kcmil To mm2 Calculator (Formula + Chart For 250-2000 MCM Wires)

kcmil or MCM is a measure of wire thickness. We use circular mils (kcmil = kilo circular mils or 1000 circular mils) to determine the cross-section of a wire. Of course, circular mils are quite an abstract unit; we much prefer to use mm2 or square millimeters.

We have 250 kcmil, 300 kcmil, and all the way to 2000 kcmil wires. How to convert these kcmil to mm2?

We can just calculate mm2 from kcmil by knowing this relationship:

1 kcmil is equal to 0.5067 mm2.

When you know how many mm2 is kcmil, you can easily convert any kcmil to mm2. Example: 400 kcmil is equal to how many mm2? Simple calculation:

400 kcmil × 0.5067 mm2/kcmil = 202.68 mm2

This is the easiest way to convert kcmil to mm2. To help you out, we have also prepared these useful resources:

  1. kcmil to mm2 calculator. This is a simple calculate that uses the formula used above. You just insert kcmil number and the calculator will tell you how many square millimeters the cross-section of the wire is.
  2. kcmil to mm2 chart. This chart will tell you how many mm2 crosssections do 250 kcmil, 300 kcmil, 350 kcmil, 400 kcmil, 500 kcmil, 600 kcmil, 700 kcmil, …, 2000 kcmil wires have.

Let’s first look at the calculator and we will check out the chart further on:

kcmil To mm2 Calculator

Simply input kcmil and you will automatically get mm2:


You can play around with kcmil numbers to see how the square millimeters change. For a quick look-up, you can use this kcmil to mm2 chart:

kcmil To mm2 Chart

kcmil or MCM Wire: mm2 (Diameter):
250 kcmil (250 MCM) 126.7 mm2
300 kcmil (300 MCM) 152.0 mm2
350 kcmil (350 MCM) 177.3 mm2
400 kcmil (400 MCM) 202.7 mm2
500 kcmil (500 MCM) 253.4 mm2
600 kcmil (600 MCM) 304.0 mm2
700 kcmil (700 MCM) 354.7 mm2
750 kcmil (750 MCM) 380.0 mm2
800 kcmil (800 MCM) 405.4 mm2
900 kcmil (900 MCM) 456.0 mm2
1000 kcmil (1000 MCM) 506.7 mm2
1250 kcmil (1250 MCM) 633.4 mm2
1500 kcmil (1500 MCM) 760.1 mm2
1750 kcmil (1750 MCM) 886.7 mm2
2000 kcmil (2000 MCM) 1013.4 mm2

Using this chart, you can tell the cross-section of any MCM wire in mm2. Example: How many mm2 is a 600 kcmil wire? Just check the chart (or use the calculator above) and you will see that 600 kcmil wire has a cross-section of 304.0 mm2.

If have any questions, just use the comments below and we’ll try to help you out with kcmil to mm2 calculations. Thank you.

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