kPa To mmHg Calculator: Convert Kilopascals To millimeter Hg (+Chart)

When it comes to pressure units, you might need to convert kPa to mmHg. Basically, we are converting kilopascals to millimeters of Hg (mercury). To help you out with this conversion, we created a kPa to mmHg calculator, along with the 1-1000 kPa to Hg conversion chart (below the calculator):


Let’s look at one example to illustrate how this online calculator works:

Say you want to convert 15 kPa to mmHg. You just insert ’15’ in the kPa input field, hit ‘Calculate’, and you get this result (screenshot):

how to convert kpa to mmhg with an online calculator

We can see right away that 15 kPa is equal to 112.51 mmHg.

Let’s look at the math behind this conversion:

How Do You Convert kPa To mmHg?

kPa to mmHg is an easy conversion because we only need to know this relationship:

1 kPa = 7.50061683 mmHg

Namely, 1 kPa is equal to about 7.5 mmHg. Based on this, we can write the following kPa to mmHg formula:

mmHg = kPa × 7.50061683

We see that, in order to convert kPa to mmHg, we only need to multiply kPa by 7.50061683 factor.

Quick Example: How many mmHg is 50 kPa? Simple. We just insert 50 kPa in the equation above and calculate the mmHg pressure like this (with the result):

mmHg  (50 kPa) = 50 kPa × 7.50061683 = 375.03 mmHg

We can see that 50 kPa is equal to 375.03 mmHg.

This is just one example. To help you out, we have created the following kPa to mmHg conversion chart, ranging from 1 kPa to 1000 kPa with mmHg equivalents:

kPa To mmHg Conversion Chart

kPa: mmHg:
1 kPa 7.50 mmHg
2 kPa 15.00 mmHg
3 kPa 22.50 mmHg
4 kPa 30.00 mmHg
5 kPa 37.50 mmHg
10 kPa 75.01 mmHg
20 kPa 150.01 mmHg
30 kPa 225.02 mmHg
40 kPa 300.02 mmHg
50 kPa 375.03 mmHg
60 kPa 450.04 mmHg
70 kPa 525.04 mmHg
80 kPa 600.05 mmHg
90 kPa 675.06 mmHg
100 kPa 750.06 mmHg
150 kPa 1125.09 mmHg
200 kPa 1500.12 mmHg
250 kPa 1875.15 mmHg
300 kPa 2250.19 mmHg
350 kPa 2625.22 mmHg
400 kPa 3000.25 mmHg
450 kPa 3375.28 mmHg
500 kPa 3750.31 mmHg
550 kPa 4125.34 mmHg
600 kPa 4500.37 mmHg
650 kPa 4875.40 mmHg
700 kPa 5250.43 mmHg
750 kPa 5625.46 mmHg
800 kPa 6000.49 mmHg
850 kPa 6375.52 mmHg
900 kPa 6750.56 mmHg
950 kPa 7125.59 mmHg
1000 kPa 7500.62 mmHg

We hope that, using the calculator, formula, and this conversion chart, you are now fully equipped to tackle any kPa to mmHg conversion. If you need a bit of help, you can always use the comments below, give us a few numbers, and we can do some math together.

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