our mission

Every day, millions of data points are generated within schools about learners, learning, and our education system.

Hidden inside that data are insights and valuable clues about how best to ignite the potential of each and every student, and to refine the efficacy of learning organizations at-large. The problem is that educators are expected to be precise when aggregating, analyzing, and acting on the insights gleaned from all of their learning data, but the tools at their disposal are currently inadequate.

Learnmetrics simplifies the process by which learning organizations aggregate and analyze their data, providing the clarity necessary for these organizations to achieve their goals.

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what we believe

  • Education

    Education is a foundational starting place to realize one’s passions and potential. We seek to deconstruct the walls that stand in the way of every student accessing and engaging in impactful learning experiences that lead to fulfilling and meaningful lives.

  • Curiosity

    We believe that learning is an everyday act, and having the ability to critically examine and question issues beyond face value is a crucial part of improving our world.

  • Integrity

    Helping clients to develop trust in their data without an agenda of our own. We believe that the uniqueness of schools and their students means that static, pre-packaged solutions cannot address individual and dynamic data needs.

  • Effectiveness

    We believe in designing responsive solutions to our education partners’ data challenges. Listening to and evolving alongside our education partners is critical for our team to adequately address their data needs.

why us

We are a team of Educators, Academics, Designers, and Technologists who are committed to helping learning organizations positively impact the development of every student, in a way that is unique to each of them.

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