Medify MA-25 Review: What Does Spec-By-Spec Analysis Tell Us?

Reviewing Medify MA-25 is quite interesting. What you should expect from these medium-size room air purifiers is some basic CADR, HEPA filter, and decent air pollutant removal rates. Of course, the price tag of such a unit should also be lower than $250.

To adequately check if Medify MA-25 is any good, you have to go over a few specs. And most of them – such as CADR rating and H13 HEPA filters – present quite a positive surprise.

Given the use of advanced medical-grade filters and dual air intake (through double filtration), you get a 135 CFM CADR rating. Compared to most other similarly sized units with below 115 CADR rating, the H13 HEPA filters MA-25 uses really shows. That pretty much means that Medify MA-25 is one of the best-performing standard room-size air purifiers.

size of medify ma 25 air purifier

Of course, you also have to check the energy expenditure, replacement filter cost, overall cost, noise levels, and what extra features you can get.

We delved into all of these specs one by one to adequately assess how good Medify MA-25 air purifier actually is. You can check all of them or use these navigation helpers to check anything in particular, like the filtration system, CADR rating, available Medify MA-25 sales, and so on:

Medify MA-25 Air Purifier Review At-A-Glance

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Overall Medify Air MA 25 Review

  • Very high 135 CADR for a medium-sized air purifier
  • H13 HEPA filters with 99.9% removal capability of 0.1 micrometer particles (dust, smoke, pollen, mold, etc.)
  • More than 400 sq ft coverage at 5 ACH
  • Dual air intake with double-filter packs
  • Affordable below $250 price
  • Speed 1 is completely useless (only 16 CFM airflow)
  • Filter sets last long but are quite expensive to replace because they have H13 HEPA filters ($50 per filter set)
  • Noise levels are just standard (up to 52 dB); this is not the quietest standard-room air purifier

Medify MA-25 Specifications

medify ma 25 air purifier review
Max. Coverage Area: 1015 sq ft (2 ACH)
Coverage Area At 5 ACH: 406 sq ft (5 ACH)
CADR Rating: 135 CFM (129 CFM Smoke CADR, 155 CFM Pollen CADR, 135 CFM Dust CADR)
Fan Speeds: 3 speeds
Filters: H13 HEPA Filters
Filter Lifespan: 2,500 Hour (3-4 Months 24/7 Use)
Power Output: Up T0 28 Watts
Noise Levels: From 35 dB To 52 dB
Dimensions: 13.5″ x 8″ x 8″
(H x W x D)
Weight: 7.3 lbs
Price: $$$$
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Medify MA-25 Filters (2 Triple Layered Medical-Grade HEPA Filters)

Medify Air MA-25 model has, like all Medify air purifiers, a superb filtration system. Filters, as we well know, are the most important part of any air purifier. The specialty MA-25 model has is a 2-sided air intake (from left and right) and double filters (one on each side). If you compare MA25 unit to some Honeywell, Winix, or even Alen air purifiers, none of them has this dual filtration system.

As for the filters themselves, MA-25 model uses the tried-and-tested combination of 3 filters. Each of them has a specific job trapping indoor air pollutants:

  1. Medify MA-25 pre-filter captures larger air particulates like hair, pet hair, pet dander, and bigger airborne fibers.
  2. Medify MA-25 H13 HEPA filter (the centerpiece of every Medify air purifier) is why MA-25 model is so much better than similar medium-size air purifiers. This advanced H13 filter (compared to standard H10-H12 HEPA filters) can take care of much smaller airborne particulates like dust particles, smoke particles, pollen, mold, mold spores, mildew, and so on. It has a rated removal rate of more than 99.9% at 0.1 micrometer in diameter particle size. Standard HEPA filters has a removal rate measured at 3 times bigger sized (0.3 micron).
  3. Medify MA-25 carbon filter. Both pre-filter and H13 HEPA filter capture hard particles; not gasous pollutants such as unwanted odors and smells. That’s why the activated carbon filter is here. MA-25 will use this carbon filter to adsorb the smells of kitchen oils, cat pee, smoke smell, and so on really well.

Here is the full setup of these filters:

medify air ma 25 triple filtration system
MA-25’s triple filtration system: (1) Pre-filter, (2) H13 HEPA filter, (3) Carbon filter.

As we have noted before, the key advantage (in addition to H13 HEPA filters) of Medify Air MA-25 is that you get two packs of these filters. One is positioned on the left side (getting intake air from the left grille cover) and the second one is positioned on the right side (greeting and from the right grille cover) like this:

filters for dust and odor removal in medify air ma 25

That means you get double filtration capacity with Medify MA-25 model. We will see further how this increases the CADR rating.

Of course, all air purifiers have filters that need to be replaced from time to time. Medify uses these 3-in-1 packs of filters that are tested to last for 2,500 running hours (filter indicator will tell you when to change them). 2,500 hours is equal to 3 months and 14 days if you run the MA-25 all the time 24/7. Likely, you will only run it for about 12 hours per day, prolonging the filter life to about 7 months.

These filters cost about $50. That is a bit above-average price for filters but it is well justified; you are not getting your standard HEPA filters. MA-25 replacement filter pack includes the all-important H13 HEPA filters which maximize the increase in indoor air quality (IAQ). Medify also runs a filter subscription program that will reduce the price of these filters by about 10%.

In theory, these filters look amazing. However, we have to measure how well do these MA-25 filters actually perform. That’s why we have to check the CADR rating:

Medify MA-25 CADR Rating And Maximum Airflow

CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate; this is a rate of clean air delivery independently measured by AHAM. Based on this rating, we can compare Medify MA-25 to other air purifiers, and assess how weel does it perform. In short, CADR rating is the single most important specification you should always check when buying any air purifier.

CADR rating for medium-size air purifiers such as Medify MA-25 range from about 70 CFM to about 140 CFM. For reference and comparison with the MA-25 air purifier, here are some similar medium-size air purifiers’ CADR rating:

  • Honeywell – HPA100 has a CADR rating of 102 CFM.
  • Lasko – HF25620 has a CADR rating of 122 CFM.
  • Danby – DAP120BBWDB has a CADR rating of 134 CFM.
  • Germguardian – AC4850B has a CADR rating of 117 CFM.

Medify Air MA-25, for comparison, has an average CADR rating of 135 CFM. That is the highest CADR rating among these medium-size air purifier. This is the positive effect H13 HEPA filter use and dual-designed 2-way air intake have.

When measuring the average CADR rating, AHAM actually measures 3 different CADR ratings for smoke, pollen, and dust particles. Basically, the ability of Medify Air MA-25 to remove 0.9 and 1.0 μm smoke particles, 0.5 and 3 μm dust particles, and 5 and 11 μm pollen particles is measured. Here are the result:

  • Smoke CADR rating: 129 CFM. Given the size of the smoke particles removed, this can serve as a very good 1.0 PM removal rate.
  • Dust CADR rating: 135 CFM. Given the size of the dust particles removed, this can serve as a very good 2.5 PM removal rate.
  • Pollen CADR rating: 155 CFM. Given the size of the pollen removed, this can serve as a very good 10 PM removal rate.

As you can see, the Medify MA-25 has a very high 120+ CFM CADR rating for all three measured air pollutants. That’s why it has such a high overall CADR rating.

In short, the use of H13 HEPA and dual-intake that seems good in theory turned out to be great in spec-by-spec analyses performance.

With this CADR rating, MA-25 can cover quite large rooms. Let’s check the square footage and note a very important negative aspect of Medify MA-25 unit:

Medify MA-25 Square Footage (Recommended Room Size)

You need to be aware of the specified air purifier square footage to know if the unit is not t0o big or too small for the room you intend to use the air purifier in. Namely, we need to be aware that room size can be calculated by using 2 air changes per hour (2 ACH, air changing every 30 minutes) or by using 5 air changes per hour (5 ACH, air changing every 12 minutes).

In general, many air purifier manufacturers – even Medify – will calculate the coverage area at 2 ACH. However, a recent Harvard study has shown that you should aim for a minimum of 3 ACH. For allergy-prone people, you should calculate the coverage at 5 ACH.

In any case, if you look at the 5 ACH coverage, you will get the most benefit from Medify MA-25 air purifier.

Here are the calculated room coverages for all 3 MA-25 fan speeds:

MA 25 Fan Speed Airflow: Coverage (2 ACH): Coverage (5 ACH):
Speed 1: 16 CFM 120 sq ft 48 sq ft
Speed 2: 57 CFM 429 sq ft 171 sq ft
Speed 3: 135 CFM 1015 sq ft 406 sq ft

As you can see, the Medify MA-25 has a coverage of more than 1,000 sq ft. But that’s just a marketing statement, really. It’s the coverage area at 2 ACH at top speed.

The important part is the coverage area at 5 ACH. Here we have a 406 sq ft coverage; this just shows you how good MA-25 is a top speed. Despite being a medium-size room air purifier, you can put it in a 20×20 room and you will still get 5 air changes per hour. That’s on account of its high CADR rating (due to H13 HEPA and dual air intake).

Even at Speed 2, we see that 5 ACH square footage is 171 sq ft. That’s an adequate speed setting for 12×12 and 14×14 rooms, for example.

However, the lowest speed – Speed 1 – is a bit underwhelming. With only 16 CFM airflow, you will be able to get a 48 sq ft coverage. That simply means that Speed 1 is basically unusable if you want to increase the indoor air quality (IAQ); a con for MA-25 air purifier. However, you can still use this low speed for maintaining a high IAQ to a large degree.

All in all, Medify MA-25 has a very good coverage area. With 400+ sq ft 5 ACH coverage at top speed, you can even use it to get healthier air in two smaller to medium-sized rooms.

Let’s have a look at how much electricity will producing this healthier air cost us:

Medify MA-25 Power Consumption (Wattage)

Air purifiers, in general, don’t use that much electricity. However, you can still find 100W+ units that can increase your electricity bill. How much does it cost to run a Medify MA-25?

It’s quite inexpensive to run. The wattage at top Speed 3 is 28W. That means that if you run it at 100% output, you are burning 0.028 kWh of electricity per hour. If you run it for a whole day, for example, that amounts to less than 1 kWh (0.672 kWh, to be exact). With a US national average electricity price of $0.1319/kWh, that’s 8.8 cents per day.

That means that you can run the Medify MA-25 for a whole month non-stop at 100% output for less than $3. Given this electricity expenditure, Medify MA-25 qualifies as one of the most energy-efficient medium-size room air purifiers. In short, you don’t have to worry about power consumption.

What about the noise levels?

Medify MA-25 Noise Levels

Noise levels are always the main concern with Medify air purifiers. Their big air purifiers like MA-112 and MA-125 can produce 60 dB of noise or more; which is not ideal at all. However, smaller air purifiers have much lower noise levels (less airflow and less powerful fan motor attribute to that).

Medify MA-25 noise levels range from 35 dB at Speed 1 (a bit unusable speed) to 52 dB at Speed 3 (very useful speed). That’s very low not only for a Medify unit but also for a medium-room size air purifier in general.

These low up 52 dB noise levels are quite a relief when reviewing Medify Air MA-25. Given how good the filters are and how high a CADR rating it can achieve, it would be quite devastating if the noise levels would be as high as 60 dB or even higher.

Let’s check the rich extra features as well:

Medify MA-25 Special Features

All Medify air purifiers are known to have a few quite useful extra features, including the filter indicator. Here is the ones included in the MA-25 model:

  • Filter Indicator. This is the most important feature every air purifier should have. How do you know when it’s time to replace Medify MA-25 filters? Simple. The filter indicator light turns red. Without this indicator, imagine how hard it would be to tell when you need to replace the filters.medify ma 25 air purifier control panel
  • Timer. With a simple press on a button in the MA-25 control panel, you can switch between 1h, 2h, 4h, and 8h timers. This enabled you to run a unit for a certain pre-determined time without needing to turn it off manually. That’s great when you go to sleep; leave the air purifier running for say 4 hours and then it will turn off automatically after that time.
  • Dimmer. Dims the lights for use overnight.
  • Child-Lock. Just to prevent kids from changing the settings.
  • Tempered Glass Touch Screen. Air purifier screens can be quite inconvenient to use (you have to press hard on the buttons, sometimes they don’t work as they should, and so on). Medify MA-25 includes this touch screen that both looks nice and makes switching between the settings a piece of cake.

These are just the main features that people find quite useful. Other minor features like sleep mode and easy portability are not something that people find all that comparatively useful because pretty much every air purifier uses them; it is not an advantage that Medify Air MA-25 has over comparable units.

Let’s move on to the price:

Medify MA-25 Price

Big Medify air purifiers can be quite costly; ranging up to almost $1,000. Smaller and medium-room sized units (like MA-25) are actually quite affordable.

The Medify MA-25 has about a $200 price tag. That is quite a fair price tag for a medium-sized air purifier, especially considering you get H13 HEPA filters and a 135 CADR rated unit.

Regardless of this full price, however, you can always get some kind of promotion actions from Medify that reduce the overall cost of Medify MA-25 and replacement filters as well. Here are the current sales:

Medify MA-25 Sale

As stated before, the full price of Medify MA-25 is about $150.

However, you can get few $10 off this price if you check out the Medify sales.

We keep up with all Medify MA-25 sales. You can check the current sale here:

Check Medify MA 25 Sale

Final Verdict On Medify MA-25

All in all, using the spec-by-spec analysis and CADR rating measurements by AHAM, we can see that Medify MA-25 is a superb medium-sized air purifier. Given the 135 CADR rating, it beats similar air purifiers like Honeywell – HPA100, Germguardian – AC4850B, and even Danby – DAP120BBWDB.

It has a very high 5 ACH coverage area (400+ sq ft), high energy efficiency, and actually decently low noise levels for a Medify air purifier (below 52 dB).

Of course, the parts that underpin all these great specs are the use of H13 HEPA filters and the dual indoor air intake. Obviously, H13 HEPA filters are a bit costlier than standard HEPA filters you can get with most other air purifiers.

It is also important that while Speed 3 is fantastic (specs-wise), Speed 1 is pretty much useless (with only 16 CFM airflow).

With the price tag of about $150 (or less, if you check out the sales), it makes quite a lot of sense why Medify MA-25 is one of the best-selling air purifiers on the market. It is meant to be used in standard-sized rooms and has superb specs, H13 HEPA filters, and low enough noise levels. It is one of the best air purifiers for most room sizes.

Overall Medify MA-25 rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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