kW To Tons Of Refrigeration Calculator + Chart (kilowatt To Ton)

Alright, there are many times when you will have to convert kilowatts or kW to tons of refrigeration. Luckily, converting kW to tons is dead simple. To help you out, we have created a kW to tons calculator that automatically converts kilowatts to tons. Further on, you will also find a kW to tons conversion chart ranging from 0.1 kW to 60 kW.

Let’s first look at what units we are converting:

  • kW or kilowatts are units of electrical power.  1 kW is equal to 1,000 watts.
  • Tons of refrigeration (also called tons of cooling or refrigeration tons, and denoted as TR) is a unit of power for refrigeration-based HVAC devices such as air conditioners. Example: How many tons of cooling is a 5 kW air conditioner? Simple; use the calculator or/and chart below, look up ‘5 kW’ and you will see that a 5 kW AC unit is basically a 1.42 Tons unit.

Here is the conversion formula for kW to tons:

1 kW = 0.28434514 Tons

In short, 1 kW is equal to 0.28334514 tons. Basically, 3.5 kW is equal to 1 ton.

You can use a hand calculator to calculate that. We make things much easier for you by creating this kW to TR calculator and chart:

kW To Tons Calculator

Just insert kilowatts (kW; use the slider) and you will get how many tons is the inserted amount of kW:


Example: Let’s say you want to found out how many tons of refrigeration is 10 kW. Just slide the slider to ’10’ and you will get the result: 10 kW is equal to 2.84 tons.

Here is a full kW to TR conversion chart that will help you out even quicker:

kW To Tons Chart

kW (kilowatts): Tons:
0.1 kW 0.03 Tons
0.5 kW 0.14 Tons
1 kW 0.28 Tons
1.5 kW 0.43 Tons
2 kW 0.57 Tons
2.5 kW 0.71 Tons
3 kW 0.85 Tons
3.5 kW 1.00 Ton
4 kW 1.14 Tons
4.5 kW 1.28 Tons
5 kW 1.42 Tons
6 kW 1.71 Tons
7 kW 1.99 Tons
8 kW 2.27 Tons
9 kW 2.56 Tons
10 kW 2.84 Tons
11 kW 3.13 Tons
12 kW 3.41 Tons
13 kW 3.70 Tons
14 kW 3.98 Tons
15 kW 4.27 Tons
16 kW 4.55 Tons
17 kW 4.83 Tons
18 kW 5.12 Tons
19 kW 5.40 Tons
20 kW 5.69 Tons
25 kW 7.10 Tons
30 kW 8.52 Tons
35 kW 9.94 Tons
40 kW 11.36 Tons
45 kW 12.78 Tons
50 kW 14.20 Tons
55 kW 15.62 Tons
60 kW 17.04 Tons

This chart is very simple to use. Just check how many kW you want to convert to tons of refrigeration, and you will probably find it in the chart. If you don’t find your answer, you can use the comments below, tell us what you need to calculate and we will help you out.

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