R134A PT Chart: Pressure Temperature Chart (-49°F To 150°F)

R134A PT chart is a standard table. Basically, this 134A PT chart tells you what is the pressure of R134A refrigerant at certain temperatures. The charts start at the low end (-49°F) and tell you the pressures all the way to the high end (150°F).

Example: What is the pressure of 134A freon at 85°F? You just chart the chart (found below) and you will see that at 85°F, the pressure of R134A is 95.2 psig (pounds per square inch gauge).

r134a pressure at different temperatures
Measuring the pressure of R134A refrigerant on a hot summer day.

The pressures in the PT chart are expressed in psig or gauge pressure. That’s very practical; we always use a pressure gauge meter when measuring the pressure in refrigerant lines.

Note: R134A is chemically named 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane. For on-site use, we include a printable R134A PT chart in PDF form at the end of the article.

To help everybody out, we have explained some examples about what is the 134A pressure on 75°F, 80°F, 90°F, and 100°F days below the PT chart for R134A. It’s quite useful to check that out if you find the chart a bit confusing.

Here is the full R134A PT table:

134A Pressure Temperature Chart

Temperature (°F): Temperature (°C): Pressure (psig):
-49°F -45.0°C 18.4 psig
-48°F -44.4°C 18.0 psig
-47°F -43.9°C 17.6 psig
-46°F -43.3°C 17.3 psig
-45°F -42.8°C 16.9 psig
-44°F -42.2°C 16.5 psig
-43°F -41.7°C 16.1 psig
-42°F -41.1°C 15.7 psig
-41°F -40.6°C 15.2 psig
-40°F -40.0°C 14.8 psig
-39°F -39.4°C 14.4 psig
-38°F -38.9°C 13.9 psig
-37°F -38.3°C 13.4 psig
-36°F -37.8°C 13.0 psig
-35°F -37.2°C 12.5 psig
-34°F -36.7°C 12.0 psig
-33°F -36.1°C 11.4 psig
-32°F -35.6°C 10.9 psig
-31°F -35.0°C 10.4 psig
-30°F -34.4°C 9.8 psig
-29°F -33.9°C 9.3 psig
-28°F -33.3°C 8.7 psig
-27°F -32.8°C 8.1 psig
-26°F -32.2°C 7.5 psig
-25°F -31.7°C 6.9 psig
-24°F -31.1°C 6.3 psig
-23°F -30.6°C 5.7 psig
-22°F -30.0°C 5.0 psig
-21°F -29.4°C 4.3 psig
-20°F -28.9°C 3.7 psig
-19°F -28.3°C 3.0 psig
-18°F -27.8°C 2.3 psig
-17°F -27.2°C 1.5 psig
-16°F -26.7°C 0.8 psig
-15°F -26.1°C 0.1 psig
-14°F -25.6°C 0.4 psig
-13°F -25.0°C 0.7 psig
-12°F -24.4°C 1.1 psig
-11°F -23.9°C 1.5 psig
-10°F -23.3°C 1.9 psig
-9°F -22.8°C 2.4 psig
-8°F -22.2°C 2.8 psig
-7°F -21.7°C 3.2 psig
-6°F -21.1°C 3.6 psig
-5°F -20.6°C 4.1 psig
-4°F -20.0°C 4.6 psig
-3°F -19.4°C 5.0 psig
-2°F -18.9°C 5.5 psig
-1°F -18.3°C 6.0 psig
0°F -17.8°C 6.5 psig
1°F -17.2°C 7.0 psig
2°F -16.7°C 7.5 psig
3°F -16.1°C 8.0 psig
4°F -15.6°C 8.5 psig
5°F -15.0°C 9.1 psig
6°F -14.4°C 9.6 psig
7°F -13.9°C 10.2 psig
8°F -13.3°C 10.8 psig
9°F -12.8°C 11.3 psig
10°F -12.2°C 11.9 psig
11°F -11.7°C 12.5 psig
12°F -11.1°C 13.1 psig
13°F -10.6°C 13.8 psig
14°F -10.0°C 14.4 psig
15°F -9.4°C 15.0 psig
16°F -8.9°C 15.7 psig
17°F -8.3°C 16.4 psig
18°F -7.8°C 17.0 psig
19°F -7.2°C 17.7 psig
20°F -6.7°C 18.4 psig
21°F -6.1°C 19.1 psig
22°F -5.6°C 19.9 psig
23°F -5.0°C 20.6 psig
24°F -4.4°C 21.3 psig
25°F -3.9°C 22.1 psig
26°F -3.3°C 22.9 psig
27°F -2.8°C 23.7 psig
28°F -2.2°C 24.5 psig
29°F -1.7°C 25.3 psig
30°F -1.1°C 26.1 psig
31°F -0.6°C 26.9 psig
32°F 0°C 27.8 psig
33°F 0.6°C 28.6 psig
34°F 1.1°C 29.5 psig
35°F 1.7°C 30.4 psig
36°F 2.2°C 31.3 psig
37°F 2.8°C 32.2 psig
38°F 3.3°C 33.1 psig
39°F 3.9°C 34.1 psig
40°F 4.4°C 35.0 psig
41°F 5.0°C 36.0 psig
42°F 5.6°C 37.0 psig
43°F 6.1°C 38.0 psig
44°F 6.7°C 39.0 psig
45°F 7.2°C 40.1 psig
46°F 7.8°C 41.1 psig
47°F 8.3°C 42.2 psig
48°F 8.9°C 43.2 psig
49°F 9.4°C 44.3 psig
50°F 10.0°C 45.4 psig
51°F 10.6°C 46.6 psig
52°F 11.1°C 47.7 psig
53°F 11.7°C 48.9 psig
54°F 12.2°C 50.0 psig
55°F 12.8°C 51.2 psig
56°F 13.3°C 52.4 psig
57°F 13.9°C 53.6 psig
58°F 14.4°C 54.9 psig
59°F 15.0°C 56.1 psig
60°F 15.6°C 57.4 psig
61°F 16.1°C 58.7 psig
62°F 16.7°C 60.0 psig
63°F 17.2°C 61.3 psig
64°F 17.8°C 62.7 psig
65°F 18.3°C 64.0 psig
66°F 18.9°C 65.4 psig
67°F 19.4°C 66.8 psig
68°F 20.0°C 68.2 psig
69°F 20.6°C 69.7 psig
70°F 21.1°C 71.1 psig
71°F 21.7°C 72.6 psig
72°F 22.2°C 74.1 psig
73°F 22.8°C 75.6 psig
74°F 23.3°C 77.1 psig
75°F 23.9°C 78.7 psig
76°F 24.4°C 80.2 psig
77°F 25.0°C 81.8 psig
78°F 25.6°C 83.4 psig
79°F 26.1°C 85.0 psig
80°F 26.7°C 86.7 psig
81°F 27.2°C 88.4 psig
82°F 27.8°C 90.0 psig
83°F 28.3°C 91.8 psig
84°F 29.4°C 93.5 psig
85°F 30.0°C 95.2 psig
86°F 30.6°C 97.0 psig
87°F 31.1°C 98.8 psig
88°F 31.7°C 100.6 psig
89°F 31.7°C 102.5 psig
90°F 32.2°C 104.3 psig
91°F 32.8°C 106.2 psig
92°F 33.3°C 108.1 psig
93°F 33.9°C 110.0 psig
94°F 34.4°C 112.0 psig
95°F 35.0°C 114.0 psig
96°F 35.6°C 115.9 psig
97°F 36.1°C 118.0 psig
98°F 36.7°C 120.0 psig
99°F 37.2°C 122.1 psig
100°F 37.8°C 124.2 psig
105°F 40.6°C 135.0 psig
110°F 43.3°C 146.4 psig
115°F 46.1°C 158.4 psig
120°F 48.9°C 171.2 psig
125°F 51.7°C 184.6 psig
130°F 54.4°C 198.7 psig
135°F 57.2°C 213.6 psig
140°F 60.0°C 229.2 psig
145°F 62.8°C 245.7 psig
150°F 65.6°C 262.9 psig

Here are some examples of how to read this chart:

What Is The Pressure Of R134A On 75 Degree Day?

You simply check the table above and see that the pressure of R134A on a 75-degree day is 78.7 psig.

What Is The Pressure Of R134A On 80 Degree Day?

You simply check the table above and see that the pressure of R134A on a 80-degree day is 86.7 psig.

What Is The Pressure Of R134A On 90 Degree Day?

You simply check the table above and see that the pressure of R134A on a 90-degree day is 104.3 psig.

What Is The Pressure Of R134A On 100 Degree Day?

You simply check the table above and see that the pressure of R134A on a 100-degree day is 124.2 psig.

R134A PT Chart PDF (Printable PDF For On-Site Use)

As promised, you can get the printable PDF version of the R134A PT chart here if you need it on-site:

All in all, you can now figure out what psi pressure does a 134A refrigerant have at all temperatures. You can check similar tables for:

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