kWh To kBTU Calculator: Convert kWh To kBTU (+ Chart)

In HVAC (heating/cooling), we may have to convert kWh to kBTU. This is to say, we are converting kilowatt-hours (kWh) to kilo British Thermal Units (kBTU). Since this is not a conversion you can easily do in your head, we prepared an online kWh to kBTU calculator you can freely use (insert kWh, get kBTU right away).

On top of that, we also converted 0.001-1000 kWh into kBTU, and created a neat conversion chart (here you can just read of the kWh-kBTU equivalents). Let’s start with the calculator, followed by the explanation and the conversion chart:

Here is how this calculator works:

Say you want to convert 5.5 kWh to kBTU. You just insert ‘5.5’ in the kWh input field, hit ‘Calculate’, and you get the result in this form (screenshot):

converting kwh to kbtu with an online calculator

You can see right away that 5.5 kWh is equal to 18.767 kBTU (that’s 18,767 BTUs). If you need this conversion in reverse – kBTU to kWh – you can check a similar kBTU to kWh calculator here.

Let’s look at both of these units and the relationship between them:

kWh To kBTU Formula

Both of these units in HVAC denote heating or cooling capacity. Here is what they stand for and definitions:

  • kWh stands for kilowatt-hours. In general, we use it to denote electricity expenditure. In HVAC, however, we also use it to denote the capacity of air conditioners, furnaces, and so on (used in Europe and internationally). 1 kWh is equal to roughly 3412 BTU.
  • kBTU stands for kilo British Thermal Units (used in the US, UK, Australia). 1 kBTU is thus equal to 1000 BTU.

Here is the precise relationship between these two HVAC units:

1 kWh = 3.41214163312794 kBTU

We usually say that 1 kWh is equal to about 3.412 kWh (of that 3 kWh is equal to very roughly about 10 kBTU). Here is the exact kWh to kBTU formula:

kBTU = kWh × 3.41214163312794

Namely, to convert kWh to kBTU, we need to multiply kWh by a factor of 3.41214163312794 (more decimal numbers = higher accuracy).

Quick Example: How many kBTU is 3.5 kWh? Let’s insert 3.5 kWh in the equation above like this:

kBTU (3.5 kWh) = 3.5 kWh × 3.41214163312794 = 11.942 kBTU

We see that 3.5 kWh in HVAC is equivalent to 11.942 kBTU (about 12 kBTU).

Inserting all these digits in a hand calculator is a bit tedious. That’s why the calculator above is so useful. On top of that, we created this 0.001-1000 kWh to kBTU chart you can use for quick conversions:

kWh To kBTU Conversion Chart

kWh (kilowatt-hours): kBTU (kilo British Thermal Units):
0.001 kWh 0.00341 kBTU
0.01 kWh 0.0341 kBTU
0.1 kWh 0.341 kBTU
0.5 kWh 1.706 kBTU
1 kWh 3.412 kBTU
2 kWh 6.824 kBTU
3 kWh 10.236 kBTU
4 kWh 13.649 kBTU
5 kWh 17.061 kBTU
6 kWh 20.473 kBTU
7 kWh 23.885 kBTU
8 kWh 27.297 kBTU
9 kWh 30.709 kBTU
10 kWh 34.121 kBTU
15 kWh 51.182 kBTU
20 kWh 68.243 kBTU
25 kWh 85.304 kBTU
30 kWh 102.364 kBTU
35 kWh 119.425 kBTU
40 kWh 136.486 kBTU
45 kWh 153.546 kBTU
50 kWh 170.607 kBTU
60 kWh 204.728 kBTU
70 kWh 238.850 kBTU
80 kWh 272.971 kBTU
90 kWh 307.093 kBTU
100 kWh 341.214 kBTU
110 kWh 375.336 kBTU
120 kWh 409.457 kBTU
130 kWh 443.578 kBTU
140 kWh 477.700 kBTU
150 kWh 511.821 kBTU
160 kWh 545.943 kBTU
170 kWh 580.064 kBTU
180 kWh 614.185 kBTU
190 kWh 648.307 kBTU
200 kWh 682.428 kBTU
250 kWh 853.035 kBTU
300 kWh 1,023.642 kBTU
350 kWh 1,194.250 kBTU
400 kWh 1,364.857 kBTU
450 kWh 1,535.464 kBTU
500 kWh 1,706.071 kBTU
600 kWh 2,047.285 kBTU
700 kWh 2,388.499 kBTU
800 kWh 2,729.713 kBTU
900 kWh 3,070.927 kBTU
1000 kWh 3,412.142 kBTU

With this chart, as well as the calculator, you can now quickly convert any kWh to kBTU. If you need any assistance, you can use the comment section below, give us a few numbers, and we will help you out.

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