How Many Amps Is A Tesla Supercharger? (Calculator + Chart)

As you might notice, you don’t have an amp rating on Tesla Supercharger. Obviously, many of us want to know how many amps does a Tesla Supercharger use. And the good this about this is that we can very easily calculate the amps.

Namely, we know that a Tesla Supercharger has an upper power output of 150 kW. We also know that Tesla Superchargers use a 3-phase current and operate at a very high 480V voltage.

How Many Amps Is A Tesla Supercharger
Be aware that Teslasupercharger doesn’t always charge with 150 kW power. Here we have a 64 kW charging power that uses (at 480V, 3-phase current) 77.1 amps. You will find a chart with amps at 40 kW to 150 kW charging powers below, and a calculator that automatically estimates amp draw.

We can use an equation for 3-phase current to calculate how many amps Tesla Supercharger uses:

P = I × V × PF × 1.73

P is power (150 kW tops), V is voltage (480V), PF is a power factor (which we usually presume is close to 1) and 1.73 is a factor for 3-phase current. We are looking for the electrical current (so, I = current or amps). Here is the calculation:

I = P / (V × PF × 1.73)

Here is what we get if we insert the electrical metrics for a Supercharger charging with 100% capacity (150 kW):

Supercharger Max. Amps = 150 kW / (480V × 1 × 1.73) = 180.6 Amps

Here you have it:

Teslacharger, operating at 100%, produces 180.6 amps.

Update: The new 250 kW V3 Supercharger can produce 301.1 amps (just incredible current).

As you know, Teslacharger doesn’t always produce 150 kW of power. When you charge your Tesla with a Teslacharger, you can check how many watts does the charger produce. You will get 50 kW, 60 kW, 70 kW, 80 kW, 90 kW, and so on.

At these below 100% capacities, the Teslacharger will produce less than 180.6 amps. How much exactly? We have used the same calculation as above to estimate the amps Teslacharger produces at lower capacities:

Teslacharger Amp Use Chart

Teslacharger Charging Power (kW): Estimated Amp Use:
40 kW 48.2 Amps
50 kW 60.2 Amps
60 kW 72.3 Amps
70 kW 84.3 Amps
80 kW 96.3 Amps
90 kW 108.4 Amps
100 kW 120.4 Amps
150 kW 180.6 Amps
250 kW (V3 Supercharger) 301.1 Amps

You can use this chart quite easily. Just look at how much is the charging power (in kW) and you can check how many amps does a Teslacharger send to your car.

Not all of the charging powers are listed here. If you need to know how many amps does a Tesla Supercharger use for specific power input (Example: 64 kW), you can use this Tesla Supercharger Amps Calculator:

Tesla Supercharger Amps Calculator

Just input the charging power (you get that from your Tesla app) and the calculator will automatically estimate the amp draw. You can play around with the numbers to see how the amps change:


Here is how to use this Tesla amps calculator:

Slide the charging power slider to how many kW is the charging power (Tesla app will tell you that), and you will get the Teslacharger amps as a result.

Hopefully, this equips you with enough knowledge to figure out how many amps does a Tesla Supercharger use yourself. If you have any questions about how to do all of this, you can use the comments below and we’ll help you out.

Thank you.

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