kWh To Therms Calculator + Conversion Chart (1 kWh = 0.03412 Therms)

If you use electric heating (electric furnaces, electric water heaters), you will naturally want to convert kWh to therms. We will show you exactly how to do it. On top of that, you have an easy-to-use kWh To Therms Calculator further on (just insert kWh, get therms). To top it off, we have converted 1 to 10,000 kWh into therms and summarized the results in the chart below.

Converting electrical energy (kWh) into heating output (therms) starts by understanding both of these units:

  • kWh stands for kiloWatt-hour. This is a unit of electric energy equal to 1,000-watt unit running for 1 hour (1 kW, 1 hour = 1 kWh).
  • Therm is a unit for heating capacity (or heat content). 1 therm is equal to 100,000 BTU. BTU, as we know, stands for British Thermal Unit. If we were to heat up 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit, we would need to use 1 BTU.
kilowatt-hour meter and conversion to therms
We can read off the kWh usage from our electricity meters.

Electricity is usually converted into heat with 100% efficiency (all kWh are used to produce therms). We know that 1 kWh is equal to 3,412 BTU. Now, therm = 100,000 BTU. That means that we can write the kWh to therms conversion formula like this:

Therms = kWh × 0.03412956

Example: Let’s say we want to figure out how many therms is 1 kWh. We just input 1 kWh into this equation like this:

Therms (1 kWh) = 1 × 0.03412956 = 0.03412956 Therms

As we can see, 1 kWh is equal to about 0.034 therms. Inversely, we need to use 29.30 kWh of electricity to get 1 therm of heating output.

Multiplying kWh by 0.03412956 to get therms can be quite a bother. That’s why we have created the following kWh To Therms Calculator that does this calculation automatically. Below the calculator, you will also find a kWh to therms conversion chart you can freely use:

kWh To Therms Calculator


Here is how this calculator works:

Let’s say you have spent 147 kWh of electricity on heating. How many therms did these 147 kWh generate? Just slide the slider to ‘147’ and you get the result: 147 kWh is equal to 5.02 therms.

For full results, let’s have a look at the conversion chart:

kWh To Therms Chart

kWh: Therms:
1 kWh 0.0341 Therms
5 kWh 0.171 Therms
10 kWh 0.34 Therms
20 kWh 0.68 Therms
30 kWh 1.02 Therms
40 kWh 1.37 Therms
50 kWh 1.71 Therms
60 kWh 2.05 Therms
70 kWh 2.39 Therms
80 kWh 2.73 Therms
90 kWh 3.07 Therms
100 kWh 3.41 Therms
150 kWh 5.12 Therms
200 kWh 6.83 Therms
250 kWh 8.53 Therms
300 kWh 10.24 Therms
350 kWh 11.95 Therms
400 kWh 13.65 Therms
450 kWh 15.36 Therms
500 kWh 17.06 Therms
600 kWh 20.48 Therms
700 kWh 23.89 Therms
800 kWh 27.30 Therms
900 kWh 30.72 Therms
1,000 kWh 34.13 Therms
2,000 kWh 68.26 Therms
5,000 kWh 170.65 Therms
10,000 kWh 341.30 Therms

Now you can easily read the kWh to therms conversion from this chart.

Example: How many therms is 300 kWh? Just check the chart, and you can see the result: 300 kWh is equal to 10.24 therms.

With the kilowatt-hour to therms calculator and chart, you can now easily figure out how many therms do you generate with a given kWh electricity usage. If you need any help, you can use the comment section below, give us some numbers, and we will help you out.

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