List of Low GWP Refrigerants: 69 Refrigerants Below 500 GWP

Low GWP refrigerants are becoming increasingly important. To help you out with figuring out which refrigerants have low GWP, we have created a list of 69 refrigerants with the lowest GWP (from 0 GWP to 500 GWP). You can find the whole chart below.

In recent years and now, we are looking at these two refrigerant phasing-out directions:

  • Phasing out high ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) refrigerants. The main category here are the HFCs or hydrofluorocarbons. R-22 is the best example of this; that’s why you are also seeing $100 per lb prices for R-22 refrigerant.
  • Phasing out of high GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerants. This will, in time, phase out common refrigerants like R-410A (2088 GWP) and R-404A (3920 GWP), and slowly replace them with low GWP refrigerants. That’s why refrigerants with the lowest GWP are the future.

In the low GWP refrigeration list below, you will see that some natural refrigerants (R-717 or Ammonia, R-728 or Nitrogen, R-704 or Helium, etc.) have 0 GWP. These are refrigerants with the lowest possible GWP value.

By default, the No. 1 global warming gas – carbon dioxide or CO2 – has a GWP value of 1. Some of the most commonly used refrigerants have a well above 1000 GWP value; low GWP refrigerants are way below that (500 GWP or lower value).

Here is the full chart, with examples of these low GWP natural, HO, HC, HCFO, HFO, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants below the chart:

Lowest GWP Refrigerant List

Low GWP Refrigerant: GWP (Global Warming Potential):
R-704 (Helium) 0 GWP
R-717 (Ammonia) 0 GWP
R-720 (Neon) 0 GWP
R-728 (Nitrogen) 0 GWP
R-732 (Oxygen) 0 GWP
R-740 (Argon) 0 GWP
R-784 (Krypton) 0 GWP
R-729 (Air) 0 GWP
R-718 (Water) 0.2 GWP
R-E170 (Dimethyl Ether) 1 GWP
R-744 (Carbon Dioxide) 1 GWP
R-1233zd 1 GWP
R-510[A] 1.24 GWP
R-432A 1.64 GWP
R-1270 (Propene) 1.8 GWP
R-514A 2 GWP
HFO-1336mzz-Z (R1336mzz-Z) (DR-2) 2 GWP
R-433A 2.85 GWP
R-433C 2.93 GWP
R-600a (Isobutane) 3 GWP
R-436B 3.16 GWP
R-436A 3.17 GWP
R-511[A] 3.19 GWP
R-433B 3.23 GWP
R-290 (Propane) 3.3 – 9.5 GWP
R-441A 3.6 GWP
R-1150 3.7 GWP
R-161 4 GWP
R-1234yf 4 GWP
R-601 4 GWP
R-601a 4 GWP
R-610 4 GWP
R-600 4.0 – 6.5 GWP
R-170 5.5 – 10.2 GWP
R-702 5.8 GWP
R-1234ze 6 GWP
R-30 8.7 GWP
R-40 13 GWP
R-429A 13.9 GWP
R-152 16 GWP
HFO-1336mzz-E 18 GWP
R-611 Below 25 GWP
R-1130 Below 25 GWP
R-435A 25.6 GWP
R-50 (Methane) 28 GWP
R-20 31 GWP
R-431A 38.3 GWP
R-123a 77 GWP
R-123b 77 GWP
R-123 79 GWP
R-430A 95 GWP
R-41 116 GWP
R-225ca 127 GWP
R-152a 138 GWP
R-457A 139 GWP
R-440A 144 GWP
R-455A 146 GWP
R-21 148 GWP
R-454C 148 GWP
R-140a 160 GWP
R-454A 239 GWP
R-744A 265 GWP
R-245mf 286 GWP
R-143 328 GWP
R-347mmy 343 GWP
R-254pc 359 GWP
R-22B1 404 GWP
R-454B 466 GWP

Here is how these low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants break down, based on the type of the refrigerants:

  • Natural refrigerants have the lowest possible GWP value. These are 0 GWP refrigerants like Helium, Ammonia, Neon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, and Air. They have no global warming impact whatsoever. Carbon dioxide with 1 GWP is also considered one of the lowest GWP refrigerants.
  • HC refrigerants (hydrocarbons) have quite a low GWP value. HC with the lowest GWP values are R-E170 (dimethyl ether) with 1 GWP, R-510[A] with 1.24 GWP, R-600a (isobutane) with 3 GWP, R-436B with 3.16 GWP, R-436A with 3.17 GWP, and R-290 (propane) with 3.3 to 9.5 GWP. Methane or R-50 is also an HC refrigerant with a relatively low 28 GWP value.
  • One HCFO refrigerant (hydrochlorofluorocarbons) has very low GWP values as well; this is the new R-1233zd with 1 GWP.
  • Many HO (hydroolefins) refrigerants have exceptionally low GWP values. Examples include R-432A with 1.64 GWP, R-1270 (propane) with 1.8 GWP, R-433A with 2.85 GWP, R-433C with 2.93 GWP, R-433B with 3.23 GWP, and R-1150 (ethene) with 3.7 GWP.
  • Examples of low GWP HFO refrigerants (hydrofluoroolefins) include the new HFO-1336mzz-Z (R1336mzz-Z) (DR-2) with 2 GWP, R-514A with 2 GWP, very popular R-1234yf with 4 GWP, R-1234ze with 6 GWP, and HFO-1336mzz-E with 18 GWP.
  • Examples of low GWP HFC refrigerants (hydroflourocarbons) include R-161 with 4 GWP, R-429A with 13.9 GWP, R-152 with 16 GWP, R-435A with 25.6 GWP, R-431A with 38.3 GWP, and so on.
  • Examples of low GWP HCC refrigerants (hydrochlorocarbons) include R-30 with 8.7 GWP, R-40 with 13 GWP, R-20 with 31 GWP, and R-140a with 160 GWP.
  • Examples of GWP HCFC refrigerants (hydrochlorofluorocarbons) include R-123 with 79 GWP, R-225ca with 127 GWP, and R-21 with 148 GWP.

With this list of the lowest global warming potential refrigerants, and the examples listed here, you now have a full overview of which refrigerants have the lowest GWP values.

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