Rankine To Fahrenheit: Convert Degrees °R To °F (+ Conversion Chart)

Rankine to Fahrenheit conversion is dead simple. If you want to convert degrees Rankine to degrees Fahrenheit (°R to °F), you only need to subtract 459.67 from degrees Rankine to get degrees Fahrenheit.

Obviously, you can use your hand calculator for that. To simplify thing, we have created an online Rankine to Fahrenheit calculator that makes this conversion automatically. Below the calculator, you will also find a °R to °F conversion chart (300°R – 1500°R converted into °F).

Here is the calculator you can freely use:


Let’s say you want to convert 550°R to °F. Just input ‘550’ in the Rankine field input, hit ‘Calculate’, and you get this result (screenshot):

rankine to fahrenheit conversion

We can immediately see that 550°R is equivalent to 90.33°F. If you need this conversion in reverse – °F to °R – you can check out a similar Fahrenheit to Rankine (°F to °R) calculator here.

Before we check out the Rankine to Fahrenheit conversion chart, let’s first look at how easy the math is here:

Rankine To Fahrenheit Formula

In order to convert °R to °F, we only need to subtract 459.67 from °R to get °F. Here is the Rankine to Fahrenheit formula that does just that:

Fahrenheit (°F) = Rankine (°R) – 459.67

It’s incredibly simple to use this equation; it just converts one temperature unit into another temperature unit. Let’s solve one example just to demonstrate how to use the °R to °F formula:

How many Fahrenheit is 520 Rankine (°R)?

Simple. Just insert 520 Rankine into the formula and get the result like this:

Fahrenheit (°F) = 520°R – 459.67 = 60.33°F

We see that 520°R is equal to 60.33°F.

This is just 1 example. We have converted degrees of Rankine ranging from 300°R to 1500°R into degrees of Fahrenheit (°F), and summarized the results in this conversion chart:

Rankine To Fahrenheit Conversion Chart

Degrees Rankine (°R): Degrees Fahrenheit (°F):
300°R -159.67°F
310°R -149.67°F
320°R -139.67°F
330°R -129.67°F
340°R -119.67°F
350°R -109.67°F
360°R -99.67°F
370°R -89.67°F
380°R -79.67°F
390°R -69.67°F
400°R -59.67°F
410°R -49.67°F
420°R -39.67°F
430°R -29.67°F
440°R -19.67°F
450°R -9.67°F
460°R 0.33°F
470°R 10.33°F
480°R 20.33°F
490°R 30.33°F
500°R 40.33°F
510°R 50.33°F
520°R 60.33°F
530°R 70.33°F
540°R 80.33°F
550°R 90.33°F
560°R 100.33°F
570°R 110.33°F
580°R 120.33°F
590°R 130.33°F
600°R 140.33°F
610°R 150.33°F
620°R 160.33°F
630°R 170.33°F
640°R 180.33°F
650°R 190.33°F
660°R 200.33°F
670°R 210.33°F
680°R 220.33°F
690°R 230.33°F
700°R 240.33°F
710°R 250.33°F
720°R 260.33°F
730°R 270.33°F
740°R 280.33°F
750°R 290.33°F
760°R 300.33°F
770°R 310.33°F
780°R 320.33°F
790°R 330.33°F
800°R 340.33°F
810°R 350.33°F
820°R 360.33°F
830°R 370.33°F
840°R 380.33°F
850°R 390.33°F
860°R 400.33°F
870°R 410.33°F
880°R 420.33°F
890°R 430.33°F
900°R 440.33°F
910°R 450.33°F
920°R 460.33°F
930°R 470.33°F
940°R 480.33°F
950°R 490.33°F
960°R 500.33°F
970°R 510.33°F
980°R 520.33°F
990°R 530.33°F
1000°R 540.33°F
1050°R 590.33°F
1100°R 640.33°F
1150°R 690.33°F
1200°R 740.33°F
1250°R 790.33°F
1300°R 840.33°F
1350°R 890.33°F
1400°R 940.33°F
1450°R 990.33°F
1500°R 1040.33°F

From now on, if you need to convert Rankine to Fahrenheit, you can just look at this chart or use the online calculator above. If you have any questions regarding this conversion, you can always use the comment section below, explain what you are looking for, and we’ll help you out.

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