m3/h To CFM Calculator: Convert CMH To CFM (With 1-3000 m3/h Chart)

Airflow is either measured in meter cube per hour (m3/h) or CFM. CFM or cubic feet per minute is usually the more useful metric. However, specification sheets of some devices like air purifiers may include m3/h but not CFM. That’s why it’s useful to convert m3/h to CFM.

To help you out, we have created an m3/h to CFM calculator (just insert m3/h, get CFM automatically). Below the calculator, you will also find a conversion chart with 1 m3/h to 3000 m3/h converted into CFM

Here are the units that we are converting:

  • m3/h or CMH (Cubic Meters Per Hour) is the SI unit of air flow. 1 m3/h is equal to 1 cubic meter of air being moved in 1 hour.
  • CFM stands for Cubic Foot Per Minute. This is also a unit of air flow; 1 CFM is equal to 1 cubic foot of air being moved in 1 hour.
m3h to cfm conversion for air purifier
This is a Winix Zero Pro air purifier. It has a CADR rating of 470 m3/h. How many CFM is that? Here is the result from the m3/h to CFM calculator: 470 m3/h is equal to exactly 276.83 CFM.

How do you convert m3/hr to CFM?

As you can see, we have to make two conversions:

  • Covert m3 into ft3 (cubic meter to cubic feet). 1 m3 is equal to 35.3147 ft3.
  • Convert hours to minutes. 1 hour is equal to 60 minutes.

With a bit of math, we can derive this formula to convert m3/h to CFM:

CFM = m3/h / 1.699

Example: An air purifier can produce an air flow of 200 m3/h. We just insert this 200 m3 into the equation like this:

CFM (200 m3/h) = 200 m3/h / 1.699 = 117.72 CFM

We can also use this basic conversion:

1 m3/h is equal to 0.589 CFM.

To help you out, we have prepared a meter cube per hour to CFM calculator:

m3/h To CFM Calculator

Just input the m3/hr and you’ll get the converted CFM value. Below the calculator, we have also calculated a conversion chart for the most common airflow rates.


Here is how this calculator works:

Let’s say we want to convert 100 m3/h to CFM. Just slide the slider to ‘100’ and you get the result: 100 m3/h is equal to 58.86 CFM.

Note: m3/hr can also be abbreviated as CHM. That means that CHM to CFM conversion is the same as meter cube per hour to CFM, ie: 1 CHM is equal to 0.589 CFM.

Here is the full m3/h to CFM conversion chart:

Meter Cube Per Hour To CFM Conversion Chart

m3/h (Cubic Meters per Hour or CMH): CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute):
1 m3/h 0.589 CFM
5 m3/h 2.95 CFM
10 m3/h 5.89 CFM
20 m3/h 11.77 CFM
30 m3/h 17.67 CFM
40 m3/h 23.56 CFM
50 m3/h 29.45 CFM
60 m3/h 35.34 CFM
70 m3/h 41.23 CFM
80 m3/h 47.12 CFM
90 m3/h 53.01 CFM
100 m3/h 58.90 CFM
150 m3/h 88.35 CFM
200 m3/h 117.80 CFM
250 m3/h 147.25 CFM
300 m3/h 176.70 CFM
350 m3/h 206.15 CFM
400 m3/h 235.60 CFM
450 m3/h 265.05 CFM
500 m3/h 294.50 CFM
600 m3/h 353.40 CFM
700 m3/h 412.30 CFM
800 m3/h 471.20 CFM
900 m3/h 530.10 CFM
1000 m3/h 589.00 CFM
1500 m3/h 883.50 CFM
2000 m3/h 1178.00 CFM
3000 m3/h 1767.00  CFM

Now you can just check this chart for this conversion. Example: How many CFM is 450 m3/h? As you can see from the chart, 450 m3/h is equal to 265.05 CFM.

With the calculator and this chart, you are fully equipped to adequately and precisely convert m3/h to CFM. If you need specific conversion from m3/hr to CFM, you can give us the numbers in the comments below and we’ll try to help you out.

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  1. 1 cfm= cubic foot/minute.
    1 cfm= 60/35.2875 cubic meter per hour 1 cubic meter = 35.2965 cubic foot
    1 cfm = 1.7 CMH 1 hrs = 60 minutes

    CFM= 1.7 CMH


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