senville Mini-Split: #1 Senville AURA SENA-12HF/Z #2 SENA-48HF/D Dual-Zone #3 Senville SENL-09CD/220/X #4 Senville SENL-18CD
Cooling Capacity: 12,000 BTU 48,000 BTU 9,000 BTU 18,000 BTU
Coverage Area: Up to 600 sq ft Up to 2750 sq ft Up to 450 sq ft Up to 900 sq ft
SEER Rating: 22.5 22.0 19.0 19.0
Heating Capacity: 11,800 BTU 48,000 BTU 10,000 BTU 18,000 BTU
HSPF 4/5: 12.0/9.9 10.2/8.3 10.0/7.8 10.0/8.0
Rating: Best Senville Mini-Split Heat Pump Best Senville Dual-Zone Mini-Split Best Smallest Senville Mini-Split Most Popular Senville Mini-Split
Price: $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$
Average Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars 4.8 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars
Availability: Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

1. Senville AURA SENA-12HF/Z: Best Senville Mini-Split Heat Pump (12,000 BTU)

Senville AURA SENA-12HF/Z: Best Senville Mini-Split Heat Pump (12,000 BTU)
Cooling Capacity: 12,000 BTU
Coverage Area: Up to 600 sq ft
SEER Rating: 22.5
Heating Capacity: 11,800 BTU
HSPF 4/5: 12.0/9.9
Airflow (H/M/L): 418/324/247 CFM
Noise Levels (H/M/L): 43/36/24 dB
Power, Voltage, Amps: 960W (208-230V, 4.2A)
Indoor dimensions (HxWxD): 32.87″ x 7.80″ x 11.02″
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Senville AURA SENA-12HF/Z is the best overall Senville unit. In short, it’s quite incredible. This is not only the most energy-efficient Senville mini-split, but it’s also one of the most energy-efficient mini-split heat pumps in general.

This is a 12,000 BTU cooling output and 11,800 BTU heating output Senville mini-split heat pump. You can use it to heap up and cool down spaces up to 600 sq ft (all season; summer + winter).

It has incredible energy-efficiency ratings. With a 22.5 SEER rating and 12.0 HSPF rating, this is the best energy-saver Senville offers. It’s rather hard to find a mini-split with 22+ SEER and 12+ HSPF ratings (most ultra-efficient units have 20+ SEER and 10+ HSPF ratings). Just the energy-efficiency can translate into a few $1,000 saved on electricity bills in the next 20-years.

To output this cooling/heating capacity, Senville AURA SENA-12HF/Z has a well-leveled 3 fan speed settings with 418/324/247 CFM airflow and a very quiet 43/36/24 dB noise levels for high/mid/low fan speed, respectively.

All in all, Senville AURA SENA-12HF/Z a 12,000 BTU mini-split that requires less than 1000W to run (960W, to be exact). The price-performance is incredible; you can get the best Senville mini-split for less than $1,200:

Senville AURA SENA-12HF/Z Review

  • Best overall Senville mini-split with ultra high efficiency
  • 22.5 SEER and 12 HSPF 4 rating ensure you will save several $1,000 on electricity cost in 20 years
  • 12,000 BTU cooling output and 11,800 BTU heating output is enough to cool/heat up to 600 sq ft
  • Incredibly low price for such a high-performance mini split
  • Requires 208-230V voltage to run

2. SENA-48HF/D Dual-Zone: Best Senville Dual-Zone Mini-Split (48,000 BTU)

SENA-48HF/D Dual-Zone: Best Senville Dual-Zone Mini-Split (48,000 BTU)
Cooling Capacity: 48,000 BTU
Coverage Area: Up to 2,750 sq ft
SEER Rating: 22.0
Heating Capacity: 48,000 BTU
HSPF 4/5: 10.2/8.3
Airflow (H/M/L): 1000+ CFM
Noise Levels (H/M/L): Low
Power, Voltage, Amps: 3840W (208-230V, 18.5A)
Indoor dimensions (HxWxD): 37.48″ x 16.34″ x 52.48″
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

SENA-48HF/D Dual-Zone is the biggest best-selling Senville mini-split heat pump. It is capable of generating 4-ton of both cooling and heating output (symmetric cooling/heating), is cheaper than most central air conditioners with a 4-ton cooling capacity, and doesn’t require any ducting.

With larger air conditioners that draw much more energy, high energy-efficiency is of paramount importance. SENA-48HF/D Dual-Zone is capable of generating 4-tons of heating/cooling output; enough to cover 2,750 sq ft. That’s a size of a big house.

The important part is that it uses a maximum of 3840 watts to run. For a 4-ton unit, SENA-48HF/D Dual-Zone has an incredible 22.0 SEER rating and 10.2 HSPF 4 rating. It is thus 30% more energy-efficient than standard efficiency units.

On top of that, this is one of the best dual-zone air conditioners. That means that it has 1 outside unit and 2 indoor air handlers; each of them is capable of generating up to 24,000 BTU of cooling/heating output. Their net airflow exceeds 1,000 CFM.

SENA-48HF/D Dual-Zone is one of the most costly Senville mini-split, but that’s just because of the size. Compared to other dual-zone 4-ton mini-splits, Senville’s SENA-48HF/D Dual-Zone is one of the cheapest and definitely the best price-performance unit out there:


SENA-48HF/D Dual-Zone Review

  • Best Senville dual-zone mini-split air conditioner with two 24,000 BTU air handlers
  • Symmetric 4-ton cooling/heating with a 2,750 sq ft coverage area; this is the only AC unit you’ll need for summer
  • Incredible 22.0 SEER and 10.2 HSPF energy-efficiency for such a large unit
  • Very low price; the best price-performance 4-ton unit
  • Requires 208-230 V to run
  • Draws up to 18.5 amps; amp breaker might be needed to properly install the unit
  • Bigger units have a bigger upfront cost

3. Senville SENL-09CD/220/X: Best Smallest Senville Mini-Split (9,000 BTU)

Senville SENL-09CD/220/X: Best Smallest Senville Mini-Split (9,000 BTU)
Cooling Capacity: 9,000 BTU
Coverage Area: Up to 300 sq ft
SEER Rating: 19.0
Heating Capacity: 10,000 BTU
HSPF 4/5: 10.0/7.8
Airflow (H/M/L): 247/182/129 CFM
Noise Levels (H/M/L): 38/32/25 dB
Power, Voltage, Amps: 782W (208-230V, 6.8A)
Indoor dimensions (HxWxD): 28.43″ x 7.36″ x 11.42″
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Senville SENL-09CD/220/X is quite a wonder. Usually, when we talk about the mini-split air conditioners, the smallest units have 12,000 BTU cooling capacity. That’s because it’s almost impossible to create a smaller unit. With Senville SENL-09CD/220/X, Senville has done just that: create the smallest mini-split heat pump that can be used to cover small rooms of 300 sq ft or less.

The smallest Senville mini-split could only be engineered by using the high-performance DC inverter technology. The inverter compressor Senville unit is both small enough and powerful enough to be developed into the 9,000 BTU cooling output and 10,000 BTU heating output heat pump.

It has an above-average 19.0 SEER rating and a very high 10.0 HSPF rating for heating. In short, you have a small AC/heater combo that draws a minimal amount of electricity. Even when you run Senville SENL-09CD/220/X on top speed, it will draw at most only 782 watts. That’s way below any other mini-split electricity requirements.

On top of that, being small also has this advantage:

Senville SENL-09CD/220/X is the quietest mini-split by Senville. Its noise level intervals of 38/32/25 dB are record-breaking; the whole range is below 40 dB which is just outstanding. A part of the reason is the quiet DC inverter motor, and another part is the low 247/182/129 CFM airflow required to circulate those 9,000 BTU all over a smaller room.

In short, this is the smallest, quietest, and even the cheapest Senville mini-split heat pump; it’s a true wonder of small AC engineering:

Senville SENL-09CD/220/X Review

  • The smallest mini-split heat pump you can buy
  • With 9,000 BTU cooling and 10,000 BTU heating output, you can cool/heat small rooms up to 300 sq ft
  • Fairly high 19.0 SEER and very high 10.0 HSPF rating
  • Quietest Senville mini-split; quiet DC inverter compressor coupled with low airflow
  • Most affordable Senville unit
  • Despite being so small, it still requires 208-230V due to the inverter compressor
  • Is not appropriate to cool/heat spaces bigger than 400 sq ft

4. Senville SENL-18CD: Most Popular Senville Mini-Split (18,000 BTU)

Senville SENL-18CD: Most Popular Senville Mini-Split (18,000 BTU)
Cooling Capacity: 18,000 BTU
Coverage Area: Up to 900 sq ft
SEER Rating: 19.0
Heating Capacity: 18,000 BTU
HSPF 4/5: 10.0/8.0
Airflow (H/M/L): 449/393/262 CFM
Noise Levels (H/M/L): 43/35/30.5 dB
Power, Voltage, Amps: 1645W (208-230V,7.35A)
Indoor dimensions (HxWxD): 37.99″ x 8.46″ x 12.56″
Price: $$$$
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Senville SENL-09CD/220/X is the most popular Senville mini-split unit. There are quite a few reasons why this specific unit is the ultimate best-seller mini-split.

First of all, it has all the Senville special features which we have already mentioned. On top of that, here is what makes the Senville SENL-09CD/220/X the best selling mini-split:

  • 18,000 BTU symmetric cooling/heating output. Having symmetric output is a plus.
  • Big enough to cool down up to 900 sq ft. That’s what most homeowners are looking for.
  • Very quiet operation; as apparent from every reviewer. It has low 43/35/30.5 dB noise levels.
  • Most important of all, very low price. Senville SENL-09CD/220/X costs a lot less than $1,900; a standard price for an 18,000 BTU mini-split air conditioner

In short, Senville SENL-09CD/220/X; is no-brainer choice that most homeowners are looking for:

Senville SENL-18CD Review

  • Best-selling Senville mini-split due to 18,000 BTU output and incredibly low cost
  • Good energy-efficiency with 19.0 SEER and 10.0 HSPF rating
  • Enough to cool down up to 900 sq ft; that’s what most people are looking for
  • Very quiet operation
  • Efficent, but not as efficient as the 12,000 BTU Senville mini-split
  • Still requires 208-230V voltage
  • The stock quickly runs out because it’s so popular

Final Verdict On Senville Mini-Split Air Conditioners And Heat Pumps

All in all, we have seen that Senville producer ultra-high performance mini-splits for a very decent price. It’s the ultimate price-performance brand when it comes to mini-splits.

Their best models; the 9,000 BTU, 12,000 BTU, 18,000 BTU, and the big 48,000 BTU are the best-sellers for a good reason. They can even compare to Mr Cool units; for Senville vs Mr Cool mini splits, you can  heck a similar check Mr Cool DIY mini splits review here.

The low price Senville offers is because they are a young company that is building a reputation. You actually pay for performance, not brand recognition.

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    • Hello Colin, thanks for the heads up. Senville offers two 9,000 BTU units; one is 110/120V and the second one is 208/230V. If you do choose the 120V version, you can eliminate that con, you’re correct.

  1. Senville mini split heat pumps deliver heating and air conditioning options that operate without a ducted central system. Units are available for heating and cooling a single room and units that can handle your entire home.

    • Hello there, you usually have to get a 2-zone unit. If you have a 1-zone 18,000 BTU unit and want to use 2 air handlers, you will have to customize the unit extensively. It’s not something most homeowners can do themselves.

  2. Just purchased the 36000 btu single split/air handler model SENDC.
    STEER CLEAR, arrived dented (no worries it’s in a closet), wired controller is defective and the unit will not shut off after reaching the desired temperature. Senville’s response: “Ticket resolved”. They do not acknowledge the issues. Crickets and then the “Ticket resolved”. STEER CLEAR


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