Natural Gas MMBTU To m3 And m3 To MMBTU Calculator + Chart

The energy content of natural gas is usually expressed in MMBTU. The volume of natural gas used (on the gas meter) is expressed in cubic meters (m3). How do we figure out m3 from MMBTU, or MMBTU from m3? We can quite easily convert MMBTU to m3 and m3 to MMBTU manually, our using our MMBTU To m3 Calculator (1st calculator) and m3 To MMBTU Calculator (2nd calculator); with accompanying conversion charts.

Let’s look at both of these units first:

  • MMBTU stands for Million Metric British Thermal Units. This is a unit for heat content equal to 1,000,000 BTU. Example: A 100,000 BTU gas furnace running for 10 hours will produce 1 MMBTU of heat output.
  • m3 or Cubic Meter is a basic unit for the volume of natural gas. The volume of natural gas (expressed in m3) will determine the MMBTU output, and visa versa.
m3 on gas meter converted to MMBTU and MMBTU to m3
You will usually find m3 of natural gas on the gas meter.

To adequately convert m3 to MMBTU and MMBTU to m3, we need only this one piece of information from the US Energy Information Administration:

“Average heat content of natural gas delivered to consumers is about 1037 BTU per cubic foot.”

First, we need to convert 1037 BTU to MMBTU and cubic foot (CF) to a cubic meter (m3) like this:

  • 1037 BTU is equal to 0.001037 MMBTU.
  • 1 cubic foot is equal to 0.02833 m3.

If we do a bit of math, we see that:

  • 1 m3 of natural gas is equal to 0.0366 MMBTU.
  • 1 MMBTU is equal to 27.3192 m3.

That means that we can use these two MMBTU to m3 and m3 to MMBTU formulas:

m3 = MMBTU × 27.3192

MMBTU = m3 × 0.0366

Here are two quick examples of how to use these equations:

  • We want to get 12 MMBTU of heat content. How many m3 of gas do we need for that? Just insert the figures in the 1st equation like this: m3 (12 MMBTU) = 12 MMBTU × 27.3192 =327.83 m3. We see that 12 MMBTU is equal to 327.83 m3 of natural gas.
  • How many MMBTU are in 5800 m3 of natural gas? We insert the 5800 m3 into the 2nd equation like this: MMBTU (5800 m3) = 5800 m3 × 0.0366 = 212.28 MMBTU. As you can see, 5800 m3 of natural gas is equal to 212.28 MMBTU.

To avoid making these conversions by hand, we have designed two easy-to-use calculators and conversion charts:

  • 1st Calculator converts MMBTU to m3. You insert MMBTU, and you will get m3 automatically. We have also converted 1 MMBTU to 1000 MBTU into m3 and summarized the results in an MMBTU to m3 conversion chart you will find after the 1st calculator.
  • 2nd Calculator converts m3 to MMBTU (opposite as the 1st calculator). You insert m3 of natural gas, and you will get MMBTU heat content automatically. We have also converted 1 m3 to 100,000 m3 into MMBTU and summarized the results in an m3 to MMBTU conversion chart you will find after the 2nd calculator.

Here are both calculators and the charts:

MMBTU To m3 Calculator (1st Calculator)

Just insert MMBTU, and you will get m3 automatically (you can play around with the numbers to see how the m3 output changes):


Here is how this conversion calculator works:

Let’s say that you want to know how many m3 of natural gas you need to get 100 MMBTU of heat content. Just slide the slider to ‘100’ and you get the result: For 100 MMBTU of heat content, you will need 2731.92 m3 of natural gas.

This is just one example. Here is the full conversion chart with 1 MMBTU to 1000 MMBTU of heat content converted into cubic meters of natural gas (m3):

MMBTU To m3 Conversion Chart

MMBTU: Cubic Meters Of Natural Gas (m3):
1 MMBTU 27.32 m3 Of Natural Gas
2 MMBTU 54.64 m3 Of Natural Gas
3 MMBTU 81.96 m3 Of Natural Gas
4 MMBTU 109.28 m3 Of Natural Gas
5 MMBTU 136.60 m3 Of Natural Gas
10 MMBTU 273.19 m3 Of Natural Gas
15 MMBTU 409.79 m3 Of Natural Gas
20 MMBTU 546.38 m3 Of Natural Gas
25 MMBTU 682.98 m3 Of Natural Gas
30 MMBTU 819.58 m3 Of Natural Gas
35 MMBTU 956.17 m3 Of Natural Gas
40 MMBTU 1092.77 m3 Of Natural Gas
45 MMBTU 1229.36 m3 Of Natural Gas
50 MMBTU 1365.96 m3 Of Natural Gas
60 MMBTU 1639.15 m3 Of Natural Gas
70 MMBTU 1912.34 m3 Of Natural Gas
80 MMBTU 2185.54 m3 Of Natural Gas
90 MMBTU 2458.73 m3 Of Natural Gas
100 MMBTU 2731.92 m3 Of Natural Gas
120 MMBTU 3278.30 m3 Of Natural Gas
140 MMBTU 3824.69 m3 Of Natural Gas
160 MMBTU 4371.07 m3 Of Natural Gas
180 MMBTU 4917.46 m3 Of Natural Gas
200 MMBTU 5463.84 m3 Of Natural Gas
300 MMBTU 8195.76 m3 Of Natural Gas
400 MMBTU 10,927.68 m3 Of Natural Gas
500 MMBTU 13,659.60 m3 Of Natural Gas
1000 MMBTU 27,319.20 m3 Of Natural Gas

With this chart, you can just read off how many m3 of natural gas you need for certain MMBTU of heat content. For example, how many m3 is 180 MMBTU? Just check the chart; 180 MMBTU is equal to 4917.46 m3 of natural gas.

Let’s look at a similar calculator + chart for the inverse conversion; m3 to MMBTU:

m3 To MMBTU Calculator (2nd Calculator)

Here you insert m3 of natural gas, and you will get MMBTU automatically:


Alright, let’s say we want to convert 1000 m3 into MMBTU. Just slide the slider to ‘1000’ and you will get the result: 1000 m3 is equal to 36.60 MMBTU.

Here is the full conversion chart for 1 m3 to 100,000 m3 converted into MMBTU:

m3 To MMBTU Conversion Chart

Cubic Meters Of Natural Gas (m3): MMBTU:
1 m3 Of Natural Gas 0.0366 MMBTU
5 m3 Of Natural Gas 0.183 MMBTU
10 m3 Of Natural Gas 0.37 MMBTU
20 m3 Of Natural Gas 0.73 MMBTU
30 m3 Of Natural Gas 1.10 MMBTU
40 m3 Of Natural Gas 1.46 MMBTU
50 m3 Of Natural Gas 1.83 MMBTU
100 m3 Of Natural Gas 3.66 MMBTU
200 m3 Of Natural Gas 7.32 MMBTU
300 m3 Of Natural Gas 10.98 MMBTU
400 m3 Of Natural Gas 14.64 MMBTU
500 m3 Of Natural Gas 18.30 MMBTU
1000 m3 Of Natural Gas 36.60 MMBTU
1500 m3 Of Natural Gas 54.90 MMBTU
2000 m3 Of Natural Gas 73.20 MMBTU
2500 m3 Of Natural Gas 91.50 MMBTU
3000 m3 Of Natural Gas 109.80 MMBTU
3500 m3 Of Natural Gas 128.10 MMBTU
4000 m3 Of Natural Gas 146.40 MMBTU
4500 m3 Of Natural Gas 164.70 MMBTU
5000 m3 Of Natural Gas 183.00 MMBTU
6000 m3 Of Natural Gas 219.60 MMBTU
7000 m3 Of Natural Gas 256.20 MMBTU
8000 m3 Of Natural Gas 292.80 MMBTU
9000 m3 Of Natural Gas 329.40 MMBTU
10,000 m3 Of Natural Gas 366.00 MMBTU
100,000 m3 Of Natural Gas 3660.00 MMBTU

With this calculated table, you can now just read off the numbers. Example: How much heat content is there in 50 m3 of natural gas? Simple. You can just read it off this chart: 50 m3 is equal to 1.83 MMBTU.

Hopefully, these MMBTU to m3 and m3 to MMBTU calculators and charts illustrate well how to make this conversion. If you have any trouble converting between these two units, you can use the comment section below, give us some numbers, and we will help you out.

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