MMBTU To MCF Conversion: Calculator + Chart (Natural Gas)

MMBTU to MCF is a classic conversion for natural gas. Converting MMBTU to MCF of natural gas is fairly easy; it’s almost a 1-to-1 relationship (only a 3.7% difference, as we will see further on).

To help you out, we used MMBTU to MCF formula to create a free-for-all MMBTU To MCF Calculator. Below the calculator, you will also find MMBTU (from 0.1 MMBTU to 10,000 MBTU) converted to MCF and summarized in a neat chart.

mmbtu produced by mcf of natural gas
Most often, you will see MCF of natural gas on your gas meter (circle with 1,000 cubic feet).

First of all, let’s have a look at both of these units we are converting:

  • MMBTU stands for Metric Million British Thermal Unit. Basically, MMBTU is equal to 1,000,000 BTU (million BTUs). BTU or British Thermal Unit is a basic unit of heat content we use in HVAC. MMBTU is primarily used for denoting the heat content of natural gas.
  • MCF stands for Thousand Cubic Feet. This is a unit for volume, mostly used for expressing the volume of natural gas. 1 MCF is equal to 1000 BTU; that ‘M’ in MCF is a roman numeral for thousand or 1000.

To adequately convert MMBTU to MCF, we need to use to following 3 metric relationships (3rd one is the key):

  1. MMBTU = 1,000,000 BTU.
  2. MCF = 1000 Cubic Feet.
  3. 1 Cubic Foot Of Natural Gas = 1037 BTU.

If 1 cubic foot of natural gas is equal to 1037 BTU, then 1000 cubic feet (1 MCF) is equal to 1,037,000 BTU. Since MMBTU is a unit denoting 1,000,000 BTU, we can see that 1 MCF is equal to 1.037 MMBTU (only a 3.7% difference). That means that 1 MMBTU is equal to 0.96432 MCF (1/1.037 = 0.96432).

We can write the MMBTU to MCF conversion formula like this:

MCF = MMBTU / 1.037

To illustrate how this formula works, let’s use it in action. How many MCF do we need for 20 MMBTU? Just insert that 20 MMBTU into the equation like this:

MCF (20 MMBTU) = 20 / 1.037 = 19.29 MCF Of Natural Gas

Here you have it: 20 MMBTU is equal to 19.29 MCF.

This is just one example. You can convert any number of MMBTU to MCF with the following MMBTU To MCF Calculator. On top of that, we have converted MMBTU from 0.1 MMBTU to 10,000 MMBTU to MCF, and summarized it in a chart (found below the calculator).

Note: If you need any help with the conversion, or would like to improve the calculator, you can use the comments below, ask/suggest anything and we will try to help you out. You can also find a similar but reverse MCF To MMBTU Conversion Calculator here.

MMBTU To MCF Calculator For Natural Gas

Here you just insert MMBTU, and the calculator will tell you how many MCF of natural gas that is (play around with the slider to see how MCF output changes):


Here is an example of how to use this calculator:

Let’s say you want to convert 75 MMBTU to MCF of natural gas. Just slide the slider to ’75’ and you get the result: 75 MMBTU is equal to 72.32 MCF of natural gas.

Here is the full conversion chart for MMBTU to MCF as well:

MMBTU To MCF Conversion Chart

MMBTU (Heat Content): MCF Of Natural Gas:
0.1 MMBTU 0.096432 MCF Of Natural Gas
0.5 MMBTU 0.48216 MCF Of Natural Gas
1 MMBTU 0.96432 MCF Of Natural Gas
5 MMBTU 4.82 MCF Of Natural Gas
10 MMBTU 9.64 MCF Of Natural Gas
20 MMBTU 19.29 MCF Of Natural Gas
30 MMBTU 28.93 MCF Of Natural Gas
40 MMBTU 38.57 MCF Of Natural Gas
50 MMBTU 48.22 MCF Of Natural Gas
60 MMBTU 57.86 MCF Of Natural Gas
70 MMBTU 67.50 MCF Of Natural Gas
80 MMBTU 77.15 MCF Of Natural Gas
90 MMBTU 86.79 MCF Of Natural Gas
100 MMBTU 96.43 MCF Of Natural Gas
150 MMBTU 144.65 MCF Of Natural Gas
200 MMBTU 192.86 MCF Of Natural Gas
250 MMBTU 241.08 MCF Of Natural Gas
300 MMBTU 289.30 MCF Of Natural Gas
350 MMBTU 337.51 MCF Of Natural Gas
400 MMBTU 385.73 MCF Of Natural Gas
450 MMBTU 433.94 MCF Of Natural Gas
500 MMBTU 482.16 MCF Of Natural Gas
600 MMBTU 578.58 MCF Of Natural Gas
700 MMBTU 675.01 MCF Of Natural Gas
800 MMBTU 771.44 MCF Of Natural Gas
900 MMBTU 867.87 MCF Of Natural Gas
1000 MMBTU 964.30 MCF Of Natural Gas
10,000 MMBTU 9643.00 MCF Of Natural Gas

When you need to know how many MCF is 30 MMBTU, for example, you can now just read it off this chart: 30 MMBTU is equal to 28.93 MCF of natural gas.

Now you know how to adequately convert MMBTU to MCF of natural gas. If you need any help, just write in the comments below, and we’ll try to answer as soon as possible.

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