Medify Air MA-14 Review: How Does Small Air Purifier Perform?

Medify MA-14 is one of the smallest Medify air purifiers. As you know, the bigger Medify air purifiers are one of the best air purifiers on the market with huge CADR ratings. How well do smaller models like Medify Air MA-14 perform?

That’s what we went out to check out with a spec-by-spec analysis. In short, even this small desktop MA-14 model uses the all-important H13 HEPA filters, can produce a 71 CFM CADR rating, has good coverage for such a small unit, below $0.014/day realistic power consumption, and it costs $130 (or even less, if you check the sales we point out to further on).

size of small medify ma 14 air purifier
Medify MA-14 is one of the smallest Medify models. You can literally put it on a nightstand.

It is quite outstanding what Medify was able to compact into a 12.2″ x 8.3″ x 8.3″ air purifier (that’s a desktop or even nightstand size). In order to truly understand how well does Medify MA-14 perform compared to some other small air purifier on the market, we are going to check every possible spec. This will help us objectively and adequately review the Medify MA-14 unit, considering all the relevant factors.

You can use these navigation helpers to check anything in particular, like the filtration system, CADR rating, available Medify MA-14 sales, and so on:

Medify MA-14 Air Purifier Review At-A-Glance:

Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Overall Medify Air MA 14 Review

  • Very small and compact design (given 3-in-1 filtration system engineered into the unit)
  • Uses H13 HEPA filters capable of capturing 99.9% of 0.1-micron airborne particles (dust, smoke, pollen, mold, etc.)
  • Filter indicator, low running costs, and long-lasting filters
  • Made by Medify: one of the most trusted and reliable air purifier producers
  • Higher initial cost of 75i (well balanced out by long-term savings on HEPA filters)
  • With a 48 dB top noise level, it is not the quietest small air purifier
  • The filters do last for 2500 hours but they are a bit expensive to replace ($40 replacement filters)

Medify MA-14 Specifications

medify air ma 14 air purifier review


Max. Coverage Area: 200 sq ft (2 ACH)
Coverage Area At 5 ACH: 80 sq ft (5 ACH)
CADR Rating: 71 CFM (71 CFM Smoke CADR)
Fan Speeds: 3 speeds
Filters: H13 HEPA Filters
Filter Lifespan: 2,500 Hour (3-4 Months 24/7 Use)
Power Output: Up T0 26 Watts
Noise Levels: From 21 dB To 48 dB
Dimensions: 12.2″ x 8.3″ x 8.3″
(H x W x D)
Weight: 5.3 lbs
Price: $$$$
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Medify MA-14 Filters (360-Degree 3-Layer Filter)

Needless to say, filters are the key part of any air purifier. With these very small air purifiers like Medify MA-14, you have to be created how to put them into a 12.2″ x 8.3″ x 8.3″ inch framework.

For the MA-14, Medify Air uses quite an ingenious 3-layer round filtration system. It allows for a 360-degree airflow intake into the filter. The vital part, obviously, is what the filter consists of. Medify is famed for their advanced H13 HEPA filters and of course they included it into this smallest Medify air purifier.

Namely, the 3-in-1 filtration system contains these 3 specific filters:

  1. Pre-filter. This protects the all-important HEPA filter from getting saturated too quickly. It traps bigger air particles such as human hair, pet hair, pet dander, and so on.
  2. H13 HEPA filter. These filters are what makes Medify one of the best (if not the best) air purifier manufacturer. Contrary to inferior H10-12 HEPA filters most air purifier use, Medify’s MA-14 H13 HEPA filter can remove even the smallest 0.1-micron in size particles with more than 99.9% removal rate. Ordinary HEPA filters will have the same removal rate for 0.3-micron in size particles (3 times larger airborne particulates).
  3. Active carbon filter. Despite its small size, Medify MA-14 is also capable of removing gaseous odors such as kitchen smells, oil smells, cat pee smell, and so on. It comes down to this carbon filter to adsorb unwanted smells and remove them from indoor air.

Here is what these filters look like inside the MA-14 air purifier:

filters medify ma 14 air purifier uses

A 3-in-1 design is useful because you only need to change 1 filter. The Medify MA-14 triple filter is tested to last 2500 running hours. That means that you can run the air purifier non-stop 24/7 for 104 days (that’s 3 months and 14 days) before you need to change the filters.

Obviously, if you don’t run it all the time, the filter will last much longer. For example, if you run it for 12 hours per day, that 2500 running hours lifespan will last for about 7 months.

Of course, these filters that include the H13 HEPA are a bit more expensive. The 3-in-1 replacement filters cost about $40. Medify runs a filter subscription program that will reduce the price of these filters by 10% (their promotions might differ).

All in all, for such a small and compact air purifier, the Medify MA-14 has a brilliantly designed filtration system that can take both air particulates such as smoke particles, dust particles, pollen, mold, and so on with the H13 HEPA filters, and can take care of odors and unwanted smells with the carbon filter.

Now, we measure the performance of these filtration systems (and airflow capability) with a CADR rating. Let’s look at how good Medify MA-14 is in this department:

Medify MA-14 CADR Rating And Maximum Airflow

CADR rating stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. It is a measure of how fast an air purifier captures airborne pollutants such as smoke, pollen, dust, and so on, and thereby increase the indoor air quality (IAQ).

Medify air purifier are known to have the highest CADR ratings in the industry. With the smaller desktop units like MA-14, the problem is usually that they either have a very small below 30 CFM CADR rating or that producers don’t even submit their small unit to AHAM for independent CADR measurement.

Luckily, Medify does provide CADR specs, and it is relatively high given how small air purifier we are dealing with. Medify Air MA-14 has a CADR rating of 71 CFM. This means that it is capable of ventilating and purifying (through the filtration system) 71 cubic feet of indoor air per minute. For a desktop air purifier, this is a superb measurement.

Compared to other US-made very small air purifiers, Medify MA has a comparatively exceptionally high CADR rating. For comparison, Lasko – HF11200 unit has a 35 CFM CADR rating, Honeywell – HFD-010 has a 43 CFM CADR rating, and a bit bigger Germguardian – AC4100 has a 61 CFM CADR rating.

The reason why Medify air purifiers have such high performance is quite clear: the famed H13 HEPA filters used by Medify are much better at capturing small air particulates (even those that cause allergies such as asthma) than standard H10, H11, or H12 HEPA filters employed by most other air purifiers.

Medify MA-14 Square Footage (Recommended Room Size)

With bigger air purifiers (medium-size room, big room unit), the coverage area is quite important. With the smallest air purifier like Medify MA-14, the coverage area is less important since they are intended to be used as a desktop air purifier and will never be more than 5 feet away from you.

Nonetheless, we can look at what is the square footage that Medify Air MA-14 can cover at its 3 speeds. We have also calculated the coverage area at 2 ACH and 5 ACH. ACH stands for Air Changes per Hours; the minimum requirement is usually 2 air changes per hour (air ventilated every 30 minutes) but for allergy-prone people, it is better to focus on 5 ACH coverage area (air being ventilated every 12 minutes).

Here are the results:

MA 14 Fan Speed Airflow: Coverage (2 ACH): Coverage (5 ACH):
Speed 1: 24 CFM 68 sq ft 27 sq ft
Speed 2: 42 CFM 118 sq ft 47 sq ft
Speed 3: 71 CFM 200 sq ft 80 sq ft

As you can see, at top speed (Speed 3), the small MA-14 can cover 200 square feet rooms at 2 ACH and 80 sq ft rooms at 5 ACH. That is quite impressive for such a tiny desktop air purifier. This has a lot to do with the H13 HEPA filters and the resulting high 71 CFM CADR rating.

You can also reduce the speed to Speed 2 or even Speed 1 if you are using the Medify MA-14 in tiny rooms or purely as a desktop air purifier.

Medify MA-14 Power Consumption (Wattage)

These small desktop air purifiers have a minimum power consumption. Even if you run Medify MA-14 at top Speed 3, it will use only 24W to run at 100% output.

That means you are using 0.024 kWh of electricity per hour. If you run it at top speed for 24 hours non-stop, it will cost less than 4 US cents to run it (0.288 kWh per day maximum).

Realistically, however, the Medify MA-14 is even more inexpensive to run. If we presume that we run it like an air conditioner – 8 hours per day at 58% average output – and take the US national average price of electricity ($0.1319/kWh), here is how much it would cost to run this small Medify air purifier per day:

Medify MA-14 Realistic Running Cost Per Day = 8h/day × 0.58 × 0.024 kWh/h × $0.1319/kWh = $0.0147/day

Even if you run it for a month using these parameters, it will cost less than $0.50/month to run it. That’s less than $6 worth of electricity per year.

Medify MA-14 Noise Levels

With Medify, it is always good to check the noise levels. Noise output is usually the only caveat Medify air purifiers have. However, because the Medify MA-14 is so small, it produces very low noise levels (much below 60 dB).

In fact, the top noise level for Medify MA-14 is only 48 dB (at Speed 3). At the lowest fan speed setting (Speed 1), the noise levels drop to 21 dB. That’s actually hard to hear; it’s whisper quiet.

It is important to note that Medify MA-14 is a very quiet air purifier, especially since this is a Medify unit.

Medify MA-14 Special Features

Like most Medify air purifiers, the MA-14 comes with useful features as well. Here are some of the most useful ones:

  • Filter Indicator. This is the most useful feature that an air purifier should have. It is nigh impossible to tell when to replace the filter by just visually observing them. The MA-14’s filter indicator will tell you when it is time to change air filters.
  • 3-In-1 Filters. Usually, you would have to separately change a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. That’s 3 filter changes (and it is incredibly hard to tell when to change each of them). With the MA-14 3-in-1 filters, you just have one uniform filter that you have to change.
  • Night Light. It can prevent you from stumbling when you have to go to the toilet during the night.
  • Sleep Mode.
  • Compact Design. You are saving square footage with an 8.3″ x 8.3″ base.
  • Easy To Move. It is 5.3 lbs air purifier. Moving it from room to room is a piece of cake.

You won’t see many of these small desktop air purifiers with filter indicators. That makes the Medify MA-14 quite useful and makes the maintenance much easier.

Medify MA-14 Price

Needless to say, Medify air purifier with H13 HEPA filters can command quite a high price. MA-14 model, however, is priced at the lowest price range. That means that you can get an air purifier, made by Medify, for about $100.

For comparison, their biggest units like MA-112 and MA-125 can cost upwards of $800. Admittedly, they do have an incredible 500+ CADR rating which is just something very little air purifiers are even capable of generating.

If you decide to buy the desktop Medify MA-14 air purifier, you will likely not pay $100 for it. From time to time, Medify runs different promotions that will lower the price of Medify MA-14 unit. Here is where you can check if the Medify MA-14 is on sale:

Medify MA-14 Sale

As stated before, the standard price of the Medify MA-14 is about $100.

We keep up with all Medify sales here. You can check the current sale here:

Check Medify MA 14 Sale

Final Verdict On Medify MA-14

Medify MA-14 is quite a nicely engineered air purifier. It has a round design with, and this is important, round 360-degree filtration system. This filtration system consists of 3-in-1 filters, including the advanced H13 HEPA filters. It is one of the smallest air purifiers with the H13 HEPA filters.

You also get all the benefits Medify air purifiers are known for, such a long-lasting filters, reliability, and filter indicators, just to name a few. What is especially important, the Medify MA-14 is – due to its small size and corresponding airflow – also quieter than most Medify air purifiers.

Price-wise, you are getting a 71 CFM CADR air purifier for $130 (or less than a $100, if you are buying it during a promotion period); this is especially good price-performance if you factor in that H13 HEPA filters remove airborne particles that are even smaller than what pollutants diameter range AHAM uses to measure the CADR rating.

All in all, if you need a small desktop air purifier, it is quite impossible to go wrong with Medify MA-14. In fact, you are getting quite a performance-driven air purifier with acceptable noise levels.

Overall Medify MA-14 rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

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