Natural Gas MMSCFD To MMBTU/Day Calculator + Chart

MMSCFD is quite a big unit for the flow of natural gas. The heat content of natural gas (especially for bigger flows) is expressed in MMBTU. With a bit of math, it is possible to convert MMSCFD to MMBTU per day. To help you out, we have prepared an MMSCFD To MMBTU/Day Calculator (insert MMSCDF, get MMBTU/Day) as well as a conversion chart where we convert 1 MMSCFD to 1000 MMSCFD to MMBTU per day.

Let’s first look into these big units we are converting:

  • MMSCFD stands for Million Metric Standard Cubic Feet Per Day; this is a unit of gas flow. 1 MMSCFD is equal to 1 metric million of standard cubic feet of natural gas (that’s quite a mouthful) being moved or used within 1 day. In short, 1 MMSCFD = 1,000,000 SCF per day or 1,000,000 standard cubic feet per day.
  • MMBTU/Day or Million Metric British Thermal Units Per Day is a unit of heat content (usually used for heating). 1 MMBTU/Day is equal to 1,000,000 BTU/Day (million BTU per day). 1 MMBTU of heat content per day means that 1,000,000 BTU are used within 1 day (this is per day; in most cases, we deal with BTU per hour or BTU/hr, so there is an important difference here).
mmscfd to mmbtu calculator
Both MMSCFD and MMBTU/Day are very big units for natural gas volumetric and heat content flow, respectively.

To convert MMSCFD to MMBTU/Day, we have to take into account the average heat content of natural gas. This is measured on an annual basis by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) which states:

“One thousand cubic feet (MCF) of natural gas equals 1.037 MMBTU.” (US EIA)

Basically, we know that 1000 cubic feet of natural gas is equal to 1.037 MMBTU. To adequately convert MMSCFD to MMBTU/Day, we have to first figure out the relationship between MCF and MMSCF like this:

  • MCF is 1000 cubic feet of natural gas. MMSCF is 1,000,000 standard cubic feet of natural gas. Since standard cubic feet is almost exactly equal to cubic feet for natural gas, we can see that 1 MMSFC is equal to 1000 MCF.
  • If 1 MCF contains 1.o37 MMBTU of heat content, then 1 MMSCF (1000 MCF) contains 1037 MMBTU.

Both MMSCFD and MMBTU/Day are volumetric and heat content, respectively, flows of natural gas per day. With the calculated conversion, we can see that:

  • 1 MMSCFD is equal to 1037 MMBTU/Day.
  • 1 MMBTU/Day is equal to 0.00096432 MMSCFD.

That means that we can use this MMSCFD to MMBTU per day formula to adequately convert MMSCFD to MMBTU/Day:

MMBTU/Day = MMSCFD × 1037

Quick example: Let’s say we have a 20 MMSCFD volumetric flow of natural gas. How much heat content (MMBTU/Day) is that? Just insert 20 MMSCFD into the equation like this:

MMBTU/Day (20 MMSCFD) = 20 MMSCFD × 1037 = 20,740 MMBTU/Day

Here you have it: 20 MMSCFD is equal to 20,740 MMBTU/Day.

This was just one example. To avoid calculating by hand, we are going to use the following MMSCFD to MMBTU/Day calculator for the conversion (you can also check a similar MMBTU/Day to MMSCFD calculator here). On top of that, we have also converted MMSCFD from 1 to 1,000,000 MMSCFD into MMBTU/Day, and have summarized the results in a neat chart (found below the calculator):

MMSCFD To MMBTU Per Day Calculator

Just insert MMSCFD, and the calculator will calculate the MMBTU/Day automatically:


Here is how to use this calculator:

Let’s say you want to convert 50 MMSCFD to MMBTU/Day. Just slide the slider to ‘5’ and you get the result: 5 MMSCFD is equal to 5185 MMBTU per day.

Here is the full conversion chart for this conversion:

Natural Gas MMSCFD To MMBTU/Day Chart

Natural Gas MMSCFD: MMBTU/Day:
1 MMSCFD 1037 MMBTU Per Day
2 MMSCFD 2074 MMBTU Per Day
3 MMSCFD 3111 MMBTU Per Day
4 MMSCFD 4148 MMBTU Per Day
5 MMSCFD 5185 MMBTU Per Day
6 MMSCFD 6222 MMBTU Per Day
7 MMSCFD 7259 MMBTU Per Day
8 MMSCFD 8296 MMBTU Per Day
9 MMSCFD 9333 MMBTU Per Day
10 MMSCFD 10,370 MMBTU Per Day
15 MMSCFD 15,555 MMBTU Per Day
20 MMSCFD 20,740 MMBTU Per Day
25 MMSCFD 25,925 MMBTU Per Day
30 MMSCFD 31,110 MMBTU Per Day
35 MMSCFD 36,295 MMBTU Per Day
40 MMSCFD 41,480 MMBTU Per Day
45 MMSCFD 46,665 MMBTU Per Day
50 MMSCFD 51,850 MMBTU Per Day
100 MMSCFD 103,700 MMBTU Per Day
200 MMSCFD 207,400 MMBTU Per Day
300 MMSCFD 311,100 MMBTU Per Day
400 MMSCFD 414,800 MMBTU Per Day
500 MMSCFD 518,500 MMBTU Per Day
1000 MMSCFD 1,037,000 MMBTU Per Day

Here is an example: Let’s say you want to know how much heat content (as expressed in MMBTU/Day) is in 100 MMSCFD. Just check this chart and you have the answer: 100 MMSCFD is equal to 103,700 MMBTU per day.

With the help of this calculator and chart, you can now adequately convert MMSCFD to MMBTU/Day. As always, if you need any help from us, just use the comment section below, give us some figures, and we will do the conversion for you.

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