5 Best Mini-Split Line Set Cover Kits (DIY Hide 3″-5″ AC Lines)

Every mini-split comes with refrigerant lines. There is just no avoiding that. These lines usually run along the outer wall. To put it mildly, these mini-split lines are not visually pleasing.

That’s why pretty much everybody with an installed mini-split is looking for a mini-split line set cover kit. These are decorative covers for mini-split refrigerant lines, usually made from durable PVC plastic.

The good thing is that you can just buy the kit and DIY the mini-split AC line set cover with the kit alone. Essentially, you can hide the ugly-looking lines like this:

mini split cover kit installed on the outside walls of the house
House with installed mini-split line covers all over the outer wall lines.

Without the exposed refrigerant lines, the whole mini-split and the house itself just look nice.

Ok, so how do you go about installing these line covers?

Simple. Just get a mini-split decorative cover kit and follow the instructions. To help you out, we have assembled a short guide to mini-split line hide kits that includes:

  1. What are the individual parts in the kits (from straight 4 ft ducts to coupling, 90° elbows, end caps, and so on)?
  2. How to install the mini-split line covers over the refrigerant lines (3-step process).
  3. How to get the right line cover kit for your mini-split (measuring 3″-to-5″ line width and line cover length – up to 15 ft)?
  4. List and comparison of the 5 best mini-split line cover kits that you can buy for less than $70 and DIY the covering yourself without breaking a sweat.

Let’s start with the parts you will find in the kits:

1. What Parts Are In Mini-Split AC Line Cover Kits?

We just want our lines covered by a decorative set cover that makes our house look good. Covering those lines, however, consists of ordering a kit and assembling it.

It makes sense to check what parts you get in the kits; it will make it easier for you to buy the right kit. Of course, you can check all the most universal mini-split line cover kits under the 4th chapter of this guide.

Here is an idea of what basic parts you get in pretty much every mini-split cover kit:

what is in the mini split cover kit package
Basic parts of the most universal #1 LyPrem cover kits. The primary part is the straight tube, with secondary adjustments for corners, and so on.

As you can see, the cover kits are made to most universally fit pretty much any mini-split lining. All the parts are made out of durable PVC plastic; even extreme weather can’t harm these parts.

Mini-split decorative cover kits consist of these basic parts:

  1. Straight. That’s a straight tube that goes parallel to the outer wall.
  2. Wall entry caps. Pretty self-explanatory; it’s a cover for where the lines enter the wall.
  3. Elbows. You have 90° degree elbows and well flat elbows. When refrigerant lines change direction, you cover them with an elbow (90° elbow for 90° turn; these are the most common).
  4. Hose. An extension element; you can adjust the length of the cover to fit the length of the mini-split lines.
  5. Coupling. Same thing as ‘hose’ with a different, more solid extension mechanism.
  6. Reducer. If the line width changes from let’s say 5″ to 3″, you can decrease the width of the cover with a reducer.
  7. End caps. Used for ending the mini-split line cover.

These may seem a bit complex but they are actually really easy to use. It’s like assembling LEGO and you get a manual with all of them.

how to install mini split pipe cover with a kit
You get a cover for every straight line and line turn, and even for wall entries and line endings.

Are all kits the same?

No. More about that in the 3rd and 4th chapters of this guide.

Note: Most kits are universal (will fit most mini-split units) with the exception of the MrCool LineGuard cover kit (#2 in the list of the best kits below). That one is used only for MrCool mini-split units. This kit is actually really really popular just because so many are buying the MrCool units; the highest-rated mini-split AC units with an extremely high 22 SEER rating.

When you have familiarized yourself with what basic elements the mini-split contains, you can start assembling it:

2. How To Install Covers On Top Of Mini-Split Lines?

All elements in the cover kits are made to just click into one another. They are universal; you can connect the straight tube with a flat elbow, an end cap, or a reducer.

The key to buying the right mini-split set cover kit is to nail down the line width and length (3rd Chapter).

Here is the basic 3-step way how to cover the mini-split AC lines:

how to use mini split cover kit to decorate pipes outside the house

This is the simplest version of how to cover the outer AC lines with plastic covers.

Again, be aware that it all starts with measuring the length of the pipe. When you have fixed the base caps, you draw the lines through it (or just set it over the lines) and you can just start covering the plastic element on top of the refrigerant lines.

The base elements keep the whole cover in place; they are the anchors, and you should start with them.

Here is a more detailed guide on how to put covers over the refrigerant lines. Every step is broken down into 3 intermediate steps to help you out:

before and after decorative mini split line cover

3. How To Choose The Right Fitting Covers (Line Width And Line Length)?

With every mini-split cover kit, you will see two distinct specifications:

  1. Line width. This can be 3″, 4″, or 5″.
  2. Line length. This can be anywhere from 4 ft to 15 ft.

In fact, different models of kits will have a name like “4-inch mini-split cover kit” or “12 ft mini-split cover kit”. That’s because buying the right-sized covers has everything to do with the size of the refrigerant lines that go from your outdoor mini-split unit into the wall.

First of all, you should take a meter and measure the full length of the lines. Measure all the straight parts and add them together. Now you have the total line length and know exactly how long a cover should be. Example: If you have measured a total line length of 11 ft, get a 12+ ft cover.

Note: It’s always better to choose a bit longer cover. With ‘Hose’ and ‘Coupling’ elements, you can always reduce the total length of the mini-split covers. You can never extend it past its maximum.

Secondly, measure how thick the mini-split lines are. You will usually measure:

  • 3 inches width or less. Considered “small” lines; usually 1 ton (or 12,000 BTU) mini-splits.
  • 4 inches or thereabout. Considered “normal” lines; usually 2-ton mini-split units.
  • 5 inches. Considered “big” lines; for mini-splits with more than 2-ton cooling capacity.

4-inch kits are the most universal. Here are the dimensions of specific elements in a 4-inch mini split AC cover of the #1 Lyprem kit (4th Chapter):

Straight, Hose, Wall Cover, Flat Elbow, Elbow, Coupling, Screw
Dimensions of Straight, Hose, Wall Cover, Flat Elbow, Elbow, Coupling, Screw all fit the 4-inch piping.

With all that in mind, you are ready to buy a DIY mini-split cover kit. Here are the best-recommended choices:

5 Best Mini-Split Decorative Cover Kits (2023)

Mini Split Cover Kit: #1 LyPrem Covers #2 MrCool Line Guard #3 AC Parts Store #4 Hide-A-Line Cover #5 GUYAAC Cover
Line Width: 4″ and 5″ (5 Models) 4.5″ 4″ 3″ 3″
Line Length: 7.5 ft (short) and 14 ft (long) 12 ft 14 ft 7.5 ft 15 ft
Parts Included: Straight, Hose, Wall Cover, Flat Elbow, Elbow, Coupling, Screw Ducting Long, Couplers, Wall Inlet, End Fitting, Flat Elbow, Lock Clips, Strap Ties Straight Pipe, Couplers, End Cap, Flat Elbow Hide-A-Line Tubing, Wall Cover Cap, Couplers, End Caps Ducts, Wall Cover, Vertical Bending, Plane Bending, Coupling, End Cover, Free Joint
Materials: Durable PVC Plastic Durable PVC Plastic PVC Plastic (Beige) PVC Plastic PVC Plastic
Ease Of Installation:
Price: $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars 4.7 out of 5 stars 4.3 out of 5 stars 4.2 out of 5 stars
Availability: Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

With these kits, pretty much anybody who can put together LEGOs can DIY the mini-split cover set.

We hope you found this guide helpful, and best luck with the installations.

8 thoughts on “5 Best Mini-Split Line Set Cover Kits (DIY Hide 3″-5″ AC Lines)”

  1. I’m getting a mr cool system, their line covers are out of stock and I’m looking for an alternative. In the article you mentioned mr cool line covers are just for mr cool systems. Does that mean my mr cool lines won’t fit in LyPrem covers?

    Also one of my runs will have two runs going into the same hole, just take each one take a room on the opposite sides. Will a 5” hold two lines, drains, and wiring?

    • Hello Tim, there really is a problem with Mr Cool line covers availability. Those are specifically designed for Mr Cool mini split systems, but you can use LyPrem covers. For the two lines, measure both of them and see if they would fit into 5″. They are usually 3″ each; you might have problems with fitting both of them in 5″ line covers.

  2. Is it better to cover the pipes with a light color covers to avoid the heat build-up inside the cover generate by the sun on a dark color ? Thank you.

    • Hello Joe, light colors are preferred because, as you have correctly pointed out, they reflect heat instead of absorbing it and prevent heat build-up. That’s why most mini-split set cover kits are in lighter colors. The refrigerant in the refrigerant lines shouldn’t be heated up unneccessarily.

  3. Disagree with your statement that “even extreme weather can’t harm these parts.” We live in Mesa, Az. We have a two head mini-split system. Our system was installed in June 2021. The PVC cover kits have been destroyed by the AZ sun. I’m looking for an alternative to PVC.

    • Hi Keith, the extreme heat will mess with the PVC, agreed. Sadly, only PVC line sets are available. The quality of PVC does play a role here but really there is no alternative to PVC.

    • Hi David, hm, I don’t think so. These are hard plastic lines; you can curve them a bit but they will not stay curved (they are rigid).


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