How Much Does 1000 Watts Cost Per Hour? (State-By-State Chart)

1000 watts per hour cost is incredibly easy to calculate. We will show you exactly how to calculate how much 1000 watts costs per hour. Even more, you will get the 1000 watt per hour cost calculator (just insert electricity price in $/kWh, and you get the cost per hour automatically).

The calculator also illustrates why running a 1000 watt device in let’s say California can cost 100% more per hour than running the same device in Utah. To make that even more evident, we have created a state-by-state 1000 watt cost per hour chart, based on November 2022 electricity prices.

Broad Summary: In the US, the 1000-watt hourly running cost ranges anywhere from $0.10 to $0.44.

This applies to all 1000 watt electric devices such as 1000 watt heaters, A/Cs, dehumidifiers, vacuum cleaners, you name it.

1000 watt space heater running cost per hour
This 1000-watt space heater is a classic example of a device that runs on 1000 watts.

Alright, the first thing we need to clear up is how many kWh is 1000 watts.

In short, a 1000 watt unit running for 1 hour will spend exactly 1 kWh of electricity.

To get to the cost of running a 1000 watt device per hour, we only need to multiply the 1 kWh electricity usage by the price of electricity (in $/kWh). Here is the simplest equation you will see:

1000-Watt Cost Per Hour = 1 kWh × Price Of Electricity ($/kWh)

Quick Example: Let’s say you want to know how much does running a 1000-watt heater cost per hour. The only thing you need to know is your electricity price per kilowatt-hour. The US average electricity rate is about $0.15 per kWh. Let’s put this in the equation:

1000-Watt Cost Per Hour = 1 kWh × $0.15/kWh = $0.15 Per Hour

This is how simple it is. Probably the most difficult job is to figure out your electricity rate. This EIA state-by-state residential electricity prices will help you out in this department. The even more accurate way is to check your electricity bill and your average price of electricity.

Here is the promised 1000 watt hourly cost calculator, followed by the state-by-state chart:

1000 Watt Cost Per Hour Calculator


As we can see, for 1000-watt devices, the hourly cost is actually the same as the cost of electricity per kWh. That’s because running a 1000W unit for 1 hour will spend 1 kWh of electricity, and we pay for electricity by kWh.

Example: How much does running a 1000-watt heater cost if the price of electricity is $0.18/kWh? Simple. Use the slider to set the electricity rate to ‘0.18’ and you get the result: Running a 1000-watt space heater at $0.18/kWh electricity rate will cost exactly $0.18 per hour.

Obviously, electricity prices vary state by state. Here are the hourly running cost for 1000-watt devices for each state based on EIA’s November 2022 average state residential electricity prices (rounded up to 1 US cent):

State-By-State 1000 Watt Cost Per Hour Chart

State: 1000 Watt Cost Per Hour:
Alabama $0.15 Per Hour
Alaska $0.23 Per Hour
Arizona $0.13 Per Hour
Arkansas $0.12 Per Hour
California $0.26 Per Hour
Colorado $0.15 Per Hour
Connecticut $0.24 Per Hour
Delaware $0.16 Per Hour
Florida $0.14 Per Hour
Georgia $0.14 Per Hour
Hawaii $0.44 Per Hour
Idaho $0.10 Per Hour
Illinois $0.17 Per Hour
Indiana $0.16 Per Hour
Iowa $0.12 Per Hour
Kansas $0.15 Per Hour
Kentucky $0.14 Per Hour
Louisiana $0.14 Per Hour
Maine $0.22 Per Hour
Maryland $0.15 Per Hour
Massachusetts $0.28 Per Hour
Michigan $0.18 Per Hour
Minnesota $0.14 Per Hour
Mississippi $0.14 Per Hour
Missouri $0.12 Per Hour
Montana $0.12 Per Hour
Nebraska $0.11 Per Hour
Nevada $0.15 Per Hour
New Hampshire $0.31 Per Hour
New Jersey $0.16 Per Hour
New Mexico $0.14 Per Hour
New York $0.24 Per Hour
North Carolina $0.12 Per Hour
North Dakota $0.11 Per Hour
Ohio $0.15 Per Hour
Oklahoma $0.13 Per Hour
Oregan $0.11 Per Hour
Pennsylvania $0.17 Per Hour
Rhode Island $0.29 Per Hour
South Carolina $0.14 Per Hour
South Dakota $0.12 Per Hour
Tennessee $0.13 Per Hour
Texas $0.15 Per Hour
Utah $0.11 Per Hour
Vermont $0.21 Per Hour
Virginia $0.14 Per Hour
Washington $0.10 Per Hour
West Virginia $0.14 Per Hour
Wisconsin $0.16 Per Hour
Wyoming $0.11 Per Hour

As you can see, the cost of running a 1000 watt unit is anywhere between $0.10 and up to $0.44, depending on the state you live in. Most American pay less than $0.20 to run a 1000 watt unit for 1 hour.

We hope that this illustrates well how much does it cost to run a 1000 watt device per hour. With the state-by-state data, you can pinpoint more accurately how much you will pay for running a 1000 watt unit per hour.

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