MMBTU To MMSCFD Calculator For Natural Gas + Chart

MMBTU is quite a large unit we are accustomed to. MMSCFD is an even bigger unit for natural gas that is less commonly used. In some cases, it is useful to convert MMBTU to MMSCFD. That’s why we created a simple-to-use MMBTU to MMSCFD Calculator that makes the conversion automatically, accompanied by the MMBTU to MMSCFD Chart where we list conversion from 1 MMBTU to 10,000 MBTU into MMSCFD.

In most basic terms, we are converting a million BTUs per day to a million cubic feet of gas per day. In short, how many MMSCFD of gas we need to produce X amount of MMBTU per day.

Alright, let’s look at these units that are most often used to express the quantity or energy content of natural gas or LPG:

  • MMBTU stands for Million Metric British Thermal Units. This is a measure of natural gas’s heat content and is usually expressed in ‘per day’ terms; MMBTU/Day. MMBTU/Day is basically a million BTUs or 1,000,000 BTU of heat content (from natural gas) per day.
  • MMSCFD stands for Million Metric Standard Cubic Feet Per Day. This is a big volume of natural gas flowing through gas pipes, also expressed in ‘per day’ terms; we are talking about a unit for natural gas flow. MMSCFD is a gas flow of 1,000,000 standard cubic feet (SCF) or million standard cubic feet per day.

From the data gathered by the US Energy Information Administration, we know that:

1,000 cubic feet of natural gas = 1.037 MMBTU

With MMSCFD, we are dealing with 1,000,000 cubic feet of natural gas. Thus, we can convert MMSCFD to MMBTU Per Day using this equation:

MMSCFD = MMBTU/Day ÷ 1037

To get the MMSCFD of natural gas needed to produce a certain amount of MMBTU/Day, we need to divide MMBTU/Day by a factor of 1037.

Quick example: How many MMSCFD do we need to produce 200 MMBTU/Day? We just use the formula above like this:

MMSCFD (200 MMBTU/Day) = 200 MMBTU/Day ÷ 1037 = 0.193 MMSCFD

As we can see, we need 0.193 MMSCFD to produce 200 MMBTU per day.

This is just one example. With the following MMBTU/Day to MMSCFD calculator, you can just insert MMBTU/Day, and the calculator will automatically convert that into MMSCFD. Further on, you will also find a chart were we converted anywhere from 1 to 10,000 MMBTU per day into MMSCFD:

MMBTU/Day To MMSCFD Calculator


Here is an example of how to use this calculator:

Let’s say you want to convert 3,000 MMBTU/Day to MMSCFD. In the calculator, you slide the slider to ‘3000’ and you have the result: We need 1.929 MMSCFD of natural gas  to produce 3000 MMBTU per day (at 100% burning efficiency).

Here is the full conversion chart from 1 to 10,000 MMBTU/Day converted to MMSCFD:

MMBTU/Day To MMSCFD Conversion Chart

MMBTU/Day (Heat Content): MMSCFD (Gas Flow):
1 MMBTU/Day 0.000964 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
10 MMBTU/Day 0.00964 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
50 MMBTU/Day 0.048 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
100 MMBTU/Day 0.096 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
200 MMBTU/Day 0.193 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
300 MMBTU/Day 0.289 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
400 MMBTU/Day 0.386 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
500 MMBTU/Day 0.482 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
600 MMBTU/Day 0.579 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
700 MMBTU/Day 0.675 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
800 MMBTU/Day 0.771 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
900 MMBTU/Day 0.868 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
1000 MMBTU/Day 0.964 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
1500 MMBTU/Day 1.446 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
2000 MMBTU/Day 1.929 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
2500 MMBTU/Day 2.411 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
3000 MMBTU/Day 2.893 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
3500 MMBTU/Day 3.375 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
4000 MMBTU/Day 3.857 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
4500 MMBTU/Day 4.339 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
5000 MMBTU/Day 4.822 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
6000 MMBTU/Day 5.786 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
7000 MMBTU/Day 6.750 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
8000 MMBTU/Day 7.715 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
9000 MMBTU/Day 8.679 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas
10,000 MMBTU/Day 9.643 MMSCFD Of Natural Gas

With this conversion chart, you can simply determine how many MMSCFD of natural gas we would need to produce anywhere from 1 to 10,000 MMBTU/Day of heat content.

Example: How many MMSCFD of natural gas do we need for 1000 MMBTU/Day? You can check the chart and see that we need 0.964 MMSCFD of natural gas to produce 1000 MMBTU per day (at 100% gas burning efficiency).

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how to convert MMBTU per day to MMSCFD. You can use a similar calculator for MMSCFD to MMBTU/day conversion here. As always, if you have any questions, you can use the comments below – give us some numbers – and we will help you out.

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