MBH To kW Calculator: Convert MBH To Kilowatts (+ Chart)

In HVAC, you will sometimes have to convert MBH to kW (thousands of BTU/h to kilowatts). Both these units denote cooling or heating capacity. We will help you to make this conversion using these 2 tools:

  1. MBH To kW Calculator. Just insert MBH, and you get the kW equivalent immediately.
  2. MBH To kW Conversion Chart. We converted 0.01-200 MBH to kW, and summarized all the results in a neat chart you can use for the quickest make this conversion.

Here is the calculator, followed by the formula (math), and the useful conversion chart:


Say you want to convert 12 MBH to kW. You just insert ’12’ in the MBH insert field, hit ‘Calculate’, and you get the result in this format (screenshot):

converting 12 mbh to kw with an online calculator

We can see right away that 12 MBH is equal to 3.517 kW (that’s 3517 watts). If you need to convert kW to MBH (reverse conversion), you can check out a similar kW to MBH calculator here.

Let’s have a look at both of these units and the formula for conversion:

MBH To kW Formula

In the context of HVAC, both MBH and kW are units used to denote the capacity of air conditioners and heating units:

  • MBH stands for thousands of BTU/h (1000 BTU/h). That ‘M’ in MBH is a Roman numeral M = 1000. 1 MBH is equal to 1000 BTU/h; these are British Thermal Units per hour, our most basic heat/cooling transfer unit.
  • kW stands for kilowatts. Usually, we use them to express electrical power. In the context of HVAC, we use kilowatts as a unit of HVAC capacity.

Now, make a conversion between these two units, we only need to know this rule:

1 MBH = 0.29308323563892 kW

MBH is equal to roughly 0.3 kW (we use a lot of decimal places for an exceeding exact conversion). Knowing this, we can write the following MBH to kW formula:

kW = MBH × 0.29308323563892

Basically, we need to multiply MBH by a factor of 0.29308323563892 to get kilowatts.

Quick Example: How many kW is 30 MBH? Let’s just insert 30 MBH in the equation above and calculate the kW equivalent like this:

kW (30 MBH) = 30 MBH × 0.29308323563892 = 8.792 kW

We see that 30 MBH is equal to 8.792 kW. You can check this result with the calculator above.

Since multiplying by 0.29308323563892 is a bothersome input in a hand calculator, the MBH to kW online calculator is much more convenient to use.

Even more convenient is the following MBH to kW chart, where you can just read the MBH-kW equivalents off the table:

MBH To kW Conversion Chart

MBH (Thousands BTU/hr): kW (kilowatts):
0.01 MBH 0.003 kW
0.1 MBH 0.029 kW
1 MBH 0.293 kW
2 MBH 0.586 kW
3 MBH 0.879 kW
4 MBH 1.172 kW
5 MBH 1.465 kW
6 MBH 1.758 kW
7 MBH 2.052 kW
8 MBH 2.345 kW
9 MBH 2.638 kW
10 MBH 2.931 kW
11 MBH 3.224 kW
12 MBH 3.517 kW
13 MBH 3.810 kW
14 MBH 4.103 kW
15 MBH 4.396 kW
16 MBH 4.689 kW
17 MBH 4.982 kW
18 MBH 5.275 kW
19 MBH 5.569 kW
20 MBH 5.862 kW
25 MBH 7.327 kW
30 MBH 8.792 kW
35 MBH 10.258 kW
40 MBH 11.723 kW
45 MBH 13.189 kW
50 MBH 14.654 kW
60 MBH 17.585 kW
70 MBH 20.516 kW
80 MBH 23.447 kW
90 MBH 26.377 kW
100 MBH 29.308 kW
110 MBH 32.239 kW
120 MBH 35.170 kW
130 MBH 38.101 kW
140 MBH 41.032 kW
150 MBH 43.962 kW
160 MBH 46.893 kW
170 MBH 49.824 kW
180 MBH 52.755 kW
190 MBH 55.686 kW
200 MBH 58.617 kW

All the most commonly used MBH are gathered here. If, for example, you need to know how many kW is 9 MBH, you can look at the chart, and see immediately that 9 MBH is equal to 2.638 kW.

We hope that this chart, explanation, and online calculator will help you with any and every MBH to kilowatt conversion. If you need more help, use the comments below to specify the problem you are solving, and we can do some math together.

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